Wikileaks – tens of thousands of secret war docs on internet show betrayal by “moderate” Muslim allies

Pakistan Intelligence Agency actively assisting Afghan Taliban

Pakistan receives over a billion US dollars every year in aid from the USA alone, yet its intelligence service meets regularly with Taliban soldiers and terrorists to guide their actions, including assassinations of Afghan government members.

That is just one of the revelations in a treasure trove of tens of thousands of stolen US military and intelligence services documents that have been posted at

The New York Times, The Guardian and the German magazine Der Spiegel were provided with the documents weeks ago and today have their stories up in coordination with WikiLeaks. The owner of WikiLeaks has been on the run from various authorities for a month now.

If you only learn one thing from the WikiLeaks revelations, learn this:

Long before Osama Bin Laden declared “the pious caliphate will start from Afghanistan”, scholars of Islam (both Muslim and non-Muslim) knew that worldwide Islamic government called the Caliphate is the ultimate goal of Islam. (See Daniel Pipes article here.)

Whether by war, deceit, terror, creeping stealth Jihad, sabotage, political or social activism at all levels – the complete domination and submission of the world is the goal of Islam. Hundreds of millions of followers support this goal actively or passively.

If you learn nothing else from the betrayals of so-called “moderate” Muslims as they secretly support terrorists and their goals, learn this: World War III is well in progress.


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9 responses to “Wikileaks – tens of thousands of secret war docs on internet show betrayal by “moderate” Muslim allies

  1. ninemikemike

    “World War III is well in progress.”

    Absolutely – and it is time the sheeple woke up to this fact.
    Barbados is no different to Europe in this regard – you can see the ingress of these alien, stone-age disciples wherever you go. How did they get here? Check the politicians’ bank accounts, and you will find they are/have been selling their nation’s safety and security. The cancer eats from within.

  2. AL

    More of this my dogma is better than your dogma foolishness.
    If you could be bothered to read the entire article you might realise that a small percentage of these claims are taken seriously by military officials and that small percentage is also taken with a grain of salt. Please try to read more than just the headlines.

    Also apparently the good ‘christian’ forces are not necessarily angels.
    “WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange promised Monday that the release of documents _one of the largest unauthorized disclosures in military history – was just the beginning.

    Assange told reporters in London that some 15,000 more files on Afghanistan were still being vetted by his organization.He said he believed that “thousands” of U.S. attacks in Afghanistan could be investigated for evidence of war crimes, although he acknowledged that such claims would have to be tested in court.

    “It is up to a court to decide really if something in the end is a crime,” he said.

    Assange pointed in particular to a deadly missile strike ordered by Taskforce 373, a unit allegedly charged with hunting down and killing senior Taliban targets. He said there was also evidence of cover-ups when civilians were killed, including what he called a suspiciously high number of casualties that U.S. forces attributed to ricochet wounds.” via Huffington Post

    But please don’t let facts and logical thought cloud your opinions.

  3. What will they think of next

    This belief that Americans are the good guys is a nice lie.

    Read the Book “The Blood Of Government. Race, Empire, The United States and The Philippines by Paul A. Kramer

    Here is an excert:-
    W. T. Waller , following Filipino revolutionaries’ successful surprise attack against U.S. soldiers at Balangiga on the Island of Samar, to make reprisals against the entire population of the Island. ” I want no Prisioners” he had ordered. “I wish you to kill and burn.” Smith ordered “All persons killed who are capable of bearing arms in actual hostilities against the United States.” When Waller had asked the General for clarification, Smith stated that he considered any person over the age ten “capable of bearing arms.” The interior of Samar must be made “a howling wilderness!” The direct result of these instructions was systematic destruction and killing on a vast scale. One Marine wrote home that he and his comrades were “hiking all the time killing all we came across.” Another later revealed that “we were to shoot on sight anyone over the age of 12 years, armed or not, to burn everything in sight and to make the Island of Samar a howling widerness.”

    Of recent times the Americans were accused of water boarding. That method of torture was started in the Philipines by American forces only then it was called “Water cure”.

  4. BFP


    We never said the Americans were incapable of war crimes or are always the good guys. What we said is that World War III started some time ago. Jihad against the infidels. Jihad that is religiously driven.

    For a fair comparison of American war crimes vs. Japanese war crimes in WWII read “Flyboys” and you’ll find the American atrocities in the Philippines were well documented in the American media of the day. People were horrified when it came out that American troops were ordered to shoot children and did so in vast numbers.

  5. What will they think of next

    You said that the Americans atrocities were well documented, but they were not not well known. The Americans imposed strict military censorship just like they are doing today. The news which was reported was through leaks just as they are coming to light through “Wikileaks” at present.

    The military knew that such information would outrage ordinary Americans so they tried their effort best to keep the truth from being known. Just like now. They are not regretting what they have done, they just regret that it has become public knowledge.

    In the Philippines when the prisons were becoming full the orders went out from the American high command ” to take no more prisioners” even when white flags were raised by the Philippinos they were mowed downed by the thousands, men, women and children. The Americans spared no one.

  6. Spare Me the bollocks

    “What will they think of next” should read Flyboys and see the 1899 to 1903 copies of the US newspapers coverage of the Philippine massacres before spouting off shite about censorship.

    When the american citizens saw drawings and read the stories they were outraged. Read the papers of the day before you talk shite.

  7. Spare Me the bollocks

    try a little research on the internet before you claim a coverup. Start a wikipedia if you want. you can see the New York papers there:

    General Jacob H. Smith’s infamous order “KILL EVERY ONE OVER TEN” was the caption in the New York Journal cartoon on May 5, 1902. The Old Glory draped an American shield on which a vulture replaced the bald eagle. The bottom caption exclaimed, “Criminals Because They Were Born Ten Years Before We Took the Philippines”. Published in the New York Journal-American, May 5, 1902.

  8. What will they think of next

    Here is another excert:-

    “Little if anything of the cruelties of the war became known to the US public prior to early 1902, in part due to rigorous censorship of foreign correspondents by the US Army. By mid-1902, however, the American press-particularly democratic and Independent papers- became more emboldened particularly as Editors learned of General Bell’s “reconcentration” program in Batangas, some critical press attention was due to the energetic efforts of Anti-Imperialists like Herbert Welsh, who resourcefully culled for Republican references to the “water Cure”(renamed modern day “waterboarding”)and other Atrocities in hometown newspaper and sent agents to interview returning soldiers first hand. they were published as a Pamphlet “Marked Severities” in Philipines warfare” a compilation by Moorfield Storey and Julian Codman of descriptions of US ATROCITIES.”

    The Blood of Government. Race, Empire, The United States and The Philipines.
    By Paul A. Kramer

    Spare me the bollocks tell me again when the American people outraged. Also you dirty mouth needs washing out.

  9. bajankid

    america will not be spared, even if they (americans) themselves forget atrocities that they carried out. How different is it for a Nazi officer to claim that he was only following orders, compared to an american saying the same. I recall an article where the writer was detailing communication between bombers and command in Iraq. The pilot radioed that they had encountered an unarmed group of civilians, comprised of men and boys. The person in command gave the order to kill all of them, and in the back ground of the radio the pilot(s) could be heard laughing.