Without Freedom of Information most government activity is a state secret

“There is no surer mechanism for guaranteeing transparency than a Freedom of Information Act and the various regulations that make it work.  It is long overdue in Anguilla.  Here, it is nearly impossible to obtain any information on the programmes or activities of any department of Anguilla.  Most government activity in Anguilla is a state secret.

It is long overdue that we bring that abortion of a system of government to an end.”

Don Mitchell writing at Corruption-free Anguilla

A shame that our corrupt Barbados politicians have never, and will never, pass Freedom of Information and Integrity Legislation. We recently heard that former BLP secretary and current MP Dr. William Duguid said quite unambiguously that Barbados politicians will never pass such legislation because it is not in their interest.

Quite right, Dr. Duguid. You should know.


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5 responses to “Without Freedom of Information most government activity is a state secret

  1. Atman

    I heard Sinckler say recently that the integrity legislation document should be completed and ready to go before the house either in this calendar year or fiscal year. So let’s see if it does happen by March 31, 2011 the latest. If they fail to do it, I am one bajan who will be definitely voting BLP come next election (Mia as leader or not).

  2. 163

    Did you believe Mia’s much publicised Statement of Assets were a true picture?
    What if they were proved to be not so, would it alter your voting intentions?

  3. Barbados’ Transport Minister remains mum on 3S Flyover Cancellation – Instead pledges to initiate Seaview Terminal by Princess Alice H’way


    EXCERPT …. the Minister makes a continual reference to inertia or inactivity as BLP-centred. Considering how the DLP are now into their 3rd year of running this country into the ground can they really keep blaming any administration far less the BLP or PEP or the long-winded SOMASS-FREEDEM?”