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Without Freedom of Information most government activity is a state secret

“There is no surer mechanism for guaranteeing transparency than a Freedom of Information Act and the various regulations that make it work.  It is long overdue in Anguilla.  Here, it is nearly impossible to obtain any information on the programmes or activities of any department of Anguilla.  Most government activity in Anguilla is a state secret.

It is long overdue that we bring that abortion of a system of government to an end.”

Don Mitchell writing at Corruption-free Anguilla

A shame that our corrupt Barbados politicians have never, and will never, pass Freedom of Information and Integrity Legislation. We recently heard that former BLP secretary and current MP Dr. William Duguid said quite unambiguously that Barbados politicians will never pass such legislation because it is not in their interest.

Quite right, Dr. Duguid. You should know.


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Barbados tourist arrivals up 2.9% – Visitors to St. Lucia up 11.9%

What is the true story about our Tourism statistics?

The Barbados government and the Nation newspaper are joyfully reporting that Barbados visitor arrivals are up 2.9%. That’s wonderful, but then we hear from Adrian Loveridge that St. Lucia long-stay visitors are up 11.9% for the same period.

We also see on the St. Lucia Tourist Board website that American visitors to St. Lucia are up 31.3% during the same time. How did they make that happen? Are we talking apples to apples? Continue reading


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Promises and Lies… Who can tell the difference anymore?

Hey… see the nice lady giving David Thompson a hug? She believed his promises in the DLP’s “Pathways to Progress” 2007 election manifesto. Nice lady, but a sucker like the rest of us. Continue reading


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