Email protest against Barbados Hilton making the rounds

Online Protest over cancellation of the Show Time Band at the Barbados Hilton

There were rumours flying that the Show Time Band was canceled by the Hilton because too many locals were coming in and enjoying themselves while making the place too lively for the hotel guests and travelers. That might sound improbable to some non-Bajans, but you have to put this into historical context. We’ve been down this road before many years ago.

Today we received the following email that is obviously part of a protest campaign being circulated. We haven’t said who sent it to us because we don’t know if it was their intent to be named. This is third similar email we’ve received from different folks in as many days, so we’ll publish this one and see what our readers think about the matter.

Mr Mathew Mullan, General Manager Barbados Hilton
Mr Mark Welch , F & B Manager Barbados Hilton
Ms Gina Sealey, Sales & Marketing Barbados Hilton

Dear Sirs & Madam,

There is much speculation is making the rounds as to why the Show Time Band was terminated.

As you are aware the Show Time Band performed on Tuesday and Saturday nites, which was patronize by many locals and guest alike. Thus, as a former patron who is in the above age 40 group, I was not deterred by the high prices of the drinks and food, as the prices were reflective of the ambiance.

For many years our tourism agency has appealed to locals via the slogan “Tourism is our business lets play our part”. Thus, we find it surprising that a Hotel which has government share ownership would unceremoniously canceled such a popular show. You must be reminded, that you need not make locals feel alienated as there are social repercussions when locals in countries feel marginalize. Why could not an accommodation have been found?

Can you truly do without the patronage of locals at your Friday and Sunday Buffet? I hope that your organisation does not see itself to big or arrogant to make a public statement to clear the air on this issue.

Curious & Concerned Barbadian

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5 responses to “Email protest against Barbados Hilton making the rounds

  1. Cuthbert Canecutter

    Hilton’s property value will probably go up again without that scum of the earth – if Bajans want a piano bar so badly, then carry their pimply botsies to Lexy’s in Holetown.

    When the show is done, Wayne can score some drugs or a piece of nooks or bots for you too!

  2. Cuthbert Canecutter

    Without that scum of the earth, Jackman, Hilton’s property value will probably go up again – if Bajans want a piano bar so badly, then carry their pimply backsides to Lexy’s in Holetown.

    When the show is done, Wayne can score a spliff or find a piece of nooks or bots for you too!

  3. yatinkiteasy

    Its a pity that the person posting this protest displays such poor grammar.Yhe story, however merits investigation.

    I do not understand what Canecutter is trying to say.

    Could the protest be from someone in the Show Time Band?

  4. The Watcher

    These individuals of the “lighter persuasion” can leave these shores and the Hilton with them in their back pockets if they like.
    Barbadiams HAVE to be free to attend events in Barbados! Simple. They have to learn to behave in a civil manner also. No excuses!
    But it is important to let some of these L-P folks around here know who’s boss of this 166sq mi lot.
    For my one part, they can’t get a dime from me because I have my firm beliefs in the position of tourism relative to our economy.

  5. Anonymous

    i think we do too much talking and not enough physical protest to merit anything. the guy should be fired forthwith, he is a white jackass who still believes that we give a shit about his colour, news out there – we don’t- only what money they bring into our economy