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Mr. Prime Minister: Where is my Income Tax Refund?

DLP says Barbados economy is in fine shape, just needs some paint

A few days into July last month the DLP held a Media Conference at Illaro Court where it told the country that the economy was “stable.”  Within days of that being said, a former Central Bank Governor made comments that left the entire country puzzled as to which economy was the DLP really referring to, a few days earlier.

Exactly one week after that DLP Media Conference, International Rating Agency Moody’s issued a release on Barbados, that was scary and while it supported the position taken by the former Central Bank Governor, it exposed the DLP’s false hope on the economy. Continue reading


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One medical transcription success story in Barbados!

After publishing our recent story on the failed medical transcription business we received an email alerting us to the fact that one of the American supervisors at the company had a personal success story while in Barbados.

Kathy Rockel came to Barbados looking for a different life and she sure found it!  She ended up falling in love with Henderson Nicholls, a Bajan who follows the Rastafarian faith. They married in Barbados in June of 2009. Continue reading


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