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Countdown begins for promised Spring Garden Highway pedestrian access

Transport Minister Boyce promises a safe crossing, but how many more will die before it’s built?

On Sunday July 11, 2010, Errol Briggs was struck by an auto and killed as he tried to cross Spring Garden Highway from the beach. Many will agree with us that he died because like thousands of his fellow citizens every week, Briggs was forced to play Russian roulette on the highway – just for a sea bath.

Errol Briggs died because for the last 20 years successive governments have been walling off access to the sea for ordinary Bajans. Whether faced with a wall of condos or a dangerous highway, the result is the same for citizens and visitors who want to enjoy the beach.

What use is a tiny break between condos when there is nowhere to park? What use is a wide open beach when there is no pedestrian walkway from the community and an unbroken line of traffic is shooting by at highway speed? What did the stupid Town Planners think would happen when they allowed the highway at Spring Garden and made no provision for the community to cross to the beach? Continue reading


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Please visit our friends at… Leave Islam Safely.com

If you have decided to leave the Muslim religion or if your family is threatening you, click on the banner to visit Leave Islam Safely. They have been there. They are former Muslims who can help and advise and provide safe houses.

If you are thinking of leaving Islam, be wary, be careful. Do not tell your Muslim friends or family. The Qur’an commands your death for leaving Islam (4:89 calls for the murder of renegades from the faith).

Visit Leave Islam Safely.com where you will find Muslims who have made the journey. They can help you.


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Conde Nast Traveler publisher chides Barbados Coastal Zone Management for disappearing beach

Disappearing Mullins Beach

“Now, there are only impassable boulders, sea walls, and crashing surf.”

One of the world’s most respected travel magazine publishers has posted an online article about the disappeared beach at Mullins Bay, Barbados. The article also includes a photo that is a little different than typically shown in Barbados travel brochures. Instead of the vast expanse of sand still shown in those glossy advertisements for package deals, the photo shows the truth: rocks, little sand and trees about to fall into the water. The beach is gone. Continue reading


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