Barbados cowboy (or cowgirl!) competes in North Star Stampede Rodeo, Minnesota

Someone from Barbados competed last weekend in the 55th annual North Star Stampede in Effie, Minnisota.

That’s all we can tell you because we’re not subscribers to the Herald-Review, so we only see this teaser online and can’t see the whole article. We don’t know if the Bajan is mentioned by name…

In spite of a wet summer and 1.7 inches of rain on the weekend, near record crowds braved the moisture and the mud to attend the 55th annual North Star Stampede in Effie.

Cowboys and cowgirls from Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota, Illinois, Iowa, Oklahoma, Arizona, Ontario, Canada and Barbados paid an entry fee for the privilege of competing at the famous North Star Stampede and the hopes of winning one of the trophy buckles and the all-around saddle as well as some of the prize money.

… from the Herald Review article 55th annual North Star Stampede excites large audiences.

Who’s the Bajan Cowpoke?

Somebody out there must know the identity of our mysterious cowboy or cowgirl from Barbados. Can anyone supply information or photos?

North Star Stampede photo courtesy of Virtual North Woods. Visit their website for polo photos too! (I did not know anyone played polo in Minnesota.)

Rodeo website:


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  2. Anonymous

    Dave Roach from Bridgetown, Barbados was entered in the bull riding at the North Star Stampede. He bucked off in about 4 seconds.