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Email protest against Barbados Hilton making the rounds

Online Protest over cancellation of the Show Time Band at the Barbados Hilton

There were rumours flying that the Show Time Band was canceled by the Hilton because too many locals were coming in and enjoying themselves while making the place too lively for the hotel guests and travelers. That might sound improbable to some non-Bajans, but you have to put this into historical context. We’ve been down this road before many years ago.

Today we received the following email that is obviously part of a protest campaign being circulated. Continue reading


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Barbados Tourism Authority now owns VisiteBarbados.com domain

Last May 31st we told you After 10 years and 9 months of inaction Barbados Tourism Authority pays for a Portuguese language website… but we don’t own it!

It must have been embarrassing to the BTA when a nothing little blog like Barbados Free Press pointed out the obvious: if we the people are paying for a website we should at least own the domain name! The BTA paid who knows how much to create VisiteBarbados.com, but the domain name was registered to Gisele Abrahao of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Well, it looks like the BTA got that little problem solved after we published our article and the domain name has now been transferred to the Barbados Tourism Authority. Continue reading


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