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Arab-Israeli Conflict or Jewish-Muslim Conflict? Whatever it is, can it be solved?

A Barbadian engineer and author proposes some answers

Our blogging friend Grenville Phillips II is a prolific writer and what I’ll call an “activist structural engineer” in the best sense of the term. Whether the subject is the proper installation of rebar when building a home, or politics or religion – he looks at all the factors, identifies the problems, researches and then methodically builds his solutions. Read anything at his Weighed in the Balance blog and you’ll see proof of that.

But Grenville is also a man with a sense of history and humanity – he’s not just a numbers guy. I think it is the combination of structural engineer, historian and teacher with genuine concern for humanity that makes everything he writes so worthwhile. That, and his talent for being able to present his ideas clearly and simply enough to be understood.

Writing under his nom de plume Walter Phillips, he has published two books… Continue reading


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Oh Joy! New issue of The Caribbean Writer on the way

Geoffrey Philp reviews, writes and is reviewed himself

Perhaps Volume 24 of The Caribbean Writer should be called “The Geoffrey Philp Issue” because our favourite Caribbean storyteller’s influence is all over the issue.

“Certainly the new volume from The Caribbean Writer holds many gems, but it’s particularly gratifying to see some St. Somewhere Journal alums included in its pages. Literary craftsman Geoffrey Philp weighs in with a fine example of his poetry chops, as well as his review of “Possession” by Cecil Gray. In turn, Philp’s own book, “Who’s Your Daddy? and other stories”, is reviewed by Edgar O. Lake.”

… from The Digital Calabash article The Caribbean Writer

Feeling like you could use a chuckle this morning?

Even if you’ve read it before, it’s good, it’s short and it will make you laugh! Head over to Geoffrey Philp’s blog and read Bad T’ings Mek Joke: Jamaican Humor


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BLP supporters read The Nation, DLP supporters read The Barbados Advocate – Who reads the Sun?

Scandal in the city…

Thanks to an old friend. Couldn’t help but post it!

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Prime Minister David Thompson returns to lead Barbados Government

“Health challenges remain”, but for now the PM is back in charge

David Thompson and his family arrived back in Barbados on Sunday evening and today it was announced that he’s back in charge. Acting Prime Minister Freundel Stuart returns to his post as Attorney General.

No matter the politics, all Bajans are pleased to see Prime Minister Thompson and his family back on the island after his months away for medical treatment. As we said back in May when the story about the PM’s health broke, “Barbados Free Press joins in prayers for Prime Minister Thompson and his family. We hope his medical troubles turn out to be nothing too serious and that he will be well soon.”

Prime Minister Thompson returns to a fully boiling pot that includes an economy in trouble, the current NHC scandal and the failure of the DLP government to implement any of the major promises of the 2007 election platform.

We’ll give him a week to settle in, but then he’d better be prepared to defend his wicket.

Further Reading

Barbados Advocate Back in Charge


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Blipsterfarian Logic on Glenn Beck, True Blood and the Ground Zero Mosque

We are happy to see that our Jamaican friend Blipsterfarian (Yes. Blipsterfarian “Black+hipster+Rastafarian”) is back with a new blog after letting his old one fade away.

At Blipsterfarian Logic you’ll find an interesting mix of snippets on everything from politics and energy to passa-passa, Mad Men and True Blood.  Not to mention Naomi Campbell and African blood diamonds.

Blipster sometimes reposts other writers or pounds the keyboard himself (OK, he taps, I pound). Today he’s wading into the Glenn Beck “Restoring Honor Rally” discussion with a repost that proclaims…

“Beck and his followers have sought to co-opt Dr. King’s dream and use it for their own nightmarish ends. They can no longer be ignored.” Continue reading


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Barbados Road Safety Association “Are police looking for someone to do their jobs for them?”

BRSA President Sharmane Roland Bowen slams police over call for “Road Safety Czar”

Accident Victim’s Aunt blames Royal Barbados Police Force for failing in their duty

“This is a tragedy that should not have happened.  How many more of our people going to lose their lives before the law enforcement exercise their duty?” … June Straughn, aunt of 17 year old Rossi Straughn – killed while riding in the open back of a truck.

A few days ago Police Inspector Leon Blades, the officer in charge of Traffic Division, admitted to selectively not enforcing a part of the traffic law that just resulted in the needless death of a young man. During the same interview the Inspector called for the establishment of a “Road Safety Czar”.

Barbados Free Press covered the story and said “included in those who aren’t taking road safety seriously enough are members of the Royal Barbados Police Force who fail to enforce the Road Traffic Act.” (Read our previous story Fatal Traffic Accidents: Police admit not doing their job.)

Today the President of the Barbados Road Safety Association also strongly responded to Inspector Blades’ interview – basically telling Blades and his officers to stop whining, and to enforce the traffic laws and show some leadership. Whew! Continue reading


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Hurricane Earl strengthens as new storm forms off Barbados

UPDATED: August 31, 2010 – 9:05am Bridgetown Barbados

Analysts predict Earl might go Cat 5

As of this writing, The US National Hurricane Center website is down. Probably too much traffic.

Drudge Report and Storm Pulse say it’s looking to go Category 5.

Original story…

(click for large)

Is it prayer or wind patterns that keeps Barbados safe from hurricanes?

Hurricane Earl will make for wet Bajan weather for the next couple of days, but our neighbours to the North are taking quite a hit. The US National Hurricane Center says Earl is growing stronger, but the predicted track shows it veering off into the Atlantic well off the eastern USA.

The good news for Barbados is that once again a hurricane missed our home. The bad news is that another storm is forming to the east and there is an 80% chance it will grow into a named storm within 48 hours. Continue reading


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Sunday Telegraph UK steals our story about Tony Blair buying house in Barbados

No attribution to Barbados Free Press as Sunday Telegraph engages in “change a word or two” plagiarism

“Remember… you read it here first folks, and it’s the real gen.”

… from the July 28, 2010 Barbados Free Press story: Exclusive Breaking: Tony Blair purchasing home in Barbados

Sunday Telegraph “Breaks” our Tony Blair buying a house in Barbados story a month after we published it!

Andrew Alderson - Chief Reporter & plagiarizing wanker

Barbados Free Press broke a world exclusive story on July 28, 2010 that former British Prime Minister Tony Blair was looking to purchase a home in Barbados. Our confidential source provided us with many specific details about the Blair’s 13 week quest for a Bajan home – some of which we published and some we didn’t to protect our source.

Within 24 hours our post received thousands of visitors from around the world and about a hundred blogs, websites and even newspapers like India Times picked it up and provided proper attribution to Barbados Free Press for breaking the story.

We also received inquiries about our story from major news agencies including CNN, The New York Times, BBC and… a johnny-come-lately email a month later on August 25, 2010 from Andrew Alderson, Chief Reporter of The Sunday Telegraph. Continue reading


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Barbados government website incorrectly states visitors can bring 200 cigarettes duty free

Welcome to your Barbados vacation… Is there anything else we can do to piss you off upon arrival?

Trip is probably the world’s premier travel website for “been there, done that” advice on destinations and there is some discussion going right now about tourists being ambushed by Barbados Customs.

It seems that the Barbados Government website advises tourists that they may bring 200 cigarettes into the country duty free… but when folks arrive they discover that’s not true and are asked to pay big duties.

The Barbados Government website sets up the tourists with bad information and the Customs people pick ’em off when they arrive. Like shooting fish in de barrel! Continue reading


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What shall we do about the terrible attitudes of Bridgetown shop clerks and government office employees?

Have you ever purchased a train ticket in Belgium or a bottle of rum in Cuba?

by Cliverton

We ‘wild boys’ at Barbados Free Press may have had a drink or three yesterday because it was Friday and because, it was Friday.

Usually by the time the level in the bottle reaches a certain mark on the label we are able to solve huge problems in the world. Two weeks ago we solved the Israel-Muslim conflict in the Middle East. Last Friday we solved the energy crisis in Britain.

Unfortunately though, the details of our solutions seem to vanish the next morning after we sober up, but in the late hours of Friday they sure look viable!

Alas, I hesitate to report that even in our usual state we were stumped last night when we tried to find a solution to the sullen and outright rude persons on this island who are “employed” in positions of service. I say “employed” because so many are drawing their breath and paycheque but do little else. Continue reading


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We know more about Castro’s illness than about Prime Minister Thompson’s health

Video about PM Thompson at the DLP Conference was very odd – most eerily so

by David G. Brooks

The promise of details of the diagnosis went from 2 weeks to 3 and then 4 … nothing materialised. Speculation, after all of this waiting started to be rampant, unfortunate but not unnatural when no material information is forth-coming.

Two (2) months sick leave has now turned into 3 months and that seems to have been extended yet again, and still no word – Bajans (and others) are waiting patiently but how long will that last? Continue reading


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Please visit our friends at… Grasshopper Eyes the Potomac

Click on the banner to visit our friend Denis Jones – who has lived everywhere!

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USA may kick out Barbados mother while child treated for cancer

UPDATED: August 27, 2010 5pm – Good News!

Barbados Mother of Sick Child Told She Can Stay in US

ATLANTA – A mother from Barbados who was being told she may have to leave her critically ill daughter in Atlanta received some good news Friday. Petra Gooding says her immigration attorney got a call Friday morning from immigration. They were told they are working on extending her visa to allow her to stay in the country until November.

full story at Fox 5 News

BFP’s Original story…

Petrah Gooding may have to leave 7 year old daughter alone in USA for treatment

Thousands of illegal immigrants stream into the USA every day from Mexico and the courts and US government bends over backwards to accommodate them. That’s Mexico: this is about Barbados.

Barbados  mother Petrah Gooding applied LEGALLY to take her daughter Niamah, aged 7, for cancer treatment at Atlanta’s Aflac Cancer Centre. The USA gave the mother a nine month visa, while the daughter received 18 months because that is the length of the cancer treatment programme.

Now the USA has told the mother to leave her 7 year old daughter behind and exit the country on September 2, 2010. Continue reading


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Fatal Traffic Accidents: Police Inspector tells how our police are not doing their job

Police admit to not enforcing the law against trucks carrying passengers in the back

The death toll is now two from Tuesday’s head-on collision between two large trucks on St. Luke’s Road, St. George. 17-year-old *Roosi Straughn, who died at the scene, was one of seven passengers carried illegally in the open back of one of the trucks. Yesterday the driver of the that vehicle, Ervine Barker, died of his injuries at Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

Our hearts go out to the family and friends of Roosi and Ervine. We hope they will find peace and also fondly remember the precious time they had with their loved ones. When we lose friends suddenly like this we are all reminded that a person never knows the day or the hour when they might be called home, so we should enjoy each moment and do our best in everything while we can.

With that in mind, we have to comment that our police have not been doing the best that they can to prevent accidents and save lives. The statements by Police Inspector Leon Blades in today’s Nation are proof enough of that. Continue reading


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Has Barbados Health Minister Donville Inniss truly left the porn industry behind?

The pornography industry enslaves

by BFP reader Gloria

Recently I read the Nation opinion piece by Fabianna Alexander about porn not good for children and it reminded me of something that Mia Mottley claimed about Health Minister Inniss during the last election campaign.

Mia Mottley claimed that in 2001 Donville Inniss managed a company that operated a porn internet website. She said that Inniss “resigned” from the company some 10 months after being confronted with his involvement in the pornographic industry.

Did Minister Innis really divest himself from the prono industry in 2002? I have my doubts. Continue reading


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Countdown begins for promised Spring Garden Highway pedestrian access

Transport Minister Boyce promises a safe crossing, but how many more will die before it’s built?

On Sunday July 11, 2010, Errol Briggs was struck by an auto and killed as he tried to cross Spring Garden Highway from the beach. Many will agree with us that he died because like thousands of his fellow citizens every week, Briggs was forced to play Russian roulette on the highway – just for a sea bath.

Errol Briggs died because for the last 20 years successive governments have been walling off access to the sea for ordinary Bajans. Whether faced with a wall of condos or a dangerous highway, the result is the same for citizens and visitors who want to enjoy the beach.

What use is a tiny break between condos when there is nowhere to park? What use is a wide open beach when there is no pedestrian walkway from the community and an unbroken line of traffic is shooting by at highway speed? What did the stupid Town Planners think would happen when they allowed the highway at Spring Garden and made no provision for the community to cross to the beach? Continue reading


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Please visit our friends at… Leave Islam

If you have decided to leave the Muslim religion or if your family is threatening you, click on the banner to visit Leave Islam Safely. They have been there. They are former Muslims who can help and advise and provide safe houses.

If you are thinking of leaving Islam, be wary, be careful. Do not tell your Muslim friends or family. The Qur’an commands your death for leaving Islam (4:89 calls for the murder of renegades from the faith).

Visit Leave Islam where you will find Muslims who have made the journey. They can help you.


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Conde Nast Traveler publisher chides Barbados Coastal Zone Management for disappearing beach

Disappearing Mullins Beach

“Now, there are only impassable boulders, sea walls, and crashing surf.”

One of the world’s most respected travel magazine publishers has posted an online article about the disappeared beach at Mullins Bay, Barbados. The article also includes a photo that is a little different than typically shown in Barbados travel brochures. Instead of the vast expanse of sand still shown in those glossy advertisements for package deals, the photo shows the truth: rocks, little sand and trees about to fall into the water. The beach is gone. Continue reading


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