Discovery Channel’s picks up on Barbados Free Press articles

BFP’s story feeds republished big time!

With 3.5 million unique visitors and 10 million pageviews per month, Discovery’s website is “the leading media outlet dedicated to driving sustainability mainstream.”

For some reason Treehugger has decided to republish story feeds from Barbados Free Press. Hey… that’s okay by us!

We discovered this when the visitors started arriving from linked to two of our recent stories…

Mass Murder in Barbados: Suspects’ descriptions and sketch…

and our story about racial politics in Barbados…

“Rihanna syndrome” raises ugly head again in Barbados as former Prime Minister cautions against whites.

We don’t know how or why this environmentally conscious website decided to pick up our story feeds, but we are grateful for the additional exposure. We hope Treehugger likes our next series, “Living Smaller”…

Coming soon to Barbados Free Press.


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6 responses to “Discovery Channel’s picks up on Barbados Free Press articles

  1. Freedom lives

    Congratulations to Barbados Free Press. I believe that Discovery Channel has found you out of the tens of thousands of blogs because you cut through the crap public statements of politicians and focus on what is true. Our Enveironment Minister says all is well, but when I drive along our roads I see garbage, uncontrolled sprawl, wasted opportunities and housing developements that look like a five-year-old “planned” them.

    planning permissions are wealth in Barbados and permission to build is doled out in return for under the table payments overseas. Don’t say it isn’t so because it is.

    Hammer them BFP! Keep hammer them!

  2. chicaboom

    BFP you never cease to amaze me. It doesnt matter what I search wit yahoo or google about barbados you are on the first page. how do you do it?

  3. 106

    What is there to be so overly proud about? You should only feel a sense of achievement when the information put abroad is authentic. How about striving to ensure that truth prevails? It doesn’t do Barbados’ image any good when millions globally, innocently read and believe misrepresentations, malicious lies planted amongst the naive for local political advantage.

    This foolishness about a “Rihanna Syndrome” is a case in point. I have previously stated that this is a manufactured issue….it will gain no traction!

    I do not begrudge Rihanna her success, but I don’t believe that the end always justifies the means. Has she now become the standard by which our behaviour is judged?

    Her demonstrated embracing of Lesbianism, (see her video “Te Amo”), Voyeurism, with public exposure of her private parts, flirtation with demonic symbols etc., just for the sake of the almighty dollar, is not to my mind, representative of acceptable and noble behaviour, demanded of an International Cultural Ambassador for Barbados, and a role model for young ladies in this country.

    Barbados will gain great exposure world wide, but I suspect we will eventually reap the whirlwind.

    Sure, I expect a hammering for expressing this view. I am also cognisant that CHANGE is necessary and worthy, so long as that change is positively developmental. Barbados continues to drift far away from its time-tested traditional fundamental values.

  4. RRRicky

    106, did you read what Rihanna said about being harassed for being “white” in Barbados?

    You think that was “manufactured”? You must live somewheres else.

  5. 243

    RRRicky, I meant “manufactured” in the sense that this whole discourse was predicated on the false premise that Owen Arthur was just simply attacking white people and stirring up racial strife.

    By a large stretch, someone then took “their” distortion of what he said and attached it to a complaint of Rihanna’s going back to her childhood, which as far as I am aware, never really gained any credence in Barbados. I can’t at all recall public outcry nor agreement with that statement by Rihanna.

    Please read again and understand what I said in my earlier letter. Mr. Arthur’s remarks were in the context that through the massively inequitable distribution of profits to the Bjerkham Group, the present Government was in the process of rolling back the gains made in the area of Black economic enfranchisement progressed by The Adams’ and Right Excellent Erol Barrow.

    It was NOT an attack on white people. That’s the “manufacturing” I was speaking about.

    Regarding Rihanna’s complaint, exactly how much validity should we apply to her immature teenage perceptions about how others viewed her stature and tenure at Combermere School?

    As a matter of fact, the only instances that I can recall on the matter of harrassment on Whites in Barbados were during the Black Power Consciousness days, when Mr.Barrow himself stated (I think the ocassion was a political mass meeting) that he would place ALL the White people in Barbados on a schooner or a barge, and push it off the island from the Careenage. That statement I believe activated an exodus of whites, scurrying out of Barbados for places afar such as Australia and New Zealand.

    I am sure that the Honourable Mr. Barrow was only speaking in the heat of the moment; he was not expounding Government policy.

    No wonder this thread has only attracted FOUR comments. People are not interested and it’s a vain unfair attempt to attach dirt to Mr. Arthur.

  6. Sayed

    Real Suspects in custody.

    that’s for all you facebook detectives and that idiot who put the picture up of the guy who was found hanging and the sketch in the newspaper side by side and said he solved the case.

    and idiotic barbadians agreeing with him and talking nonsense about how he should train the police.