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We know more about Castro’s illness than about Prime Minister Thompson’s health

Video about PM Thompson at the DLP Conference was very odd – most eerily so

by David G. Brooks

The promise of details of the diagnosis went from 2 weeks to 3 and then 4 … nothing materialised. Speculation, after all of this waiting started to be rampant, unfortunate but not unnatural when no material information is forth-coming.

Two (2) months sick leave has now turned into 3 months and that seems to have been extended yet again, and still no word – Bajans (and others) are waiting patiently but how long will that last? Continue reading


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Please visit our friends at… Grasshopper Eyes the Potomac

Click on the banner to visit our friend Denis Jones – who has lived everywhere!

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USA may kick out Barbados mother while child treated for cancer

UPDATED: August 27, 2010 5pm – Good News!

Barbados Mother of Sick Child Told She Can Stay in US

ATLANTA – A mother from Barbados who was being told she may have to leave her critically ill daughter in Atlanta received some good news Friday. Petra Gooding says her immigration attorney got a call Friday morning from immigration. They were told they are working on extending her visa to allow her to stay in the country until November.

full story at Fox 5 News

BFP’s Original story…

Petrah Gooding may have to leave 7 year old daughter alone in USA for treatment

Thousands of illegal immigrants stream into the USA every day from Mexico and the courts and US government bends over backwards to accommodate them. That’s Mexico: this is about Barbados.

Barbados  mother Petrah Gooding applied LEGALLY to take her daughter Niamah, aged 7, for cancer treatment at Atlanta’s Aflac Cancer Centre. The USA gave the mother a nine month visa, while the daughter received 18 months because that is the length of the cancer treatment programme.

Now the USA has told the mother to leave her 7 year old daughter behind and exit the country on September 2, 2010. Continue reading


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Fatal Traffic Accidents: Police Inspector tells how our police are not doing their job

Police admit to not enforcing the law against trucks carrying passengers in the back

The death toll is now two from Tuesday’s head-on collision between two large trucks on St. Luke’s Road, St. George. 17-year-old *Roosi Straughn, who died at the scene, was one of seven passengers carried illegally in the open back of one of the trucks. Yesterday the driver of the that vehicle, Ervine Barker, died of his injuries at Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

Our hearts go out to the family and friends of Roosi and Ervine. We hope they will find peace and also fondly remember the precious time they had with their loved ones. When we lose friends suddenly like this we are all reminded that a person never knows the day or the hour when they might be called home, so we should enjoy each moment and do our best in everything while we can.

With that in mind, we have to comment that our police have not been doing the best that they can to prevent accidents and save lives. The statements by Police Inspector Leon Blades in today’s Nation are proof enough of that. Continue reading


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