Former Barbados Tourism Minister Noel Lynch gets a taste of his own medicine

Dejected, petulant Noel Lynch hates freedom of speech – except when he needs it

Poor Noel “Instant Millionaire” Lynch is all upset that he showed up at the CBC on Tuesday night as an invited guest on Best and Mason – and was then uninvited and summarily ejected from the premises according to an article in The Nation.

Lynch is talking about the violation of his constitutional rights to freedom of expression and freedom of speech.

Cha darlin! You mek sport! Noel Lynch talking about freedom of expression, freedom of speech? Noel Lynch? That’s a good one!

What a slimy hypocrite he is. Perhaps he needs a reminder of his own despicable attacks on freedom of speech when he was a big shot government minister.

While we believe that Noel Lynch should have been allowed on the Best and Mason show and that there is no way that a major DLP supporter like Leroy Parris should have been put in charge of the CBC, we are taking immense pleasure in seeing former big shot Noel Lynch crawling on his belly begging for free speech in the media. Looks good on him!

Dear Mister Lynch,

What a slimy hypocrite you are. Before you continue begging for freedom of speech on your “I want to come back to the public trough tour” you have much to repent for. Here are a few reminders of your own despicable attacks on freedom of speech in Barbados…

1/ Tourism Minister Noel Lynch had columnist Adrian Loveridge fired from the Barbados Advocate newspaper by threatening the editor with the withdrawal of government advertising unless Loveridge was sacked.

As Minister of Tourism for the Barbados Labour Party, Noel Lynch was incensed with the weekly tourism writings of Adrian Loveridge in a column at the Barbados Advocate newspaper. Minister Lynch phoned Loveridge at home and blasted him for ten minutes. Then Lynch phoned the editor at the Barbados Advocate and had Loveridge fired. Minister Lynch told the editor that unless he fired Loveridge, the government of Barbados would withhold all advertising from the newspaper.

Ref: Cowardly Barbados Advocate Newspaper Caved To Screaming Government Minister

2/ In March, 2007 Tourism Minister Noel Lynch had the StarCom Network ban Adrian Loveridge from the Down to Brass Tacks radio show as a condition of Lynch’s appearance.

This incident was most embarrassing for the StarCom Network as they had already issued an invitation to hotelier and freelance journalist Adrian Loveridge and he had accepted. After Barbados Free Press published the story of Minister Lynch’s attempt to deny freedom of speech to a citizen, outraged citizens deluged the radio show with emails. StarCom then re-invited Mr. Loveridge but put him in a separate studio upon the demand of Minister Lynch – so Mr. Lynch would not have to look at the face of the most knowledgable and effective tourism critic in Barbados.

Ref: Barbados Minister Of Tourism Dictates To Cowardly StarCom Network – “Adrian Loveridge Not Allowed On Brass Tacks Radio Show Panel”

3/ When asked about his personal assets during a radio-show interview, Minister Lynch threw down his earphones and stormed out of the studio. He then sued the radio station and the journalist host to ensure that never again would anyone have the freedom of speech to ask him the same question.

On March 25, 2007 thousands of listeners of the Down To Brass Tacks radio show were stunned as Barbados Minister of Tourism Noel Lynch ran out of the studio after being asked on air to comment about his personal wealth and Integrity Legislation. The emailed question from a listener and comments by moderator David Ellis abruptly ended the Minister’s participation as he angrily ripped off his headphones, stood up and left the studio.

The Voice of Barbados radio broadcast was immediately pulled off the internet so international audiences could not receive it and Noel Lynch sued everybody in sight. The broadcaster paid some $65,000 to Minister Lynch and promised that they would never again ask how it is that a politician who has done nothing but hold appointed and elected government positions could have such wealth.

That lesson killed freedom of speech for the entire Barbados news media: courtesy of Noel Lynch. After the BLP government was tossed by the electorate in January 2008, numerous journalists came forward to say that they lived in fear of Minister Lynch and his government and that press freedom was in jeopardy.

Ref: Barbados Tourism Minister Flees Radio Talk Show Over Question Of Personal Assets And Integrity Legislation

Nation News Robert Best – Barbados Reporters Know About Corruption But Are Not Free To Investigate And Report It

Barbados Tourism Minister Storms Off Radio Show – Audio Now Available!

Cowardly Voice Of Barbados Radio Promises To Never Again Ask How Politicians Become Overnight Millionaires

4/ Noel Lynch so killed freedom of speech in Barbados that even 3 years later journalists are still too frightened to mention his name concerning the Brass Tacks radio show.

Stephen Alleyne frightened to name Noel Lynch in latest column


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19 responses to “Former Barbados Tourism Minister Noel Lynch gets a taste of his own medicine

  1. Cuthbert Canecutter

    Do you all realise the real person in this scenario viz. Ellis who should have been reprimanded should be the Producer who could have hit the MUTE switch?

    All Ellis did was quote an e-mail received, but then Ellis is always threatening to leave Starcom and then he changes his mind – c’dear! He is a bit of a slimy twat in his own right, so he can’t help…

    He wants people to pull an extra shift at the last minute and if they object? Then he penalises them with Production so their on-air fee is reduced. If I was so twisted, I’d probably resort to spousal abuse just like he did – don’t ask me, ask Jennifer Babb!

  2. ninemikemike

    Noel ‘Sticky-fingers’ Lynch is a prime example of the POS that enter politics in Bim for no thought of national interest – just personal enrichment.

    I should like to see him in Dodds, but won’t be holding my breath.

    (BFP editor’s note: last sentence deleted re non-conforming to BFP comment rules)

  3. RRRicky

    Excellent article BFP! (Who wrote it please?)

    Why would anyone want Noel Lynch on their radio or television show again? One false move and he’ll sue!

    He hasn’t a chance of re-election but he’s too full of himself to realize it.

  4. BFP

    Hi RRRicky

    Cliverton wrote the article.

  5. BFP, you does crack me up … hehehehe … I got other names for him beside ‘a slimly hypocrite’.

    I remember it all! The SOB got about a easy million from StarCom for allowing the truth to slip in the form of a question.

    You darn right the rest of Barbados got other names for him.

  6. bajan4life

    wealth amassed through ill gotten means never lasts long enough to satisfy

  7. I observe

    This article is most deserving of full praise really it is wonderful indeed . Well Done to the writer and BFP .

  8. iWatchya

    Maybe it is perfectly right for any “opposition” to be banned from CBC?

    He may or may not be what he is being painted as, but stringent government control of the media can only lead to a banana republic.

    Please remember that Ellis was able to ask the question and had access to means to do such!

    To draw on another event; the whole “chicken & ram” controversy and court case… Remember that that individual was not banned / muzzled / restricted BEFORE airing.

    I have been in the offices of several media people and heard them get blistered and threatened because of what they wrote…

    That is the name of the game in the media business in Barbados (goes back through many many governments), where risks have to be weighed by producers and editors before putting something in the public domain.

    The media houses have to make sure that they have their facts before pointing a finger and that they word it in such a way that it is not defamatory.

    It is sad to see people completely denied access to certain forms of media!

  9. Jokers

    The biggest Joker to ever walk in politics. If bajans ever think about embracing this crooked, arrogant, pompous son of bitch to represent them again I will lose what ever remaining respect I have for my native country. Noel Lynch is all self interest and also liar of the highest order. He should be in prison for his exploits. Stupid starcom network let him rob them of a few Sir Grantley’s when the stinking liar knew fully well that he could not answer the David Ellis read email question because he knew how he got his riches. Now he is filthy rich and living large. Barbados corrupt to the core and these f… politicians are all crooks. F…..Jokers

  10. Jokers

    I so wish that Barbados news media had just a fragment of the boldness of American journalist. Blasted puppets continue to let crooked SOB’s use their intimidation tactics to the fullest. I long for the day when journalist would stop being afraid and take back the power given to these horrible people. Noel Lynch and his cronies need to be investigated and brought to justice. But even the justice system in this country is also crooked and bought protecting the crooked elite and penalising the less fortunate. He should not be made to go scot free when it is common knowledge that his riches was not obtain by his brain but by his covert operations. Sickens me the core what is happening in my beloved islandd. Who will stop these f….crooks.

  11. taximan

    Lynch again? This nuisance trying every trick in the book to get back into national discussion. It wont work M Mary. You are finished, your own misdeeds guaranteed that. The Bayville voters chase you out and have one of Barbados finest brains reppin them. How come you did’nt expand on your briefest of stints with Caribbean Hotel Association like you doing with CBC non issue?? By your own arrogant words you are a tourism guru but CHA let you leave? Give us a break Lynch and ride off to your plantation. Make yourself useful help grow food.
    The Best and Mason Show has outlived its shelf live. CBC should scrap it and bring something fresh. The nonsensical self aggrasndizement that denotes Mason and Best best suited for street corner not serious radio.

  12. taximan

    Lol @ jokers you killing me oh lawd hahaha

  13. Once again the unbelievable hypocrisy of the B.L.P./Lynch has blown up in its face. Every time they come with an issue , they are reminded of their misdeeds and arrogance. The D.L.P is far from perfect but the B.L.P only wants power for themselves and their cronies.

  14. Atman

    August 20, 2010 at 10:50 pm
    I fully agree with you re: Lynch.

  15. Fair Minded

    Noel Lynch is one of those politicians you love to hate.

    Whether you think he is crooked, arrogant or hypocritical it does not change the fact that this DLP Administrative is the biggest threat to press freedom since the one presided over by Errol Barrow during the last to to three years of his third term in office.

    The Dems are systematically muzzling any opinion that does not paint them in a good and glowing light. And if they cannot shut you up you become a victim of their smear campaigns. Fortunately, Bajans are coming to realise this and beginning to voice their disapproval among themselves. The other commentators here would do well to keep their ears to the ground.

  16. Jokers


    You think that the attacks against Noel Lynch are bipartisan and personal? You are sadly mistaken if you think that the DLP and their nonsense will get off that easy. They are all politicians who have benefitted immensely from the free flow of money. Noel Lynch however is one those politicians that make ‘ugly’ obvious. His ugliness shows in his arrogance and the way he treat people less than himself. His ugly shows in the fact that from a politicians salary he was able to buy a plantation and their are alleges that he also has acquired a yacht (but not sure if the latter is true). You think I could f… well feel good knowing that most have to work hard to earn their keep and this f……er get his with out breaking a sweat or using one ounce of his grey matter?

    They are countless stories about Lynch’s bombastic displays to many members of his constituency who needed his help. Most have reported his flagrant hostility towards them when they ask for help. Noel Lynch is a selfish bastard. But that said, the DLP are exhibiting similiar traits along the nefarious approach of the last administration. No transparency, No integrity no accountability and no freedom of expression in certain domains. I certainly do not condone what they did to Lynch, but the son of a bitch deserve it. After all, its tic for tac so imagine that. What goes around comes around. They dish it and now they got to take it. JOKERS

  17. Adrian Loveridge

    I must admit that I find the editorial in the NATION today (Monday 23rd August) rather hypocritical.
    Where was the same indig(nation) when the then Minister of Tourism refused to share a radio studio with me?

    Imagine for one second if it was the other way around?

    At the end of the now infamous Brass Tacks programme, David Ellis asked what would have been a perfectly ligitimate question in the vast majority of democracies.
    Sadly, until we have some form effective integrity legislation there will always be suspicion of our aspiring and elected members of Parliament.

    Is it right that anyone standing for election should receive a cheques (s) made payable to him or her
    personally, without the general public being able
    to consult a register or website to confirm these donations and where the financial support is coming from?

    Sadly, the Nation appears very selective in its quest for journalistic morality and justice.

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  19. Lance

    Noel Lynch should truly be ashamed of himself, for he was a staunched adversary of Freedom of the press when he was a minister in the former ruling Barbados Labour Party government… But when you’re a corrupt minister who has something to hide, or can’t account for the enormous wealth which you were able acquire in such a short time as minister… well you obviously might seek to go after the press so as to scuttled it’s freedom of investigative journalism, for fear of being exposed.

    Truth be told, he’s just one of the many slimy hypocrites which all governments produce from time to time. But with no accountability or checks and balances in Barbados’ government, corruption will continue to be rampant, while ministers continues to be filthy rich while in office without ever having to account for such enormous riches, this stealthily plundering of the country’s wealth by ministers is always detrimental to its financial survival and stability.