Barbados cell phone driving ban coming? Why we don’t believe Minister of Transport John Boyce

A proven track record of all talk, no action on cell phone driving ban

For the fifth time in the last four years a Barbados government Minister has announced the intention to ban the use of cell phones while driving. Such a law would make sense, save lives and generally encourage all-round safer driving in Barbados.

Yup, the law made sense and had general public support when proposed talked about at press conferences by Ministers of Government in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009 and still makes sense in 2010. (We couldn’t find any politician talking about it 2008 but maybe we missed it.)

Barbados Free Press first reported on the cell phone driving ban over four years ago in our July 25, 2006 article Barbados Government To Ban Cell Phones While Driving. Then the new law was going before Parliament that very afternoon in 2006 – or so said the Minister of Transport. And we heard more of the same for the next four years.

So you’ll have to forgive us for not believing Minister Boyce this time. Government credibility on this issue for both DLP and BLP is shot.

Transport Minister John Boyce

Minister Boyce, please don’t bother with any further musing about a cell phone ban for drivers or talk about implementing modern drinking and driving laws because along with integrity legislation, freedom of information, environmental legislation, 2/3 majority for re-zoning agricultural land and so many other important promises – government words on these subjects are proven to mean nothing.

It has come to the point where the only thing we’ll respect and pay attention to on cell phones and breathalysers is action.

Action and performance, Minister Boyce… or sit down and stay quiet.

Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah etc…

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9 responses to “Barbados cell phone driving ban coming? Why we don’t believe Minister of Transport John Boyce

  1. “Barbados’ Transport Minister remains mum on 3S Flyover Cancellation – Instead pledges to initiate Seaview Terminal by Princess Alice H’way”

  2. The Watcher

    Lets get serious here people. Banning cell phones while driving is all well and good, but what is being done to facilitate the business value of these devices and the time that they can save not to mention the safety factor that they represent?
    The laws in Barbados are so archaic that they disallow the use of any object “affixed” to one’s ear while driving. So by the nature of this silly law, I should be out there ticketing drivers with ear-rings while they are driving.
    We have a very special group of seemingly brain dead individuals here who draft new laws without removing the useless, progress-impeding laws of yesteryear. I guess this is what makes them feel better about their existences.
    Think this over carefully. You want cell phones held up to one’s ears to be illegal while driving? No problem!. Make certain that there is facilitation made when the law is passed that doesn’t prevent their use while driving. I can see how we can eventually get to a point here where it will be illegal to play a radio or even talk to a passenger while driving.
    Why are we so voluntarily ignorant?

  3. Jokers

    I is in agreement with the banning of dead phones. I is know that Minister Boyce will be the first to implement the appropriate laws for the banning of these phones. Also whilst you at let we get the breathalysers in place too. Minister Boyce do some rought wuk.

  4. maxtor

    This should have happened ever since ban them and breathalyser,, donot hold your breath the white controlled rum in barbados and cut money from their bank accounts sorry no way hosia

  5. W. Farris

    Did the Minister say when the new driving legislation would be introduced?

  6. 67

    Listen up y’all..

    Breathalysers got to come before cell phone ban, okay?
    And THAT is already 20 yrs. behind.

    It’s a ruddy miracle we even got the seat-belt law
    which has no doubt minimised personal damage in accidents
    and thereby reducing my car insurance premiums over the last few years…

    What rubbish am I talking?
    Reduce insurance premiums?
    Everyone knows that stuff only goes one way

  7. Ruby Murry

    It is ridiculous that we permit people to drink and drive, let alone use handheld cell phones at the same time as driving.

    One has only to go for a drive on a Friday or Saturday night to see the impact on drivers of drinking. Rarely do I see a police car on the roads or taking any action against dangerous driving. Perhaps there down the rum shop as well!

    Is government waiting for some more deaths on the roads. How loud must we scream?

  8. 41


    de cell phone rules coming right after de integrity legislation and freedom of information!

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