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Barbados sells $200 million of 7% notes in private placement. What does this mean?

Calling Dennis Jones… Barbados borrows another $200 million.

A long time BFP reader sent us the following little news item and we aren’t financially sophisticated enough to say much about it, except to note that the sale of the Barbados notes was a “private placement” and the yield is 7.2 percent, which seems a tad high to us for this type of thing.

So Barbados just borrowed another $200 million (US?) dollars at 7% or thereabouts (plus commission?).

Is our resident economist Dennis Jones still around? His latest article (published yesterday) is about the state of our foreign reserves.

Dennis, can you comment on this transaction please? Continue reading


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David Comissiong gets it right about frivolity, entertainment and Barbados history

Remember our history – but do more than take grants and stage photos!

Photo courtesy of The Nation: Trevor Prescod at the monument in Golden Square. Prescod is probably remembering how his organisation’s carelessness and neglect destroyed thousands of irreplaceable historical documents last year.

I don’t know about you folks, but by this point in time I usually need a break from the constant late nights and too much drink. The big party seems to start earlier and end later every year – or it could be that I’m getting a little older and can’t handle it like I used to.

For whatever reason I was receptive to the message by David Comissiong in today’s Nation newspaper that we should stop the party when Emancipation Day rolls around. Continue reading


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