Mass Murder in Barbados. Robbery fire deaths.

UPDATED: September 11, 2010 11:00pm Bridgetown

Two suspects arrested: Two Barbadians arrested in mass murder fire.

Sorrow first. The outrage will wait – but no window bars will contain it.

Ours is a small island but today it is very small. It seems that everyone knows someone who is grieving with family members, friends or neighbours of the six women who were murdered by robbers on Friday evening.

Pearl Amanda Cornelius, 18. Kelly Ann Welch, 24. Shanna Griffith, 18. Nikita Belgrave, 23. Tiffany Harding, 23. Kellisha Ovivierre, 24.

There will be time later for the righteous outrage that is building across this country – outrage that is not directed only at the two pieces of worthless garbage who cutlass chopped and threw gasoline bombs at these young women.

No, there will be time for all that later.

The rituals have started at so many homes. Neighbours bring food so folks don’t have to cook. Photos are placed on the tables. Funeral clothes are gathered for the living and the dead. Children are asked to play more quietly so Auntie is not disturbed.

For now, we grieve, we pray and we do what we can for those who cannot stop sobbing.


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68 responses to “Mass Murder in Barbados. Robbery fire deaths.

  1. HM

    I can only offer my condolences to the families of the deceased. I pray for them and also for the people who tried to help the victims.

  2. what will they think of next

    You are so right. We are not suppose to outlive our children.

  3. Greg

    A shocking, heinous crime. Thinking of how the innocent victims must have suffered, and the families continue to suffer, is awful. But our society is too close-knit to permit such perpetrators to escape. Someone will turn them in. And they will be punished.

  4. Jinx

    This story was broadcasted on the BBC radio 92.1 station yesterday.
    Sincerest condolences to all.

  5. bajeabroad

    In full support of hanging these murderers publicly!

  6. The Watcher

    No one is going to like my comments, but I will say them with passion and without predjuice!
    We need a form of Islamic law in Barbados to help to control this crime wave that the Police are obviously powerless to control. When you rob and/or steal, cut off your fingers first offence and brand you in the forehead: “Thief” or “Villian”
    The second time you rob, hands off! Plain and simple. And I am talking about armed or voilent robberies. Not the petty theft of a chocolate bar.
    Now, for senseless acts like this one, I say this: Release them into the care fo the families that they have wronged. Let them meet out whatever justice they care to meet out to them.
    Madness is defined as repeating the same actions and expecting different results.
    That is fully characteristic of our justice system! We continually do the same nonsense all the time and think that these hooligans will stop their reign of terror! We like to sit in cocoons drafting laws and feeling “fussy” that we now have this “tough new law”, but in the end, lawyers and other intellectuals like the drafters themselves will take it apart. So at minimum it is subject to excess scrutiny, and at maximum, whatever the outcome, too much time would have elapsed for the effect of the law to have the impact that it was designed to have when it reaches the books. That is what I call failure! Act now by:
    Arming decent, upright citizens, and let the message that ignorance in Barbados will not be tolerated start to resonate loudly in the halls of the folly. Stop this foolish belief that guns are equivilent to power because if it is so, we taxpayers stand at a dis-advantage while criminals have all the power.
    Information is power. Guns only complement information in 2ist Century.
    How many more of these do we need before we, citizens of this country take the matters of the country that is ours, into our own ?
    Get it right or be continually destined to fail!

  7. FIRM NO to any form of Islamic law here, thanks for the kind offer

    We DON’T need a form of Islamic law here.
    All we need to do is enforce the perfectly adequate laws we already have on our books.

    The Death Penalty IS LAW.
    It needs to be either carried out -or repealed.

    Right now, and for the last 20 yrs. or so
    the law has been made to look like an ass
    thanks to Amnesty International
    at whose feet we can lay half of our criminal problems.

    How so?
    No clear message has been sent to our thriving criminal community for quite some time now.

    I suggest hanging one death-row inmate every Monday morning
    while stocks last!
    That should be good for about 30 weeks!

    Imagine what THAT would do to quell those with criminal intent.

  8. Anonymous

    Terrorism doesn’t have to be Islamic-oriented international terrorism to be Terrorism.

    Narco-terrorism is widely practiced in South America, in order to keep the populace “manageable”.

    What we have seen here is some (as yet un-identified?) form of Terrorism,
    aimed at sending a firm message to store-owners.
    When we come to rob your place, please have something handy or we burn your place down and cause terror among your immediate commercial neighbours, your employees and You.
    Don’t tell me that everyone on the street wasn’t scared to death.
    You could see the terror in their eyes.
    Just a different form of psychological manipulation.
    And in retaliation, the police force will make a big show of how big and bad they can get
    by harrassing middle-class motorists,instead!
    Nice and visible. Impresses the middle calls that “something is being done”

    What was it Hoady said on Friday, about Bajans being crude and not-particularly-intelligent?

  9. Should Barbados resume hanging?

    A public referendum would settle the whole matter
    but that might be far too democratic for a West Indian society


    My condolences to the families. I can’t stop thinking about what a horrible way to die. It does not make any sense to me that after they had already robbed the store and were outside, that they would torch the place. Almost looks like some kind of dispute which got way out of hand? The police might want to look into if the store owners had any enemies. Just a thought. I’m sure they will be caught soon. No place to hide on the rock for people like that.

  11. what will they think of next

    It is not as easy as that. A public referendum or no public referendum.

  12. what will they think of next

    They are plenty places to hide on this rock. Do you remember the canefield murders, many young women killed, to this day not a single soul has been caught for those murders. They were far more than six young women killed.

  13. David G. Brooks

    Referendum what??? Waste of money, it is the LAW right now!

    If they had one and 95% of the people vote HANG!, once the politicians, sympathetic lawyers, et al., in the other 5% they will be NO hangings – period.

    Wunna u’stan?

  14. When these criminals are found, they must be sentenced to death, via hanging, lethal injection or burning at the stake which seems appropriate to me. It is the only thing that is fair to these innocent victims and their grieving families. May they pay the ultimate price for their terrorism in hell.

  15. David G. Brooks

    BTW, let me say serious what I think about a murder conviction and hanging:

    Under the following circumstances I would say no hanging …

    Crime of passion (normally would be charged as manslaughter anyway).

    Clear mental issue – certified diagnosed schizophrenia and such serious cases of dementia, etc.- but not if you just little maddy-maddy and happen to spend a session or two in Jenkins, and you just wufless.

    Conviction under CIRCUMSTANTIAL evidence alone.

    Otherwise, hang for …

    Clear-cut case of wilful, premeditated murder in which the evidence has beyond all reasonable doubt linked you to the crime – eyewitness (although that can be shaky at times), fingerprints, DNA, etc. – I think you get the idea.

    Yes, I would rather err on the side caution in handing down a hanging conviction, but once so done it, with any appeals MUST be carried out within a short period of time … weeks or a few months, must be carried out within a couple weeks or so.

    No dilly-dallying – does a person convicted of burglary have a few weeks to spend with his family or whatever before he goes to jail, NO!

    But as I implied already and everyone knows TIME is a lawyers GREATEST ally, and the justice system allows it.

  16. David G. Brooks

    Well yes, I said hanging, but whatever method deemed appropriate or available, and it should not matter if they be man or woman – sorry ladies, you want equality – which I have no problem with – but it must go ALL the way.

  17. David G. Brooks

    BTW, I sorry, but I can’t help but ask … still no direct word from or sight of the PM, especially even after this?

    I could understand if Stuart was still Acting PM, but … ???

  18. Lethal injection

    seems the most humane methodology of ridding society of its two-legged garbage
    but let’s not forget the laughable obsession with having to use sterile needles!

    Wouldn’t want the convicted to die of a blood infection!

    Don’t laugh!
    There actually was a case in the USA where a convicted felon couldn’t be euthanised
    because there was no sterile needle available to do the job.

    How’s THAT for the utterly incredulous?!

    Dah cud happen here too,though!
    Alair wud organise the bacchanal…same way he organised a court hearing one Sunday morning
    to save some A-hole’s life: can you believe that?

  19. BFP

    Hi David,

    Yes, very telling that the PM is absent from the public at this time. No doubt he wishes he could appear in public – but wait… did he not just return and announce he was resuming command? Didn’t the acting Prime Minister revert to his AG position?

    Something not quite right ’bout hey.

  20. Donald Duck Esq,

    Why is it we can’t see a press relase from the PM on the issue?

  21. David G. Brooks

    On the PM issue, let me just clarify my position before somebody fly in here and start ‘blowing & blasting’.

    From an Operational point of view it is the AG who would be addressing the Nation – making the initial comments, calling for claim, etc. in conjunction with the Commissioner of Police, Fire Chief and so forth – which he did, so no problem there.

    Same as Mia Mottley as AG did when we had the Prison Fire, which she did well enough in my opinion that did not warrant the PM of the day (Owen Arthur) to step in, and the same in the Arch Cot tragedy when AG Marshall was at the forth-front (but I do recall seeing Owen around too). But if you have competent Ministers (Lieutenants) then don’t undermine their position.

    However, I feel that as head of the Government of the people of Barbados, he should since he has officially taken back over as PM address the nation from the angle of offering sympathy and to give assurances and that sort of thing. Of course he would back up and support his AG and operational branches.

    If he had returned and NOT taken back over as PM as yet, then I would NOT ask these questions and/or make these statements. Of course, notwithstanding this heinous crime and resultant tragedy, it is still very odd that he has not been able to address the nation since his return AND resuming office as PM.

    I do not think that the fact that he is back physically on the island means that he HAS to take back up over the mantle of PM if he could still be on sick leave.

    Oh, and by the way, I don’t want to hear anything more about when PM Barrow took leave for three months to go and lecture at a university as being the same thing, because it is not.

  22. Itseems2me

    The last time we had occurrences of such nature it was one guy burning down houses in parish land ,that guy was caught and sentenced to hang for another offense ( murder) .This guy was a deportee national .Our little island is not accustomed to this kind of crime ,its different .I believe the police and what ever relevant authorities must seriously take a look at these deportees who spend their lives practicing crime over and away and then are sent back here ,they see how laid back ,and precarious we are as a people .a mean come on most of those stores don’t employ an security maybe because off their overheads ,these bandits take advantage off this .People we need to wake up we are being invaded and have been for a long time by the way of life in new york and london and who ever else .We must be on our guard .These perpetrators must be caught or they will go under ground and strike again when the society has forgotten this tragedy and life as we know it returns to normal. As for the stores the authorities as of this moment should stop all trade until doors are placed at the back of these stores and also a safe room with an escape through the rear .No more business until all store owners comply .You want to see something go into all these malls that the indians own all are death traps .

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  24. Itseems2me


  25. reality check

    Precious lives barbarically snuffed out in an instant and the lives of many family members, irreversably and negatively impacted for the rest of their lives!

    Where is our leadership that shows us the way and leads by words, deeds and examples?

  26. David G. Brooks

    I agree, ‘Mass Murder’ is carrying it TOO far – change or modify the headline or else you sound like The Nation at other times – serious.

  27. David G. Brooks

    To Itseems2me … if they had a security guard then he/she would probably have been the 7th victim.

    Beside, I am sorry to have to say this but many security guards employed around the island have themselves been found stealing in one way or the other and in most cases the police may not have been called in and they were just fired – I personally know of a few like this – so they are just there as uniformed store-walkers, truth be told.

    Once again, I would like to post a video link here (maybe BFP can spruce it up so that it show on-site better than just a small link, if they think fitting) and I am not saying it would have helped in this situation but I really would like some of you out there to see and hear it, and think seriously on it.

    Again, I’m not saying its a cure-all, but just if …

  28. bullheads

    I do not know much about anything but is Mr .Stuart the AG who has responsibility for such matters.When there was a fire at the prison did Mr.Arthur comment in the interim.Was that not a matter of National Security.Am i missing something here or what.

  29. sadsack

    Very sad affair. Barbados has been soft for too long on criminal activity, and the criminals just get bolder, and the numbers grow especially when they leave other countries and come to the island. This is not the Barbados I used to know. I hope that the citizens make the the authorities wake up and do something. I pray the perpetrators are found and justice served, and some peace of mind and confidence restored.

  30. TheGospelKnightRider

    Incensed by the recent EVIL act that occurred in Tudor Street, people are again crying out for hanging. THIS IS RIDICULOUS; in about two weeks we will be back where we were before. You see we have leaders that are void of principles, they take stands based on public opinion and in the case of hanging; they (our leaders) stand with the international community (amnesty int and the likes). If you do not have a stance based on principle, it can be said; if you stand for nothing, then you will fall for anything. Its this falling for anything that we as a people are seeing our society go down the hill of moral decay. Until leaders be leaders, and until leaders stand for principles that encourage a strong righteous society (what ever happened to Biblical principles). Then we will follow the road of so many other societies that are failing. Let Tudor Street be a wake up call. TGKR.

    From an earlier post – “We have to move out of the past and into today’s world to stay relevant; again someone has to make it happen and stop talking. We need movers not talkers. We need action not eloquent speeches. We need strong leaders, not well spoken wimps.”

  31. iWatchya

    My condolences to the victims’ families and the coming horror of living with such emotional scars.

  32. BFP

    Re Mass Murder headline,

    To those who see the headline as overdone, we’ll just have to disagree.

    Now consider the following. Robbers armed with machetes come into a shop, chop the owner and then hurl petrol bombs into the store knowing that a number of women clerks and customers have run to the back into a locked room. The women burn to death in the fire.

    By my definition and any number of laws in many countries: that’s murder.

    What did they bring the machetes and the petrol bombs for, then? Think of what it takes to make a petrol bomb. The steps, the obtaining of materials, the preparation and the actual making. If that isn’t intent I don’t know what is.

    You’d talk differently if it was your daughter, wife or sister.

  33. ninemikemike

    Who is leading the investigation? Not the useless, compromised pen-pusher Dottin, I hope.

    Regarding capital punishment, David G Brooks is right, we seem to have given the unelected lawyers of Amnesty International the power we should keep to ourselves. Announce the hangings for a Friday, and carry them out on the preceding Monday, and tell the lawyers to go to hell.

    To The Watcher, who is presumably a proponent of the ‘religion of peace’, and who suggests our civilised Island needs sharia law, I say get lost.

  34. yatinkiteasy

    My heart hurts badly for the family of those young girls, and I hope the criminals are caught soon and given the maximum punishment. Of course, Pilgrim or Shepherd will be there to defend them, and perhaps get them 7 years watching tv, having a daily shower and eating well at Dodds, at Taxpayers expense. Could happen..that’s what was given to the murderer who killed the Canadian tourist at Long Beach Last year. The criminals do not fear or respect the Law. They know there are a bunch of pussies in the police dept, and the legal system.

    Aside from the horrid crime, should it not be also a crime to own a building completely sealed and bared with only one entrance and exit, and no way to escape in a fire or other emergency?

    Who is going to do an inventory of all the other buildings in Tudor Street, Baxters Road, Swan Street , Roebuck Street, etc, to determine if the very same conditions are there as well. My guess is that more than 100 business places in Bridgetown will not be any different to the one in which those poor girls died so tragically.

  35. Mathilde

    Absolutely horrific, and whats worse the last 2 weeks I’ve been hearing a string of extremely violent crimes here, one in Maxwell involving 3 children, one at the FCIB in Rendezvous, one in Sheraton and one in Sandy Lane. Makes me feel like the island has gone mad, with rabid animals stalking our once-safe neighborhoods.

  36. Hang one every Monday

    – while stocks last!

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  38. iWatchya


    What are the details on those incidents? I must be tucked too far under my rock and have not heard anything about them!

  39. Mathilde

    Friday night a man got beaten with a gun after using the ABM machine in Rendezvous, his car was stolen too. This I heard through a friend, the next two I heard from the victim themselves. A woman was robbed in Sheraton Centre parking lot in broad daylight. A house in Sandy Lane had its front gate rammed by a truck, that then rammed the garage door, all equipment stolen, and the house was burglarised too. Owner was not in the house at the time thank God, but I guess the crooks knew that.
    The last one about the kids in Maxwell cannot be verified but if it’s true it will be exactly like something that happened to a school friend of mine 20 years ago, so not entirely impossible. And too horrible to repeat.
    This was just in the space of a week I heard all this and left me reeling, but considering the other stories I’ve heard throughout the year I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise anymore.
    My friend who is a devoted Christian is sure these are all signs of the end times, but Christ returning or not I hope it stops, this island is just too small.

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  42. David G. Brooks

    BFP: Come, come, Six (6) cannot be considered ‘mass’, albeit little conciliation to victims family and friends.

    ‘Multiple’ is more appropriate, I’m sure your old English teachers would be bouncing the books over your heads for that.

  43. David G. Brooks

    Gee, everything I write today goes to moderation.

  44. David G. Brooks


  45. BFP

    Hi David,

    In Barbados, it’s “mass” far as we concerned. All at once. Multiple can be at different times if we want to split hair.

  46. James Jones

    My heartfelt sympathy goes out to those families who are grieving the lost of their love ones. We as a society must do all in our power to avoid such incidents in the future.
    Is anyone going to ask the question could the lives of these young ladies been saved by the emergencies services on Friday?
    Could the incident be managed and handled better?
    It is reported that persons on the said that they spoke to police officers that the had some of the on the phone, why were they not allowed to talk to the incident commander or a representative?
    Would this not have given these trained members of the emergency services to talk the victims into taking some actions, which may have bought time for the rescuers?
    When the fire service arrive on scene were they equipped to mount a rescue mission?
    Did the fire service have any equipment on scene which could have been used to help the efforts of penetrating the outer walls of this building?
    Where any of the fire officers equipped with fire close proximity suits.
    Why is it that all the major newspapers in Barbados afraid to ask or publish these questions?

  47. nevermind kurt

    Barbados politicians prefer to spend our money on huge projects that do nothing but allow 10% off the top handed to a relative’s business.

    We gave either a million or 3 million dollars (forget which) to buy lawn trimmers to give to the boys on the block so they could start their own businesses. That’s a good joke but our BLP government did it.

    That 3 million dollars could have gone to Fire rescue equipment. The Chief Fire Officer said they used sledgehammers to break down the back wall. Sledgehammers! Like two hundred years ago! No concrete saw, no hydraulic ram. No explosives.

    fuking sledgehammers while the girls burned to death.

  48. 12

    Barbadian parents should be watchful in view of the recent brutal attack on three children, as well as the inhumanity of the firebombings.

  49. Slap Happy

    My condolences to the families of the victims.

    I hope that some kind public inquiry will be held so that a tragedy like this will never occur again.

  50. BFP

    Hello 12,

    We’re trying to confirm or deny the story about the brutal attack on a tourist family and we’ve put up a separate article about it. Can you tell us more?

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  52. HM

    What’s the latest on this case? Have the police even established how the criminals made their getaway from the crime scene. Why so silent?

  53. David G. Brooks

    BFP, you still have two comments made yesterday by me on this thread that are still ‘awaiting moderation’, if you don’t want to publish them fine but at least come and tell me why or give some hint so I could watch my P’s & Q’s.

    I also note you seem to have my name under moderation, why I don’t know as I have said nothing that I can think of that is offensive or abusive.

    I can say this with fair confidence as I sent one last comment last night (and I note you have deleted it too) after several of my comments went into moderation status, and all I wrote was one word ‘Done’ and it too went to be moderated, so what gives?

  54. David G. Brooks

    Well? The other two are still there ‘awaiting moderation’, but you released the last one above. Do you really have to dig that deep into the spammed comments due to volume?

  55. BFP

    Hi David,

    Please excuse us for not having someone at the spam desk the past afternoon as there was a prayer meeting that all of us attended. In the coming few weeks we anticipate a few more too and if everyone else is working the comments section might have to mind itself for another afternoon or so.

    We don’t censor you and I can’t think of when we’ve not let you say something. The fact that some of your comments come through with your name and some don’t tells you that it is not you or your name that is under moderation. There is some word in the comment that triggered it OR perhaps your IP was previously used by another person who did leave spam. That can happen if you use a proxy or if during the normal rotation of IP numbers your internet provider gave you a new one that was previously used by a spammer.

    The computer grabs some comments on the basis of its little mind and there’s nothing we can do except check every couple of hours to see if it’s been on a rampage. As you probably know, when we turn off the spam filter the trolls that hang out at Barbados Underground go wild with “f” words and racial comments about “white trash” and “Guyanese filthy mango sellers” and such.

    When we approved your comments that the computer grabbed we unapproved your one-worder test comments as they didn’t add anything and we thought you were just testing to see if all your comments were grabbed by the computer or just some. But, seeing as how you are saying they are important to the conversation we’ll re-approve them.

    Here they are, and also back in the line-up where you originally left them…

    “2010/09/07 at 12:00 am

    Gee, everything I write today goes to moderation.”


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  56. BFP

    Hi David,

    Spam is a big job when a blog is receiving over two million visits a year as BFP does.

    Here’s our stats on spam. As you can see it sometimes averages over 1,000 spam comments in a single day. Sometimes that is 500 spams one day and 1500 the next to produce the “average per day.”

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  57. David G. Brooks

    Ok, I understand, as I said I am an IT Professional and know all about it, but I just posted a simple thank you comment (to under the Doppler Radar thread) and it went straight to moderation. My guess this one will too.

    So I am going to reset my ADSL modem and give it a try again, so bear with me if I send a couple comments – I’ll try to make them note worthy – and ban me like you did some years ago when I did let my detective/debug nature get the better of me and posted several fragments of a moderated comment to see which phrase was the offending part and then I went for the word.

    Yes, you did, you banned me back then for that – something to do with posting too many comments in a small space of time and you guys seemed to go ballistic, which annoyed me even after I explained why I did it and admitted that I didn’t think it would have been a problem – my initial attempts at blogging.

  58. David G. Brooks

    New IP address, lets see …

  59. David G. Brooks

    Ok, so it was the IP. However, maybe you need to revise that policy as the majority of us would be at the mercy of dynamic IP address assignment, unless one has the extra money to pay C&W or sorry LIME for a static IP.

    My experience is that LIME assignments will remain until the ADSL modem is reset or they do some maintenance on their side (I’m with LIME), Sunbeach used to change every 24 hours or so and I’m not sure about the others.

    I use DynDNS and as soon as my IP changes my modem updates this so that I can use a set DNS name to get access to my internal servers, network, etc. Some businesses will use this too if their operation is simple.

    Maybe you should consider either reviewing IP addresses that you have put on your naughty list and if no activity after a week or so remove it and/or if you do a check on the IP and find a DNS name (like in my case right now) then either use DNS names in your Allowed or Blocked list, if possible. Never used WordPress, and don’t plan on unless maybe I can associate it with my web page but had bad experiences with others (yes, lots of spam) so I don’t know what tools you have at your disposal.

  60. BFP

    Hi David,

    It was our initial attempts at blogging too and we were putting up with sometimes thousands of attacks every day including threats against our families. No doubt when the next election comes around they will start again – this time from both parties after the DLP realized that HORRORS! we mean what we say about ITAL.

    Anyway, it’s good to have you contributing both comments and articles because you often bring reason to some hotly contested issues.


    UPDATE: Ok David, you’ve inspired me and I’ve totally cleaned out the old IP list, so we’ll start again and see what happens. Anyone from any IP should be able to get through now.

  61. BFP

    Hi David,

    I’ve totally cleaned out the old IP list and there’s nothing there now, so we’ll start again. It should be a whole lot easier for people to post now no matter what their IP.

    Thanks for the inspiration.


  62. David G. Brooks

    Ok, great, but my very last comment – moments ago – under the Radar issue went back to moderation again so maybe it was a word I used – it does get frustrating from our angle though – LOL – so maybe you should have a look at the words blocking these contributions too.

  63. BFP

    Hi David,

    We took the words out too, with the exception of the “standard” words put there by WordPress like “f**k” “cu*t” etc.

    Maybe we have to log out and log in for the changes to take place. Hmmmmm, never thought of that. One moment and I’ll try. Back in 5!

  64. westcoastcanada

    just heard about this on the news here in north africa. Condolences to all.

  65. hello listen Barbados is quickly headind down de gutter, everthing is upside down inhere, thanks ta de polititions, amnesty etc. look these fellows if found guilty with out a doubt should be hang forth with, de cat o nine tail want coming back if we going ta take back some pride in my beloved Barbados. Mr Stuart, Mr. Brathwaite i read wid interest u all omments, now if we don’t start somewhere, wanna gine let de Country fall flat on its face, or are u all afraid to make any decisions that may not go in wanna favor. bring out all dem in there pun death row, wanna build a new gallows(gallus) hang de blasted criminals, do u really understand when dem get away & the families still have to work pay taxes for these bastards to survive, its adding insult ta injury. get up off wanna lazy bum for Gods sake

  66. Miche

    Which is worse,,,,Hanging an innocent person ,or allowing two murderers to live out their life in prison,, Eating food that is paid for by taxes paid in by the victims family

  67. Mri-cybog

    My deepest sympathy goes out to the families of these six young women.
    There has not been a hanging in Barbados since 1984; however with all respect to you Mr. Deputy Prime Minster who agreed that Barbados will abolish the death penalty, you need to seriously reconsider this position.
    Quotation: From Mr. Freundel Stuart
    “The mandorty death sentence can no longer be defended. The judge should have some power to determine what sentence should be imposed for a capital offense, with the benefits of a pre-sentencing report”.

    Mr Deputy Prime Minister, can the death penalty be defended in the muderous, cold hearted, act?

  68. Mri-cybog


    Really!!! Really!!! What a bunch of crap. It was MASS MURDER & YES IT WAS COMMITTED ON THE ISLAND OF BARBADOS. DO YOU WANT TO HIDE IT FROM THE WORLD? Do you want spray it with perfume to make it more acceptable?
    Lets not hide our heads in the sand and push our butts in the air; It is time we speak out publicly & honestly call it what is, MASS MURDER.

    Do NOT add insult to these families injuries by SUGAR COATING THE CRIME. THE CRIME WAS BRUTAL & HENIOUS.