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Tourism MATTERS – New column by Adrian Loveridge in Barbados Business Authority

Adrian Loveridge, small hotel owner.

The Nation has agreed to publish in the Barbados Business Authority, a weekly column dedicated to tourism written by myself  from Monday 13th September, 2010 entitled Tourism MATTERS.

The column will be about 500 words and offer topical, constructive, objective views with some alternative suggestions to grow our tourism industry. It will be non-partisan.

I feel in many ways, that even bearing in mind the global economic challenges confronting us that we are missing so many marketing opportunities and in many cases our thinking has become stagnant. Continue reading


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Bajan Pied Piper teaches music online, has thousands of students from around the world!

How David Gittens taught Shona to sing jazz and play the blues

“Where did you learn that!” was all I could say the other day when I caught Shona singing in the shower like I’d never heard before. She laughed, a little embarrassed – but it sounded good, different. It turns out she’s had a secret boyfriend for a couple of weeks and he taught her how to scat sing like Ella Fitzgerald.

I’m not too worried about the boyfriend though, because he’s David Gittens (“DeeGee” to his friends) and Shona learned from his Bajan Pied Piper website and the videos he’s posted on YouTube. Shona also showed me some simple blues progressions and riffs she learned too. Not bad at all.

It’s amazing what a little inspiration and somebody showing you a few tricks can do to raise your music to another level. Continue reading


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Alan Harris says Hello London 2012! Selected by International Olympic Committee (IOC) for Young Reporters

“It is with great pleasure that we invite Alan and May to join our team in 2012. These reporters have already made a real impression in Singapore and I hope this opportunity gives them a springboard to outstanding careers in the field of reporting and photography.”

London 2012 Chairman Sebastian Coe

Congratulations to a hardworking young Bajan journalist

Barbadian Alan Harris, 23, will be joining two other young people from Singapore and India chosen to take part in the IOC’s Young Reporters programme. Allan’s six-week internship will be with the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games (LOCOG). Continue reading


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