Tourism MATTERS – New column by Adrian Loveridge in Barbados Business Authority

Adrian Loveridge, small hotel owner.

The Nation has agreed to publish in the Barbados Business Authority, a weekly column dedicated to tourism written by myself  from Monday 13th September, 2010 entitled Tourism MATTERS.

The column will be about 500 words and offer topical, constructive, objective views with some alternative suggestions to grow our tourism industry. It will be non-partisan.

I feel in many ways, that even bearing in mind the global economic challenges confronting us that we are missing so many marketing opportunities and in many cases our thinking has become stagnant.

Of course I realise that the BBA has a limited circulation, but it is highly targeted towards business decision makers and I just might be able to reach some people that could influence positive change.

Despite all the external fiscal pressures I do not believe that Barbados is doing as well as it could be in tourism and I hope the publication will allow me to offer practical alternatives.

Adrian Loveridge


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9 responses to “Tourism MATTERS – New column by Adrian Loveridge in Barbados Business Authority

  1. what will they think of next

    Wha happen wunna in writing ’bout Darwin’s troubles?

  2. rhubarb

    I’ll be happy to buy the Monday paper. Not that I can do anything to help our tourism industry, but at least I’ll feel that SOMEONE is thinking and talking sense!

  3. Leeds

    Mr. Loveridge talks sense when others talk nonsense. We stayed at P&Q a few years ago on a whim trying to save some money and it was a third the price of the Hilton and twice as good. Your government should be begging him for his formula.


    Go Adrian! Hopefully your ideas will not continue to fall on deaf ears. Good luck with everything.

  5. Slap Happy

    Of course, TOURISM MATTERS, whatever else is there?

  6. hi
    should you wish any input from me I am happy to be contacted. See if you can get them to sort out passport control, last time we arrived it was 45 mins ,felt sorry for families with small children

  7. bajeabroad

    Adrian, we fully support your column but unfortunately at this stage we need action not words… do we translate your words into action that benefits the economy….that is the real problem that has to be solved!!

  8. 183

    Barbados education system should be teaching both CIVICS and TOURISM as classes in secondary school.
    Such a program is already 25 yrs. too late
    but it’s never too late to start

  9. My very best wishes on this endeavor, Adrian. And when you come up with some ideas for an economy so dependent on tourism, I hope you’ll share them with me. My village in New Mexico has much the same problem: no local industry except tourism and we are very dependent on a racetrack (a dying industry in the States) that is threatening to leave town.
    Good luck….and I hope you and Margaret are having an excellent anniversary weekend.