Joe’s River bridge reopens after expensive rebuild – still lacks pedestrian walkway

After a year or so of major rebuilding the Joe’s River bridge reopened last week. All that money and time spent and now we learn that pedestrians still have to share the bridge with large trucks, buses and fast cars. We also wonder about the environmental damage in the area as covered in our earlier article.

Yup. Same old, same old ’bout hey!

Photo courtesy of The Nation story Bridge Reopens


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9 responses to “Joe’s River bridge reopens after expensive rebuild – still lacks pedestrian walkway

  1. RRRicky

    I cant believe that the govment would spend millions on rebuilding the bridge and not put in a pedestrian walkway! What fools we have “in charge”!!!!

  2. Politically Tired

    A year? they started in January & did very little till the partial collapse in April! Rumour has it there will be traffic lights put up to make it one lane only till the road widening is completed, (yeah right!) its basically the same width as before, which is why I assume no walkway.

    I’ve just had my very old car back after repairs, some caused, I’m told by the mechanic, by constant driving on the bad roads, compensation anyone?!
    Same old same old.

    The Dr road that was used for a period of time by people with 4WD’s & more sturdy cars than mine was blocked after the rains started, now the marl is washing down onto the bridge road with every down pour, a lot over the last 24 hours, wonder how long it will take to sort that out?
    The environmental impact? don’t even start me on that one!

  3. Bosun

    I have been reading the reports of this bridge,and as far as I understand ,the bridge rehab will be carried our in two phase. the first phase is to buttress the bridge, to allow vehicular traffic to flow in a single lane, and the second phase is to widen the bridge allowing two lanes for vehicle and sidewalks for pedestrians.
    If the bridge is to be a single lane for the time being,what so wrong about the use of traffic lights.Isn’t this what the Utilities and MTW suppose to do when they are carrying out repairs that will disrupt the free flow of traffic in one of the lanes?
    Perhaps the bridge should remain close until all of the work has been completed.

  4. Anonymous

    The bridge was rebuilt on original foundations.
    DID it ever occur to you that maybe it simply was not structurally possible to include an overhang of 4 ft. of sidewalk on each side?

    Be realistic.
    Don’t you think Gov’t. would have LOVED to include a sidewalk?

    You will get your sidewalk..
    when the ENTIRE mid-1800s load-bearing,stone structure of the bridge is torn down
    and replaced by a modern 21st.Century steel structure
    at GREAT co$t to YOU the Barbadian taxpayer
    but wunnuh still in de mentality of wanting ervyting ouka Ten Dollars!

    You will get your sidewalks when The Big Oil/GasField Discovery Just Waiting Offshore happens.
    Remember how the BLP promised us that gas-bag? just before they got voted out?
    It was imminent, this alleged discovery offshore.
    Two years later, oil and gas exploration companies are yawning themselves to sleep over this “prospect”
    LOL at Mia et al. for fabricating such a warm and steamy pile!

    When THAT(offshore discovery) happens,
    we’ll have money to burn
    (more than VAT ever generated, LOL if you remember …)

    Until then…no sidewalks for you, sorry.
    Axe Trini,nah!
    His bottomless ATM might lend us ANOTHER few billion to build sidewalks on one lonely country bridge.
    Major priority,neh..

    Champagne taste and mauby money, de nujual story bout hey.

  5. 106

    On the grapevine: MTW engineers, when asked why government didn’t just construct a proper road along the path of the temporary bridge bypass, to bypass the bridge altogether and remove the need for expensive new bridge repairs, the answer was to the effect that having spent all the $$$ on the new gabions and butressing that they would be made to look foolish to build a much cheaper road.

  6. Dis place be Comedy Central!

    Oh 106
    that’s got to be the funniest bit of typical West Indian “administrative humour” I’ve heard in quite some time!

    Lef han doan know whuh right han doing!
    And you expeck the outside worl to tek we serious?

  7. Workarounds beat Solutions? Yup!

    We simply are not solution</b]-oriented.

    We are masters of the eternal workaround workaround workaround
    -but never a real solution.
    We rather do ten workarounds instead.

    I see it all the time

  8. Nationalist

    Perhaps the government should invest in an ex-Royal Engineers Bailey Bridge. Cane be assemble in a matter of hours to take the heaviest vehicle we have and are know to last for years.

  9. Politically Tired

    The bridge widening/pedestrian footpath at Joes River has turned into traffic lights !!

    The road on Horse Hill cracked from one side to the other above St Joseph parish church after the storm, it was a ‘step’ not just a crack, but that’s OK it was filled with marl then covered with ‘tarmac’. The church/cemetery wall had also cracked & dropped, about a 3 – 4″ crack I would estimate by driving past, ( & of course on the other side of the cemetery you have the slipped road of Vaughan’s Road, connected by any chance?) then there’s the road slippage on the first bend below the church, on both sides of the road!! I suppose when this all slips we’ll just go back to driving via East Coast/Parks or St John. Glad I don’t live on Horse Hill.