President Obama, the Ground Zero Mosque and a grasshopper named Dennis

Our old friend Dennis Jones (Living in Barbados blog) moved back to the USA at the end of July and is living somewhere near Maryland and the Potomac River.

We are delighted to report that Dennis has started a new blog and he’s still writing about Barbados and other subjects dear to our hearts. Agree or disagree with Dennis – he’ll always make you think.

A few days ago he wrote about President Obama weighing in on the on the Ground Zero mosque controversy. Yup, Dennis still makes us think!

“Do the views of those who will not be convinced matter more than those who may be swayed?”

… from the Grasshopper Eyes The Potomac story Going to ground over his words?

(We see that Dennis switched to for his new blog. Good choice! Much better than Blogger for about a dozen reasons.)


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6 responses to “President Obama, the Ground Zero Mosque and a grasshopper named Dennis

  1. Dennis Jones

    Thanks, BFP, for picking up the new blog. I will probably not focus on Barbados so much in a direct way, though I am trying to stay in touch with events there. I’m amenable to subjects that have a wider implication, so feel free to wave ideas in front of my eyes.

    I have always had a WordPress platform, and overall, I like their blogging set up in terms of how one can manage posts and comments, though it’s also very quirky and sometimes hard to navigate. I may need to ask for some technical advice, occasionally.

  2. I agree with you BFP – WordPress far better than Blogger for a lot more than a dozen reasons.

  3. BFP Clive not signed in

    Hi Dennis,

    We’ll keep in touch!

    Cherylang… We see your new blog and hope you do well. Your first report on Parliament indicates that you are an insider somewhere. We are looking forward to hearing more from you.

  4. Thanks BFP, I appreciate it very much. I hope to rise to your high standards.

  5. 113

    Obama for one-term President.
    – remember that in 2012!

    Like many ppl, I thought he would be great
    but in two short years, I’m now entirely anti-
    and now view him with great suspicion!

  6. Slap Happy

    @ Anonymous
    Obama for one-term President.
    – remember that in 2012!

    Why did you say that? Bush messed up the country in his first term. The people then gave him a second term in office. Total= 8 years! Now you are expecting him to fix all problems in 2 years.

    Yes, i don’t think that he will get a second either. My reasoning is that people were looking for instant fixes, instant gratification and they have received nothing that they expected. They want the quick fix and they want it now and if they can’t get they want the next guy in line.