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URGENT! – Where is Barbados’ Weather Doppler Radar Data?

by David G. Brooks

Some of you maybe recall my previous letters in both newspapers a few months back on this subject, however my latest attempt a couple weeks ago, which I will share here now, has not be published – maybe because I got more specific …

URGENT! – Where is Barbados’ Weather Doppler Radar Data?

Several weeks have gone by since my last comment on this subject and no public response from the Barbados Meteorological Office. In fact, I would have to say there seems to be a step back or a retrograde in some respect. The following makes me consider this.

Subsequent to my last comments and a short while after the Ministry of Agriculture launched their new web site – http://www.agriculture.gov.bb – I found that they had included a link to Satellite and Radar Imagery and I followed it only to find that it showed the same radar imagery provided by Martinique and Guadeloupe that has been around for many years.

I also noticed that they had a comments feed or blog available on which I asked about what was going on with our radar, in particular asking…

“How is it Trinidad and Guyana can come and pass us out in the field?” Continue reading


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Port Ferdinand Barbados – Aerial view of the destruction

As a concerned Bajan and an obsessed island lover, I wanted to send Barbados Free Press this aerial image of the Port Ferdinand development as it progresses. I must say it isn’t pretty. I hope you all will decide to post this awful image on your site for all of your island readers to see.

Hopefully this horrendous image will invoke the Bajan society to fight for what remains of OUR PRECIOUS BARBADOS! These unnecessary acts of indiscriminate development have wreaked havoc on the Bajan landscape and continue to do so! Continue reading


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