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How many more have to die before Barbados gets modern breathalyzer laws?

Another Two-Bus Crash Injures 22 – Once again Barbados Police cannot determine if drivers had been drinking

Fortunately no one died in Tuesday’s bus crash in Christ Church but 22 people were injured – three seriously enough to be taken to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. (Nation News: 22 hurt in 2 bus crash)

Mass casualty accidents are bound to happen and with big wide buses on our narrow roads we seem to have more than our share of public transit accidents. What never changes is the fact that successive BLP and DLP governments have promised but never acted to provide modern anti-drunk driving laws and breathalyzer testing for drivers suspected of drinking.

Consequently our police have no authority and no tools to curtail drunk driving. Unless a driver is a falling down drunk, there is no law broken in Barbados and even then it is the officer’s word against the driver’s word. Continue reading


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Barbados National Cultural Foundation needs an Oracle Octopus

Opinion by Poetic Jazztice

Some readers of my recent missives may have seen this coming. Some, will say it was inevitable. The reference to “Signs” in my last post was possibly an indicator: I am proposing that authorities at Barbados’ National Cultural Foundation (NCF) contract the internationally acclaimed oracle octopus Paul to help them chart the way forward for that organization.

The apostolic octopus has arguably established “animal divination” as a serious source of guidance in the modern era. The sooth-saying sea creature’s counsel was reportedly sought by a Russian national recently, who offered £100,000 for a prediction!

Therefore, cultural authorities in the third most developed country in the western hemisphere – surpassed only by the United States and Canada, according to Wikipedia – need not worry unduly about such negative publicity as may arise from their resort to this arguably unorthodox measure.

The NCF’s lack of direction is indisputable. Continue reading


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