Trinidad and Tobago Anti-Corruption raid: Seized computers, documents and banking records could point to Barbados politicians

UPDATED June 26, 2012

Almost two years ago the T&T Anti-Corruption Investigation Bureau raided the home of fired Barbados Government contractor Hafeez Karamath and found a drug lab, casino, machine guns and… company documents, computers and financial records.

Hafeez Karamath Construction Ltd was an active receiver of Barbados contracts under the Owen Arthur – Mia Mottley BLP government, and probably returned the favour at the very least in the form of ‘political donations’ to the Barbados Labour Party.

So what happened after the raid? Did the DLP Barbados government follow up with Trinidadian authorities?

To our knowledge the story just faded into nothing… just like all such stories ’bout hey. Not a follow-up by the Barbados news media. Not a question in Parliament by government members.

Nope. When a corrupt government contractor gets raided by police, it all just fades into the fog of the news cycle and pretty soon the people forget. They assume that some resolution happened.

BFP doesn’t forget, and so we bring this story back in the hope that our readers can contribute to the group knowledge. We also bring it back to remind folks ’bout hey just how controlled the so-called professional news media is on this rock…

Original story published August 22, 2010…

Anti-Corruption Investigation Bureau raids home of fired Barbados Government contractor Hafeez Karamath: drug lab, casino, machine guns and… company documents & computers!!!

Trinidad and Tobago police just raided the home and offices of deceased millionaire contractor Hafeez Karamath as part of the ongoing probe of corruption at the Urban Development Corporation of Trinidad and Tobago and found much more than they bargained for.

Police were looking for documents relating to Karamath’s companies and their relationship with the T&T government but besides thousands of business records they ended up with 18 firearms, a stack of ammunition, a drug manufacturing facility and a casino.

Six of Karamath’s relatives have been arrested, but what we want to know is if the Anti-Corruption Investigation Bureau (ACIB) found any paperwork relating to Karamath’s connections to the Barbados politicians and officials who awarded him big government contracts here.

Karamath’s companies received government contracts throughout the Caribbean worth hundreds of millions of dollars… and we all know how things work. Now many of the corrupt contractor’s business records and communications are in the hands of anti-corruption investigators. There must be a few Barbados politicians with indigestion this weekend!

Hafeez Karamath (left) died of cancer in November 2009 and his 23 year old son and other relatives carried on running his companies. In 2006 Karamath was charged with fraud by T&T over some insider bribes to obtain government contracts. In April of 2007, Hafeez Karamath Construction Ltd (HKCL) was fired by the Barbados BLP government after a four year debacle over the unfinished Newton Business Park in Christ Church but then the news media sort of “lost interest”…

You know how that works.

Some of BFP’s readers put together information about Karamath and the BLP government contract back in April of 2007. You can read the discussion here.

Will the Trinidad & Tobago Anti-Corruption Investigators cover-up for the Mottley Arthur Government?

According to the T&T news media, corruption investigators found a treasure trove of documents, computers and business records. How much did Hafeez Karamath provide in “political donations” to Owen Arthur, Mia Mottley and other BLP politicians?

Some of that evidence is probably in those seized records.

Machine guns. Drugs. Illegal casino. Bribery of government officials in T&T. Kickbacks, bid-rigging and failed projects going back to the 1990’s. That’s Hafeez Karamath and his family. That’s the kind of people who Mia Mottley and Owen Arthur awarded Barbados Government contracts to.

Will Bajans ever learn the truth about the millions of dollars given by businesses and special interests to our elected and appointed government officials?

In our opinion, it’s unlikely because as BLP Member of Parliament Dr. Duguid said, Barbados politicians aren’t about to vote for integrity legislation or freedom of information.

Not to forget that the Bajan news media lacks the courage and integrity to go after the corruption that is endemic to our nation.

Sad, but that’s the truth on this Saturday night somewhere near Grape Hall.


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11 responses to “Trinidad and Tobago Anti-Corruption raid: Seized computers, documents and banking records could point to Barbados politicians

  1. what will they think of next

    It will be interesting to see how this develops.

  2. Barbados National Bank

    They need to keep a close look at the money being run through BNB Trinidad with respect to direct and indirect payments relating to Dodds, 3S and any and all accounts, corporate or otherwise of politicians and their friends from Barbados whether declared with the Barbados Central Bank or not.

    Good Luck!

  3. exGunFreak

    If I’m not mistaken, those “banana clip” magazines are AK magazines.

    What’s he doing with AK mags?
    – ex Grenada 1983?

  4. Though unfortunate,it is true that here is where any investigation stops.Journalism in Barbados hit the skids with the advent of the Owen Arthur Adm. A public servant was permitted to set the terms and conditions under which he would share with john public imformation we requested . Was Adrian Loveridge a member of B.A.J. ? Is David Ellis a member ? Starcom showed all Barbadians how to kowtow ,while their man was left to twist in the wind , and a public apology and sixty five grand offered the assurance that freedom of the press was intact . It all came apart one Saturday evening after a call to Starcom’s sister company ,and we needed the assistance of the whole caribbean to combat the threat. Since one abbreviation can have multiple meanings my choice is Blowhards And Jokers . Here is where any investigation ends .

  5. Opposition at Sea

    I guess that the tee shirts Mottley was planning to bring out are for tonight, what a sad and poor opposition leader choice.

    One could suggest that she will be advertising her own problem with her party and their concern with poor performance, her leadership has been anything less than stellar actually it has been poor, its hallmark so far has been the open and frank and for once honest comment of the former Prime Minister that she is unfit to lead, now who better to know how fit or unfit Mottley would be to lead but her very good Cabinet colleague and friend the former Prime Minister after all he had her molesting various ministries and even as his deputy so I think he would well know her other short comings in addition to her Moral shortfalls they are others that he is very aware of that must have marked her as unfit that he has not yet revealed to the public .

    Thus one bad term as Leader don’t deserve another either, their choices go from bad to worse but many even die hard BLP suggest that they will never vote for the BLP again with Mottley as the leader.

    Ms Boung on pun it, has been jumping on all things but is getting no results only frustrating herself and telling a series of lies and un truths, tell me have you seen those receiving their keys to their new homes do you see a look of anger or frustration on any of their faces ?

    What I see are happy Barbadian faces with a look of glee on their faces who have waited 14 in limbo and now 2 1/2 years into a new government they are owing their own homes a vast numbers.

    This is certainly a sign of a misspent Opposition to oppose the good that is being done for our Barbadian people as opposed to the good that was being done for Ted Stevens and his clan and Veco, Jonathan Danos or Danos 3 S, Steven Hobson, Hallam Nicholls who brought both VECO and DANOS to our shores and Glyne Bannister who has made millions out of the seat of a Mercedes vehicle, these guys with Mottley’s and Arthur’s help raped the Barbadian people of multi millions, shame on the leadership ( what leadership ) of the BLP.

  6. In response to “Opposition At Sea” in all fairness to as you refer to her , ( miss bound on pun it )the very same qualities she brought to the table as his deputy ,would be or should have been used as the measurment in her ascension to the role of leadership . Question is have you ever known a Despot that did not practice disingenuity ?

  7. Opposition at Sea

    The question is Would you vote for someone as morally wayward as “bound pun it” is known to be ?

  8. The answer is no, as I have never voted for anyone on that side of the fence. I was intrigued by the Despot’s remarks about barbadians will have to judge her. The good thing is that Owen Arthur no longer has the ability to determine judgement day,and since judgement of (bound pun it ) alone would represent but a minuscule sample of fourteen years of as you put it ,rape… he has forgotten that we will judge them all . Oh yes that day is near and ah caaan wait;

  9. nevermind kurt

    Duguid was right that bajan politicians will never agree to laws that curtail their right to steal. Ain’t happening.

    They will never agree to election financing controls or spending disclosure either.

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  11. countryview

    All politicians are thieves, the sole difference being whether the thief is smart enough to keep the society functioning smoothly to ensure all thieving is seamless…the DLP are incapable of this economic management.