Blipsterfarian Logic on Glenn Beck, True Blood and the Ground Zero Mosque

We are happy to see that our Jamaican friend Blipsterfarian (Yes. Blipsterfarian “Black+hipster+Rastafarian”) is back with a new blog after letting his old one fade away.

At Blipsterfarian Logic you’ll find an interesting mix of snippets on everything from politics and energy to passa-passa, Mad Men and True Blood.  Not to mention Naomi Campbell and African blood diamonds.

Blipster sometimes reposts other writers or pounds the keyboard himself (OK, he taps, I pound). Today he’s wading into the Glenn Beck “Restoring Honor Rally” discussion with a repost that proclaims…

“Beck and his followers have sought to co-opt Dr. King’s dream and use it for their own nightmarish ends. They can no longer be ignored.”

Agree? Disagree? Hey, at least you’re free to do either at Blipsterfarian Logic which isn’t exactly the case in oh, Beijing, Tehran or the LA Times newsroom!

And like MLK’s niece, Alveda King, we will disagree with our friend over some of what he’s posted about the DC rally last weekend – but that’s what brings the spice to life and the internet.

We hope the Blipster really digs in, posts more and writes more of his own articles. He has much to add to the conversation and we’re happy to see him back at WordPress.

A few quotes from Blipsterfarian Logic

About Jamaica…

“We may not be where we want to be, but we sure as hell are not where we were.”

About people…

“There are few experiences in life that are as eye opening as international travel. One of the realisations I have garnered through travel is that governments could learn so much from their people. Specifically in terms of helpfulness and hospitality to outsiders.”

10 Things I’ve Learned Circling the Globe

About Black music…

“I happily argue that black music is especially different because in the past it provided an outlet for black people to express their political, social and economic discontent and call for action to overthrow the structures which entrenched their marginalization.”

In Memoriam: Abbey Lincoln

About True Blood and the Ground Zero Mosque

“With all the political drama surrounding the building of a mosque near ground zero, the way in which the rights of vampires are being contested reminds me of the struggle over islam and religious freedom currently gripping much of the west. The ‘are they just like us or are they different (and a threat)’ question is very obvious.”

Sunday Night Recap 3

About Glenn Beck…

“It’s that he is a moronic, racist provocateur.

Let us consider the background. In the dying days of the summer of 1963, Dr. King gave his monumental ‘I have a Dream’ speech to a crowd of hundreds of thousands. What is not often recounted is that a significant percentage of the crowd was white. That day was about freedom, inclusion and admonishing America to live up to its promise. It was not simply a watershed in the Civil Rights movement, it was a turning point in American history.

Decades later, enter Glenn Beck who convenes an orgy of hateful self-promotion called the Restoring Honor Rally on the same date and at the same place that Dr. King delivered his address. Glenn Beck? Honour? This is a man who has gone as far as to claim President Obama is a racist and has a long history of racist provocation in the media. Beck has consistently tried to portray President Obama as an un-American outsider. So how could Glenn Beck restore anything, much less honour? Look at some of his recent pronouncements…”

Read the rest at There’s Something About Glenn Beck


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7 responses to “Blipsterfarian Logic on Glenn Beck, True Blood and the Ground Zero Mosque

  1. FACTS

    Barbados Underground has beaten you to the tape on this one.

  2. Big thanks for the shout out!

  3. BFP

    Hi Facts,

    We wouldn’t know what BU does or doesn’t do, but we could probably imagine what they wrote without even reading it. No doubt a one sided diatribe that rails on about this and that and probably doesn’t even mention that MLK’s niece, Alveda King, attended the Beck rally or what she had to say on the platform.

    Did the piece use the words “Caucasian” or “Jews” in a negative context, or maybe “coolie men”, or “currie eaters” or “white trash” or a have a call for “Hamas and Hezbollah” to target Jews and whites? Did the piece give their typical reminder to black people that race-mixing is detrimental to “the cause”?

    Did the BU piece call for the “elimination & extinction of sub-human, half make Europeans from this earth”

    How about “Black Barbadians must stand up and let all the other ethnic groups in Barbados including the rat catcher/mango seller Indians & Chinese that we are a people of substance…” or that “Indians are only bidding their time in Barbados” or a caution about the Hindu’s high fertility rates? Did they use the words “Indo-Guyanese Scums” as they published before?

    Like we say, we don’t go there much anymore because any blog that publishes that kind of stuff is unworthy of our attention.

    Here’s some quotes and reminders of what “free speech” means at Barbados Underground…

    Murdered Canadian Tourist Terry Schwarzfeld Called “White Trash” – Senior Advisor to Barbados Prime Minister Publishes Articles on Same Racist Website!

    We don’t pay much attention to BU. They have their standards and we have ours.

  4. ninemikemike

    All the cant about ‘hijacking MLK’s dream’ is just hogwash. MLK was a Republican, and if muslims can demand to build their mosque at ground zero, Americans sure as hell can have a rally anywhere in their own country.

    “It’s that (Glenn Beck) is a moronic, racist provocateur.”

    What – as bad as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson? Hardly.

  5. similarities

    Glenn Beck is Fox’s human version of Peter Griffin.

    Only a cartoon could capture this moron in action. The fact that he might have an audience is even more astounding and even frightening?

  6. twwifos

    Howard Kleinman described Beck best when he compared him to a wrestler who always used a “foreign object” when the referee was not watching. As soon as the ref turned his attention back to Beck, he hid the object in his trunks.

    The years of Beck yelling fire in a crowded theatre will not be changed just because he suddenly found religion when the world was watching. It’s another phony act. People who have the capacity to think for themselves will easily see though this. Too bad the press gives way to much coverage to people like Beck, helping him spread more misinformation and divide people.

  7. Mathilde

    I think Jon Stewart always does a stellar job at opening people’s eyes to what Beck and his kind really are.