9 kilos of Barbados cocaine seized at Toronto airport, woman arrested

Million dollar drug shipment concealed in 3,000 fabric-covered buttons from Barbados

Canadian Border authorities arrested a woman coming into Canada on July 17, 2010 but just now released the information. We can’t find the name of the woman being held so we don’t know if she is Barbadian, Canadian or something else.

Can any of our readers provide further information?

“Officials from Canadian Border Services became suspicious of the nearly 3,000 large buttons being flown in from Barbados and questioned the woman.

Police later discovered about 9 kg of cocaine, worth roughly $1 million, concealed inside the buttons.”

Here’s a few links…

CTV News: 1 million of cocaine seized at Pearson

Star.com: Woman arrested over cocaine-filled buttons


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4 responses to “9 kilos of Barbados cocaine seized at Toronto airport, woman arrested

  1. permres

    The obvious question to ask is where were the buttons manufactured?

    If here in Barbados, the factory should be easy to locate.

    If not in Barbados, how did the buttons get in, and what did the Canadian authorities do to catch the woman, which the Barbados authorities did not do? In this event, share the information, Canada, and bring our customs officers up to speed.

  2. The Watcher

    My two cents worth on this is that we don’t have the technology around here to pack anything into fabric covered bottons or otherwise for export anywhere.
    I don’t like that characterization which is being made in reference to us that this seizure is that of “Barbados cocaine.”
    We really ain’t that smart! It may have passed through here, but I would be shocked if that were originating from this land and packaged in such an eloquent manner.
    But I like what permres said in their comment. It is 100% fitting.
    Will keep my ears to the ground for further developments.

  3. I got mine from Toronto Sun and asked all my Bajan-Cajuns if they knew but all dunno http://bajanreporter.com/?p=15959

  4. jdid

    din even hear bout um til I read it on Ian site this marnin. she want lossing way in jail. sadly this could also lead to officials at pearson being more stringent in their searches of passengers on Barbados flights. oh well , that sucks but a so it goes sometimes.