Ordinary Bajans in the way of profiteering… they never had a chance.

Big shots hoped subservient Bajans would move into little boxes while millions were made from their homes

It looks to us like the Methodist Church got together with some land speculators, developers and government types to toss some ordinary folks off land where they’d lived for generations.

But guess what? All these years the church said they owned the land but they haven’t the paperwork to show title. They just said they owned it, sold it to the developer and kicked families out of their homes where they’d lived for a hundred years. We’d love to hear the Methodist and government side of the story, but right now that’s the way it looks to us.

Why isn’t this an issue in the Bajan press? Cha! You mek sport!

Some of our friends are covering the story and you should read it all…

“It was not supposed to be like this but something happened on the way to St. Peter’s Avenue – the five matchboxes hastily constructed to house the people who for generations lived on the land adjacent to the St. Peter’s Bay condo project. In a plan that could have only been hatched in hell between the developers of St. Peter’s Bay and the Methodist Church the Dark Hole hamlet in Road View was supposed to have been destroyed by now to make way for luxury real estate for foreign trust fund types and the uber-rich and the uber-cool.”

“Word on the street is that despite refusing for years to sell the land to the people who lived on it for generations, but apparently jumping at the offer they could not refuse from St. Peter’s Bay, it turns out that the Methodist church had no papers showing clear title to the land.”

… from the Road View Amped story Something Happened On The Way To St. Peter’s Avenue

Mullins Bay Blog says this about the five families…

“As far as The Nation, the Methodist Church and Jada are concerned, these nameless, faceless souls are but bit-players, mere objects in an “ongoing purchase transaction” between the Methodist Church and the developers of St. Peter’s Bay. I suppose when you reduce people in this way it makes it easier to get rid of them.

When was the last time in our history where money, religion and power joined hands in such a diabolical union of objectification and marginalization? Oh yes, how can we ever forget? It was 175 years ago when our forefathers and foremothers were slaves on the plantation, numbers on a balance sheet, and soul-less demons to be subjugated. That this is happening again in Barbados…”

from the Mullins Bay Blog story NationNews.com Runs Another Infomercial For St. Peter’s Bay


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3 responses to “Ordinary Bajans in the way of profiteering… they never had a chance.

  1. Green Monkey

    Wunna does doan’ read the Bible? I sure I was reading in the Bible that Jesus one time told his disciples, “Suffer the land speculators and developers to come unto me, for I like to turn a fast shekel as much as the next guy,…..er, I mean god.”

  2. ninemikemike

    “Why isn’t this an issue in the Bajan press? Cha! You mek sport!”

    Quite, BFP – and I see this important issue has garnered one lonely comment, while your ill-advised rabble rousing rubbish about Microsoft removing a black man from an ad for the Polish market got at least 27 the last time I looked. I see now you have removed that unworthy little item altogether.

    We have some way to go to interest Bajans in what actually should be of concern to them, rather than polishing shoulder chips and historical grievances.

  3. Mathilde

    nothing new here, when they run out of beach land they will start moving inwards, already doing so, half my neighborhood owned by Canadian and British people that come stay a few weeks a year. You see the prices of all the new neighborhood developments (Vuemont for example)? What normal Bajan can afford those prices? For a modest 3 bedroom house too!
    They will gobble up the whole island, pushing land prices so high we will have to move to St Vincent and they will make us a ferry to bring us over to work as servants during the day… just like St Barths