Prime Minister David Thompson returns to lead Barbados Government

“Health challenges remain”, but for now the PM is back in charge

David Thompson and his family arrived back in Barbados on Sunday evening and today it was announced that he’s back in charge. Acting Prime Minister Freundel Stuart returns to his post as Attorney General.

No matter the politics, all Bajans are pleased to see Prime Minister Thompson and his family back on the island after his months away for medical treatment. As we said back in May when the story about the PM’s health broke, “Barbados Free Press joins in prayers for Prime Minister Thompson and his family. We hope his medical troubles turn out to be nothing too serious and that he will be well soon.”

Prime Minister Thompson returns to a fully boiling pot that includes an economy in trouble, the current NHC scandal and the failure of the DLP government to implement any of the major promises of the 2007 election platform.

We’ll give him a week to settle in, but then he’d better be prepared to defend his wicket.

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14 responses to “Prime Minister David Thompson returns to lead Barbados Government

  1. Opposition is at sea

    Come on BFP your slip is showing, give me a break, for the sake of saying you posted you came up with that load of crap ?

  2. BFP

    Hi Opposition is at sea,

    Golly! And we thought that the PM returning was newsworthy.

    OH>>>> I get it. You’re a DLP supporter and you don’t want us to mention INTEGRITY LEGISLATION or FREEDOM OF INFORMATION or MINISTERIAL CODE OF CONDUCT or CONFLICTS OF INTEREST or any of that stuff… right?

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  4. Opposition is at sea

    You sure can but not sure people agree with you nothing is happening.

    In these times as tough as they are hundreds of people are getting to move into their own homes, scholl children are getting to school with clear minds and ready to work free of Dub Music and drugs compliments of this DLP Gov’t who do you think is delivering all of these programs certainly not the BLP.

    Maybe you should work on attracting a wider readership as a priority and then lets talk.

  5. jdid

    Interesting. Its amazing how many folks were saying he as good as dead and he never coming back to the island alive etc etc so good to see him hopefully on the road to recovery.

  6. iWatchya

    “Opposition is at sea”

    Of course this government is doing “something”… just not the right things that really need to be done!

    1) “Hundreds of people” are moving into houses? Really?!?!? What about the developments that have completed units and no tenants? Where are the hundreds?

    2) As far as I know the school children are joy riding on the buses and still doing drugs. They are both selling and using drugs at the same rate as before, both within and outside of the walls. Stopping the children from riding on PSVs does not stop them from getting involved in the sub culture.

    3) If you are a fair individual you should remember that there was a HUGE crackdown on the PSV’s under the last administration. It remains to be seen whether this administration will have lasting results. Remember that the corruption and nepotism that caused the last cleanup of the system still exists to this day.

    I say that we need to stop letting politicians make a mockery of the bajan public!

  7. iWatchya

    It is good to see the PM back in the saddle. May he have a long and fruitful life, for the sake of his family and BIM.

  8. iWatchya

    “Remember that the corruption and nepotism that caused the last cleanup of the system still exists to this day.”


    …the corruption and nepotism that caused the failure of the last cleanup of the system, still exists to this day.

  9. Beefcake

    Maybe that he’s back he personally will renew the subscription on their lapsed web domain for the Government of Barbados:

    I guess no one was left in charge of paying the bills while the PM was on sick leave.

  10. Robert Deschappé

    @ Opposition at Sea

    “scholl (school) children are getting to school with clear minds and ready to work free of Dub Music and drugs compliments of this DLP Gov’t who do you think is delivering all of these programs certainly not the BLP”.

    Drugs are sold at secondary schools on a daily basis, by persons under the guise of selling pizza and drinks.
    Dub music is still being played on the ZRs and mini-buses, and the school children are still traveling on them. If you read the Wednesday August 25, 2010 edition of the Daily Nation, back page: “OK to ride vans”; “Jones gives students PSV nod ahead of new term”.

    So “Opposition at sea” what really is your point, or is it a point of contradiction.

  11. Mobert

    Integrity legislation, yeah right. You waiting till the next millenium?

    How about that FBI investigation, can MIA finally speak about it, notice she merely calling out about Lashley, but how about the FBI thing and how about integrity legislation?

    ‘Blah, blah and blah blah, blah blah, blah blah.’

    Really good. Tranparency ra…amgoat.

  12. Potta

    Well I wish him better health and I am glad he came back. I am curious whether we will be in for a reshuffle. The ministers in this Cabinet are underwhelming – after 4 years no solution to the impasse at Alexander; a shrinking minister of tourism just like the industry; a state run broadcast arm that uses reruns and cancelled shows to get people to buy cable; a minister of housing who chooses to ignore allegations of not following protocol; still no words of assurance for CLICO policy holders; and does Minister Lowe and Estwick still have portfolios? Illness may have been divinely ordered to show us what could happen under a new leader. If some of there things are not addressed Katie bar de door fuh this crew. I will not vote for the other side, and it looking like I ain’t got no ‘x’ to cast for these moojins again either.

  13. ARG Chronicles

    Hi “Potta”

    Lets look first at the facts surrounding the issues which you raised and have associated with the DLP government. Lets be fair here and try to evaluate them with an open mind.

    The Alexander issue: Question when did these issues start? Who was the minister of education? Who was the government when these issues started? Why was the issues not solved then? Try answering those questions, and stop attacking a 2.5yr DLP government for seeking to seal with issues a 14yr BLP government could not solve.

    Tourism: Sometimes I wonder if we are all living in the same world or is it that, some of us conviently, like the austrage, stick our heads in a hole in the ground when there is signs of danger. Clearly Tourism is a under pressure all over the world and Barbados, “I hope you are sitting for this one” is apart of the world, I am pleased by the effort which the minister of tourism Mr. Sealy is making. He is not doing like Mr. Lynch and reading out figures of people coming in on ships, who don’t even leave the port to shop or site see. and calling it arrivals up. I would want to take you back to the times of plenty, when the BLP administration was in power, 24 hotels closed there doors yes I said “24”

    Tropicana Beach Hotel, Kings Beach,The Regent, Glitter Bay, Paradise Beach , Sierra Beach, Apple Experience, Oasis, St. Lawrence Apartments, Eastry House, Sam Lords, Windsurf Beach, Club Rockley, Caribbee, Inn of the Beach, Coconut Creek, Little Paradise, Sunshine Beach Hotel, Fairholme Apartments, Sunhaven Beach Hotel, Ginger Bay, Smugglers Cove, Villa Nova, Robins Nest. Who was the minister of tourism then? Who was the government when this happened?

    CBC: You kidding me right? LOL I not even sure if I should comment on this one, but for the sake of all reading This existed when Adam was a lad?

    Housing: The Democratic Labour Party’s spectacularly successful housing programme in 2.5 yrs, really got the BLP holding your heads in shame. After 14 yrs and “Houseing every last person” you and the BLP should be ashamed to even call the word housing in Barbados again. What worries me the most though is that, you people seem to be really angry that the poor and middle income people in Barbados, now have an opportunity to own a home. My mom always said though ” when yah back a dog in a corner he does attack any and every thing in he site” The minister is doing his job, should he be taken to task if a mistake was made and note I said “if”, because I am very cautious with anything Mia Motley reports on. But politics aside, in all fairness Minister Lashley has done a dam good job and brought bureaucracy to an end and has delivered housing solutions to us Bajans, weather we BLP, NDP, PEP DLP or independent, we have an opportunity of owning a home.

    The Prime Ministers Illness: while I agree that God controls every thing, I would suggest that we as Barbadians follow Gods instructions and prayer for our leaders. I will say no more on this.

    Your X: I am a DLP supporter and a very strong one too, and I am almost tempted to say, well am glad to read that even thought your not voting for us you wont vote for the BLP, but what I would encourage you to do is not be fooled by the propaganda, do some research, before you are swept away by the likes of Mia Motley and he word of fair and dark destruction. In politics I have learnt that if you say it over and over and over, even if its not true, simple minds, will start to believe it.

  14. Tell me Why

    ARG Chronicles.

    I just believe you.