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Time for Affirmative Action legislation in child custody matters

UPDATED: October 10, 2011

It has been four months since I’ve been allowed to see my son. I am supposed to see him every other weekend if I am not away working but there is always some excuse. He’s sick. She’s sick. He has an exam. There is a family birthday for his uncle. He doesn’t feel like going away this weekend. Always something.

I’m out of money and out of options. The court spits on me. I am a wallet and nothing else. That is how society views me and all fathers.

“You want to know why Barbados has so many ill-disciplined, maladjusted young males?  That’s easy – society and the courts arranged for fathers to be viewed as disposable upon the whim of any woman who tires of the father of her children.

On any mother’s word, the man is out of the house alone and is reduced to providing monetary support while begging for an hour here and there with his children – if that 110 pounds of hate will let him see his children at all.”

Gender-based child custody quotas needed to correct anti-father bias in the courts.

Barbados courts (and UK and American courts too) overwhelmingly award custody of children to mothers – not because women are any better at raising children than men, but because of a deep-seated societal prejudice against fathers as reinforced by anti-male family laws. The birth mother might be an illiterate woman of low character who pawns the children off on relatives while she parties with different men every night and the father a hard-working man who cherishes his children: but the father will hardly ever be awarded primary custody.

This anti-father bias has led to a generation of young boys being raised solely by women, and, as any thinking person will agree, mothers alone cannot be teach boys how to be men. Continue reading


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