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Source: MP’s custom suits, casual clothes purchased in Miami with election funds or tax dollars

DLP Politicians in Miami “Went wild at shopping and partying…”

“Custom made dress shirts at almost US$100 each”

Immediately after winning the January 2008 election, groups of DLP Members of Parliament were rotated through a week in Miami ostensibly to familiarise themselves with our consulate operations in that city.

That was the public story. The truth was something else… Continue reading


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Hello USA Today readers!

USA Today links to Barbados Free Press story about Harlequin’s Buccament Bay Resort

For the second time in the last few months a Barbados Free Press story is featured at USA Today’s website so we’re saying “hello” to a few hundred new visitors who wouldn’t normally drop by. The Harlequin lawsuit against Irish contractor Padcraig O’Halloran is gathering a whole lot of interest here at BFP and around the world and a good measure of that interest is fueled by allegations that Mr. O’Halloran stole money to keep a woman happy.

We have two articles posted about the case… Continue reading


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