Hello USA Today readers!

USA Today links to Barbados Free Press story about Harlequin’s Buccament Bay Resort

For the second time in the last few months a Barbados Free Press story is featured at USA Today’s website so we’re saying “hello” to a few hundred new visitors who wouldn’t normally drop by. The Harlequin lawsuit against Irish contractor Padcraig O’Halloran is gathering a whole lot of interest here at BFP and around the world and a good measure of that interest is fueled by allegations that Mr. O’Halloran stole money to keep a woman happy.

We have two articles posted about the case…

Buccament Bay Resort: Harlequin alleges fraud, unsafe materials use against Padraig (Paudie) O’Halloran, ICE Group & Femme Fatale


Buccament Bay intrigue: Harlequin’s star witness a fraud?

I think that the first time USA Today linked to us was with our July 31, 2009 article USA Today Picks Up On Barbados Free Press Corruption Article – Hit Meter Goes Wild! That article received several thousand visits from USA Today readers at the time. Perhaps our new USA Today visitors might be interested also.

So welcome folks… have a look around the place and we’ll pour you a Banks beer or a rum. Will that rum be straight up or with a little ice an Coke?


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5 responses to “Hello USA Today readers!

  1. The Mirage

    Congratulations BFP!
    This ICE Group, which also includes Cellate Caribbean is in serious trouble. From a PR point of view anyway. I doubt too many clients or professionals in the industry would want to be associated with them until this dark cloud clears, when ever that is going to be. I would want to be certain (in the interest of Barbados’s good name) that ALL of the non-nationals employed by ICE/Cellate and residing in Barbados have the necessary and valid work permits, can you ask a question?

  2. Fair Minded

    It would be interesting to know how many Barbadians are employed by Cellate Caribbean. It is important in these trying economic times that we preserve as many jobs as possible and that innocent Bajans do not lose their jobs and suffer because of what appears to be personal wrangling between Harlequin and Miss Young on one hand and Cellate Caribbean on the other.
    Let the courts decide who is right and who is wrong.

  3. lee lawson

    hello i actually worked for cellate for a short period of time as construction supervisor until they pushed me out of a job ,i live in england u,k .. what do you need to know about permits i have all the answers .

  4. Want to say goodbye to her

    Mrs. Trish Devoni Young Hinds nee Patricia Devonish Young is a fruad and I do not know how come she has gotten away with so much so long, can’t the police or Barbados government send her back to Britain, she only got papers thru her parents and now married to a know criminal.

  5. Someone else being fooled again,

    Mrs. Trish Devoni Young Hinds a.k.a Wifey and husband Troy Hinds a.k.s African in trouble with the Law for keeping parties in a residential area and now she open a bar & Restaurant name the Swing Bridge Bar and restaurant, lets see how long that last cause she do not like to pay her bills.