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We’re so proud of Tamesha Warren!

Bajan’s run ends at Top Chef DC, new challenges beckon.

Time Magazine as disappointed as we are that Tamesha was cut…

After six episodes of Top Chef DC, our sweetheart Tamesha Warren was sent home in the “cold plate” contest – but her cold scallops with pickled rhubarb, cilantro and basil with rhubarb jus looked wonderful to us. The judges said it was too spicy for their taste, but what do they know except boring? Time Magazine’s James Poniewozik agrees with us that Tamesha should have stayed… Continue reading


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Michael Winner talks about Paradise Beach, Simon Cowell and Barbados Free Press

Death Wish film director lets loose on “bizarre saga” of Four Seasons Resort and a lot more

There can be no dispute that our old friend Michael Winner loves Barbados – and not just the West Coast / Sandy Lane crowd either. We’ve seen him pass through places like er, Grape Hall, and he’s usually smiling away in the passenger seat like he’s just had a tonic and gin… or five. Sometimes he waves at folks in much the same manner as Queen Elizabeth in a motorcade. We wave back. Like we said, Michael Winner loves Barbados and we get a kick out of him too.

Mr. Winner has been following what he describes as the “bizarre saga” of the on-again, off-again Four Seasons / Paradise Beach development and has just published a tell-all about the project in the Telegraph. It’s a wonderful and fun read with a few secrets and private quotes thrown in here and there.

Here’s a list of some of the folks he talks about… Continue reading


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