Hurricane Earl strengthens as new storm forms off Barbados

UPDATED: August 31, 2010 – 9:05am Bridgetown Barbados

Analysts predict Earl might go Cat 5

As of this writing, The US National Hurricane Center website is down. Probably too much traffic.

Drudge Report and Storm Pulse say it’s looking to go Category 5.

Original story…

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Is it prayer or wind patterns that keeps Barbados safe from hurricanes?

Hurricane Earl will make for wet Bajan weather for the next couple of days, but our neighbours to the North are taking quite a hit. The US National Hurricane Center says Earl is growing stronger, but the predicted track shows it veering off into the Atlantic well off the eastern USA.

The good news for Barbados is that once again a hurricane missed our home. The bad news is that another storm is forming to the east and there is an 80% chance it will grow into a named storm within 48 hours.

It’s easy for Barbadians to become lulled into a false sense of security because we’ve been lucky or blessed for a long time as far as major hurricanes go.

So say a little prayer, but check your shutters and your emergency supplies too!

Visit Barbados’ Department of Emergency Management website for advice and a list of shelters.


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10 responses to “Hurricane Earl strengthens as new storm forms off Barbados

  1. Rough Seas

    Something is definitely brewing…the sea at Pebbles beach today was unreal, I haven’t see it like that since Christmastime.


  3. Politically Tired

    This link is very good as well as the National Hurricane Centre, good tracking maps.

  4. twwifos

    Yeah, weather underground is a great place to get all the latest info. They are usually pretty accurate, but NHC got the models wrong with Earl. They had it following Danielle’s path moving northwest this past week, but it has been moving west and still seems to be staying on that course. Just proves that the tracking is not an exact science and until they move north of us we should all assume the worst. Fasten your seat belts. It’s going to be a busy few weeks!

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  7. Capt. Nobody

    In case of hurricane …look for those idiots saying “nothing can happen here”. Idiots!!

  8. Politically Tired

    According to this tracking map ‘Hurricane Gaston’ will be a category 1 by Monday & with us by maybe Tuesday morning, not a word about this on the news tonight! Just that it was a Tropical Storm they were keeping an eye on.
    I know we don’t want to panic people but how about warning them!

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  10. Oh, it seems a danger is coming next few hours.