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Barbados government website incorrectly states visitors can bring 200 cigarettes duty free

Welcome to your Barbados vacation… Is there anything else we can do to piss you off upon arrival?

Trip Advisor.com is probably the world’s premier travel website for “been there, done that” advice on destinations and there is some discussion going right now about tourists being ambushed by Barbados Customs.

It seems that the Barbados Government website advises tourists that they may bring 200 cigarettes into the country duty free… but when folks arrive they discover that’s not true and are asked to pay big duties.

The Barbados Government website sets up the tourists with bad information and the Customs people pick ’em off when they arrive. Like shooting fish in de barrel! Continue reading


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What shall we do about the terrible attitudes of Bridgetown shop clerks and government office employees?

Have you ever purchased a train ticket in Belgium or a bottle of rum in Cuba?

by Cliverton

We ‘wild boys’ at Barbados Free Press may have had a drink or three yesterday because it was Friday and because, it was Friday.

Usually by the time the level in the bottle reaches a certain mark on the label we are able to solve huge problems in the world. Two weeks ago we solved the Israel-Muslim conflict in the Middle East. Last Friday we solved the energy crisis in Britain.

Unfortunately though, the details of our solutions seem to vanish the next morning after we sober up, but in the late hours of Friday they sure look viable!

Alas, I hesitate to report that even in our usual state we were stumped last night when we tried to find a solution to the sullen and outright rude persons on this island who are “employed” in positions of service. I say “employed” because so many are drawing their breath and paycheque but do little else. Continue reading


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