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Mass Murder in Barbados. Robbery fire deaths.

UPDATED: September 11, 2010 11:00pm Bridgetown

Two suspects arrested: Two Barbadians arrested in mass murder fire.

Sorrow first. The outrage will wait – but no window bars will contain it.

Ours is a small island but today it is very small. It seems that everyone knows someone who is grieving with family members, friends or neighbours of the six women who were murdered by robbers on Friday evening.

Pearl Amanda Cornelius, 18. Kelly Ann Welch, 24. Shanna Griffith, 18. Nikita Belgrave, 23. Tiffany Harding, 23. Kellisha Ovivierre, 24.

There will be time later for the righteous outrage that is building across this country – outrage that is not directed only at the two pieces of worthless garbage who cutlass chopped and threw gasoline bombs at these young women.

No, there will be time for all that later.

The rituals have started at so many homes. Neighbours bring food so folks don’t have to cook. Photos are placed on the tables. Funeral clothes are gathered for the living and the dead. Children are asked to play more quietly so Auntie is not disturbed.

For now, we grieve, we pray and we do what we can for those who cannot stop sobbing.


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