Mass Murder in Barbados: Suspects’ descriptions and sketch

UPDATED: September 11, 2010 11:00pm Bridgetown

Two suspects arrested: Two Barbadians arrested in mass murder fire.

Somebody knows something – it’s a small island

Suspect One was wearing a blue or black peak cap, white T-shirt with horizontal green stripes, dark-coloured pants and a pair of black shoes. He is about five feet, four inches tall, of slim build and of dark complexion.

Suspect Two is about five feet, six inches tall, of slim build, and of dark complexion, with a long face with a turned-up nose, and black Afro hairstyle.

According to police, the two men ran away from the scene towards adjoining Milk Market Street before turning left into nearby Watkins Alley, which leads to Mason Hall Street and Chapman Lane in The City.

The public is asked to provide information via telephone:

1. 430-7258
2. 429-8787
3. 253-4880
Crime Stoppers: – 1-800-TIPS (8477)

Email police at:

Article credit: The Nation – Sketch of suspect released

Sketch: Royal Barbados Police Force via The Nation

Video photo: Royal Barbados Police Force via The Barbados Advocate


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32 responses to “Mass Murder in Barbados: Suspects’ descriptions and sketch

  1. David G. Brooks

    From the heights estimated for both of them, I would say they could be (mid-)teenagers but that could be coincidence, still, the recklessness of the act(s) could support it – young deviant mindset(s) of today’s youth.

    If so, that would put another twist of the murder and death penalty debate, but raise to the fore-front that if you are going to support the death penalty in cases like this then maybe these youths (if in fact they are) should have got some good cut-ass when younger.

    Nuff said.

  2. David G. Brooks

    If you say A, then you got to say B …

  3. Donald Duck Esq,

    There needs to be something done to help victims of crime in Barbados.


    Where all the prayer warriors ? The families of the dead need prayers and comfort. Are we preaching a different message …. [all for one and none for some]


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  6. Politically Tired

    ‘Barbados armed robbers set shop ablaze, killing six’

    This is the BBC headline, true & to the point. I think you were overly dramatic with yours BFP, especially as you know it’ll be picked up by media world wide, & we all know people don’t read the entire articles, a lot will just go on the headline.

  7. yatinkiteasy

    Good going Barbados, we made International news on BBC.

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  9. David G. Brooks

    Is that second picture taken from a surveillance camera – it looks so.

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  11. Anonymous

    the grapevine will eventually rat on these guys.
    someone will owe one of them a disfavour

  12. what will they think of next

    What about offering a reward?


    I’m sure a reward will be offered if they don’t come up with anything soon. I just read on the Nation site that NYPD has offered to help with the investigation. The more people working on this, the better.

  14. what will they think of next

    Darwin replied that he does not want their help!


    Why does that not surprise me? Why accept expert help from people who deal with this kind of stuff more then just about anyone? That would make too much sense.

  16. 71

    Was this really murder? Did they intend to kill?

  17. BFP

    Hi 71

    “Did they intend to kill?”

    Ummmm…. let’s consider that they robbed, slashed with a cutlass and then took a petrol bomb or two and burned the place as the young women screamed in the back.

    How did the petrol bombs get to the store? Who made them, the staff at the store? Were they sitting by the counter, waiting for use? Did the girls light them up, and hand them to the robbers?

    Sometimes ’nuff foolishness come ’bout hey.

    Fair trial, then a fair hanging if found guilty of murder.

  18. Expatriate

    Listen, at the heart of all this criminal behavior, we will find the influence of deportees. These criminals coming from New York, Florida and these other places, because of deportations are bringing waves of crime and gang influences to Barbados. The fact also, that Barbadian politicians still continue to be dictated to by the Privy Council and Amnesty International does not bode well for B’dos and bajans. The United States for years now, has been returning expatirates who left Barbados as babies, and returned as criminals. That places a tremendous financial burden on the criminal justice and social services in Barbados. I will venture to bet anyone who will bet me that these two nomadic criminals, are expatriates linked to New York, or somewhere in the USA. This non-chalance and video game killing mentality, is innate behavior, learned in the concrete jungle of metropolis North America. Make no mistake about this my friends, bajans need to organize, and take back your streets and your country.

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  20. Peltdownman

    As per “71”
    I have a bad feeling that the change in the law, whereby a murderer need only say that he “didn’t mean to kill” will get these killers off with manslaughter. The “kiss a killer” lawyers and politicians framed this law against all common sense. A robber carries a loaded gun to a robbery and fires it when surprised, killing someone. “I didn’t mean to kill them” – no problem, reduce the charge to manslaughter. No thought about the pre-meditation of the act of carrying a loaded gun. Similarly in this case, the throwing of a petrol bomb. “We just wanted to set the place on fire, we didn’t expect anyone to die.” No problem, manslaughter. Wait and see – we are reaping the whirlwind.

  21. crabbie

    Why are you people telling LIES on the Mr. Darwin Dottin, it is a bad enough that he has a deputy that wants to be in his post so bad that he has taken up Mr. Dottin’s time with trying to defend his position and the GOOD work he has done so far even when he did the wall around bridgetown, talk some FACTS and TRUTHS go back to the press briefing he had yesterday, Mr. Dottin said that the people ARE here that is why Tudor Street is still closed off cause them investigating. If people would stop this crap about being informers this will be over long time.

  22. what will they think of next

    The time long gone for Darwin to go home and rest himself.

  23. what will they think of next

    Another thing that man that hang himself looks like the man in the sketch.

  24. whistling frog

    There are all kinds of organizations in this world who with Vigour,Determination,Expedience,Propensity and all of those highfalutin words seek to defend and uphold the rights of CRIMINALS,,,BUT NO ONE IS THERE FOR THE RIGHTS OF THOSE MURDERED,MAIMED,DISFIGURED,TRAUMATICALLY AFFECTED,PSYCHOLOGICALLY DAMAGED,,and the list YOU ALL KNOW IS THERE……SOME DAMMMMMM THING IS WRONG !!!!WRONG!!!!WRONG!!!!!

    SO WE STOPPED HANGING?????????? HOW ABOUT REINTRODUCING IT FOR SAY A THREE TO FIVE YEAR PERIOD AND THEN REFLECT?????????? i Am quite sure one would see some immediate effect…….
    In the Islamic countries where PUNISHMENT IS GLADLY MEETED OUT,,,,,CRIME IS VERY RARE….GO THINK!!!!!All those Laws and LAWYERS who so closely HUG criminals and want everyone to think of the poor so called DISENFRANCHISED CRIMINALS really need a good BULLPISTLE WHIPPING!!!!All THEY ARE DOING IN DEFENDING CRIMINALS IS LOOKING OUT FOR THEIR OWN PERSONAL$$$$INTEREST!!!!!!!

  25. Between the courts and the lawyers, criminals have more rights than the victims. Forget about growing up under whatever circumstances, you break the law, you get punished, period.

  26. Expatriate

    Hang the criminals, and while you’re at it throw in a few polititricksters too. If Barbadians don’t take back this little Island soon, we’re going to go the way of Trinidad and Tobago, and Jamaica. Barbadians, will be terrorized in their homes, unable to enjoy the beauty of our Island nation, at the hands of these thugs. Hold the politicians accountable, for the protection of life,limb and property. If they cannot capture, and expeditiously convict and present these perpetrators to the hangmen, in five years vote them out. Dottin is a distant relative of mine, but he would be better suited sitting in a rocking chair, than being the chief cop in Barbados at this time. He has become as useful as an “Astray on a Motorcycle.” In fact, most of Barbados’ top police brass, should be sent home to enjoy their healthy retirement checks. Now is the time to hold the Attorney General and his boss the Prime Minister, accountable for Barbados’ crime wave. Put up or shut up, should be our admonition to them.

  27. Motto

    The laughable part of the RBPF motto to be found on the doors of their vehicles
    pretty much says it all.

    Ignore the “To Protect and Serve” bit.

    it’s the “REASSURE” bit I find amusing.

    There there lady (patting her hand..)
    “Everything’s gonna beee all right”
    -just like it says in the song.

    The duty of the Police force is to re-assure?
    To issue calming statements to lull the populace BACK into their false sense of security?

    If I were the RBPF, I’d have the Reassure bit painted out in white, forthwith.
    I’ve never seen anything quite so condescending.

  28. PltFlyng

    ‘It’s time the long arm of the law put a few more in the ground…’

  29. 162

    comment deleted for proposing vigilante violence as a solution for crime.

    1st warning. Last warning.


  30. HM

    I live in the UK so maybe I am missing things. Forgive me if I am, but I am so disappointed with what I see from afar.

    I would have expected that a reward would be posted by the Government or business people for the capture of these perpetrators.

    Have the police visited every business/home in the area to ask whether anyone saw anything?

    Have they questioned people to find out who is often in that area? i.e. to find possible witnesses – sometimes people have vital evidence although they do not realise it.

    Have they established the escape route these people took and where they may have been heading to? They didn’t vanish into thin air.

    Do they know if the people got in a vehicle/on a bicycle at some point during their escape? Could the people have dumped or even burnt their clothing?

    Do they know ANYTHING? There seems to be a lot of talk about CCTV/building safety but no action on this case.

    What on earth is going on?

  31. What will they think of next

    The nation is reporting that two persons of interest are assisting the police. I heard about these two men about four to five days ago even before Darwin’s press conference. However at the time I was told that they were Guyanese caught at the airport trying to buy airline tickets.

  32. HM

    I pray that the perpetrators have been caught. Just have to wait and see….