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Jdid all upset: Toronto Anglican Church gave Communion to Dog and non-Christian

Join the buffet line for Holy Communion!

Our friend Jdid left Barbados many years ago for the cold and snow of Toronto, but apart from the occasional complaint on his Doan Mind Me blog about harsh weather he seems happy with his home away from home. Last time we looked he had a good woman and a little one just arrived and we hope the Lord continues to bless Jdid and his family.

And speaking of the Lord, Jdid’s latest article weighs in on a story out of Toronto where an Anglican priest gave a communion wafer to a dog and a non-believer. Continue reading


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Barbados borrows big – Government celebrates but had to pay top rates for a loan

Barbados just borrowed another US$200 million dollars through a private bond placement with the Deutsche Bank and as normal the government is bragging in the press about how borrowing money is a wonderful accomplishment and something to be proud of.

As for me, I always thought it meant that the family was in trouble if we had to borrow money to buy food and pay for electricity. Borrowing to invest in business or making your house worth more is one thing – borrowing to buy food is another.

Let’s look at how the loan is reported in the Bajan news media, and then in the world financial press. Both perspectives are probably true, but the government’s position reminds me of the old school song “Think happy thoughts”… Continue reading


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