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Barbados Labour Party wants answers from Barbados Free Press

Official Opposition asks Barbados Free Press to reconsider an earlier article

The Barbados Labour Party is requesting that we provide statements on a number of issues raised in BFP’s September 22, 2007 article Drunken Sailor Spending By Barbados Government Will Result In Increased VAT And Other Taxes.

In a story carried today on the official Barbados Labour Party Blog, the Opposition party asks where BFP now stands on a then-predicted increase in VAT and other taxes as well as our accusations of wrong doing against the BLP’s Owen Arthur government.

The Barbados Labour Party also asks if Barbados Free Press is “really for the people or just another DLP mouth piece trying to fool people that you are independent.” Continue reading


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Used books dominate our reading list. What’s on your night table?

At our bedsides: Saigon, Hanoi, media history, weird killer fish, sea stories and romantic vampires

Way back in 2007 we first asked What Books Are On Your Night Stand? and told you what the folks at BFP were reading. At the time there were a few surprises and some perfectly predictable books as well. Auntie Moses was reading “I’d Like To Ask Sister White” and Robert had a book about the creation of the Boeing 747 on his table. What could be more predictable?

As for unpredictable – that would be Cliverton. One of our commenters observed

“Anyone who reads Steven King AND Hilary Beckles is decidedly suspect…”

Have to say that we agree!

Today we’ve asked the question again and discovered as always that life is full of surprises. Unknown to each other, two of our friends are reading books about Vietnam – while Shona has gone over to the dark side. 😉  Continue reading


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