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Message in a bottle floats from Barbados to Louisiana

Remembrance Day Stories

Mother’s tribute to her fallen soldier-son

In September of 2009, Private James Prosser was killed in Afghanistan by a roadside bomb. When Christmas came around last year his mother, Sarah Adams, decided that she just couldn’t face spending the holiday at home in the UK so she came to Barbados.

While here in Barbados she wrote a loving message about her lost son James, sealed it into a Sambuca bottle (his favourite drink) and tossed it into the sea. Six months and 1,300 miles later the bottle was picked up off the coast of Louisiana by an oil spill crew. (UPDATE: Some new stories say the bottle was found in Mississippi and provide more details – links below) Continue reading

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9 kilos of Barbados cocaine seized at Toronto airport, woman arrested

Million dollar drug shipment concealed in 3,000 fabric-covered buttons from Barbados

Canadian Border authorities arrested a woman coming into Canada on July 17, 2010 but just now released the information. We can’t find the name of the woman being held so we don’t know if she is Barbadian, Canadian or something else.

Can any of our readers provide further information? Continue reading


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