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Joe’s River bridge reopens after expensive rebuild – still lacks pedestrian walkway

After a year or so of major rebuilding the Joe’s River bridge reopened last week. All that money and time spent and now we learn that pedestrians still have to share the bridge with large trucks, buses and fast cars. We also wonder about the environmental damage in the area as covered in our earlier article.

Yup. Same old, same old ’bout hey!

Photo courtesy of The Nation story Bridge Reopens


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What’s the latest on the problems with the Barbados condominium laws?

Dear Barbados Free Press,

I found your website and your story Only A Fool Would Buy A Condo In Barbados – Canadian In 17th Year Of Barbados Condo Hell through Google when I was searching for a Barbados condominium. Your story is the first non-paid item when looking for condominium laws for Barbados.

Can you inform me if Mr. DeSanti and the other owners mentioned in your story received satisfaction in the end? Did Barbados revise its condominium laws as recommended? Continue reading

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