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Hazard to Turtles along the South Coast Boardwalk – Help needed

Government all talk and no action to save turtle hatchlings – Will you help?

by Lani Edghill – Environmental Planner & Green Business Barbados Coordinator for the Future Centre Trust

I live on the beach in Hastings to the western end of the new boardwalk. We are currently in the middle of turtle nesting season and at least 25-30 nests are located on the beach to the east of where I live (in front of where the old Ocean View Hotel used to be). The boardwalk bisects this beach and as a result a ditch was formed on the land side of the boardwalk. Not only is it a hazard to nesting turtles and hatchlings but also to children who could fall and hurt themselves.

As part of being an ethical planner, even if it is not my job, I see it as my duty to bring these issues to light in the public forum. In addition it is also important that I work with relevant stakeholders to ensure that partnerships are forged in order to move the coordination process forward.

In an attempt to mitigate this issue I contacted Dr. Julia Harrocks who is the coordinator for the Barbados Sea Turtle Project at the University of the West Indies and Dr. Lorna Inniss deputy director of the Coastal Zone Management Unit. Continue reading


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Adrian Loveridge: New American Airlines Dallas to Barbados flight is a game changer!

Will Barbados follow-up aggressively on this opportunity?

The recent announcement of a new direct non-stop service from Dallas to Barbados with American Airlines, scheduled to start on 16th December is more good news and offers tremendous opportunities for our tourism industry.

According to the DFW Airport Board, Dallas/Fort Worth handled over 56 million passengers last year from 175 destinations. 60 per cent of these passengers were connecting from other cities. The greater metropolitan area of Dallas is the largest in the south and the fourth highest population on any similar urban area in the United States, boasting over 6.5 million residents (source: US Census Bureau).

But even with these impressive statistics, it could well prove that our biggest marketing tool will be beyond this new gateway. Continue reading

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