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Looking for Sam Green or Carl Clark

Dear Barbados Free Press readers,

Please help me locate Sam Green and Carl Clark. My USA Company, Opelika Manufacturing, had a garment factory near the airport in the late 70’s. Sam Green was our plant manager and Carl Clark was our lawyer. I loved my visits to Barbados and would like to make contact with these two fine men! I want to plan a vacation in Barbados and would like to see them again.

Thanks for your time and help in this matter.

Michael Oliver


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Barbados Customs Officers, security cameras and Red Caps. What’s the connection?

“According to today’s Nation – Customs Officers at GAIA are to protest the installation of security cameras in the arrival hall. Well, what do you know? Every Barbadian knows of the collusion between the red caps and the ‘officers’ – so naturally they don’t want their game caught. Let’s wait and see if the government will buckle to corruption once again.”

Sent to BFP by a reader who wishes to remain anonymous

Barbados Customs personnel demand zero accountability and oversight

Customs officers are upset that the newly-installed video cameras at the airport also have audio or eaves-dropping capacity and they are “insulted” that another agency is monitoring them.

We’ve got news for our insulted Customs officers… Continue reading


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