Barbados Free Press announces changes to banner advertising

Banners will permanently flow with our stories instead of only being seen for a few days

Since we announced in December 2009, that BFP would feature free banner advertising at the top of our blog as a public service, we have published 78 banners.

None of the websites we feature are paying us or are under any obligation to link to Barbados Free Press. We know from past experience that with a single link or photo BFP can send many hundreds of our readers a day to another website or business and we like to help out where we can.

Sometimes folks ask us to run their banner and other times we see people around the island or visit their business and decide on our own to feature their website. The current banner for Caribbean Spice Caterers is one of those situations where we attended a function they catered and decided we’d like to help them out.


In the past we’ve featured banners for a few days at the top of the blog, but the banner disappears until it comes up again in the rotation. We think we have a better way…

We’re going to place a new banner at the top for a few days and then let it move down in the story archive under the date it was first published. Instead of disappearing like a regular banner advert, you’ll now see the banner working it’s way down to the bottom of the first page and into the archives as new stories are published and a new banner takes its place at the top.

The banner will remain forever in our archive where it will be seen again and again and be subject to Google and other search engines. Hopefully this will provide more overall visitors to our friends’ websites and keep their business name connected on the most popular blog in Barbados. (That’s us according to independent analysts like

When the rotation for your website comes up again, we’ll throw up a new banner – so eventually there will be multiple banner adverts for your business or website throughout BFP.

It’s so simple, effective and good for our friends and readers that we don’t know why we didn’t think of it before. We’ll try it for a few weeks and then ask our readers what they think.


Would you like your banner advert featured at Barbados Free Press?

No problem. You can send us your artwork in banner size (500 pixels wide by maximum 175 pixels deep), or just send us your website URL and we’ll do up a banner for you. There’s no charge for us doing up the banner or running it. Times are tough and we’re doing what we can to assist Bajan businesses and websites.

Send your request or artwork to

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  1. what will they think of next

    Great job Allard.