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Acting Prime Minister Stuart must speak about those NHC contracts!

My Fellow Barbadians,

You will recall that David Thompson said in the full glare of national television that DLP candidates had signed on to ‘A Code of Conduct’.  Later at their first-year meeting at Holder’s Hill, St. James – Mr. Thompson told Barbadians that DLP Ministers, Candidates and Parliamentarians are: “Squeaky Clean.”

Up steps Freundel Stuart (photo above) and a few weeks ago – as Acting Prime Minister –  Freundel Stuart said that the reason Michael Lashley was not appointed Attorney General, was because it was felt that he was doing a good job a Housing Minister. Alarm bells should have gone off when even die-hard Dems, who heard that allegation – shook their heads in disagreement. Continue reading


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Still not liking the taste of your “new” Pine Hill Dairy milk? Here’s why…

UPDATED: July 6, 2012

The recent trade dispute between Pine Hill Dairy and the government of Trinidad and Tobago is about package labeling – according to the news media.

With the ongoing dispute as a background we thought we’d revisit this article by Dr. Lucas that explains why you still can’t stand the taste of the new stuff, er, milk…

The following article was submitted to BFP by Dr. Robert D. Lucas.

Pine Hill Dairy’s “new” milk

Recently, in the local press, concerns have been raised about the labeling as “Fresh” and the refrigerated storage of ultra-pasteurized milk (UP). Pine Hill Dairy (PHD), in an attempt to address these concerns, placed full-page advertisements in the press. I will now explain the concepts of pasteurization, sterilization and fresh as applied to food products. A critical examination of the PHD advertisement is also given. Continue reading


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