Buccament Bay Resort: Harlequin alleges fraud, unsafe materials use against Padraig (Paudie) O’Halloran, ICE Group & Femme Fatale


Merricks Beach Resort developer says O’Halloran stole funds to woo woman with jet set lifestyle!

It’s quite a story coming forth in Caribbean and Irish courts. Harlequin Property CEO David Ames is alleging that Padcraig O’Halloran, Managing Director of the ICE Group, diverted “significant sums” of project funds to O’Halloran’s girlfriend. Diamonds, chartered jets, a home at Sandy Lane, Barbados – apparently nothing was too good for Suzanne Floyd, or so say the court documents.

Sorry folks, but I love it when the Gulfstream crowd self-destructs via over-spending, over-indulging or that old standby, a femme fatale.

A former employee of Mr O’Halloran’s, Trisha Young, said in an affidavit the “key motive behind the siphoning off of funds was to continue to enable his beloved girlfriend Suzanne Floyd to live her lavish lifestyle”.


Mr Ames’s companies – Harlequin Property (SVG) Ltd and Harlequin Hotels and Resorts Ltd – have brought their proceedings arising from their engaging two companies of Mr O’Halloran’s – ICE Group (SVG) Ltd and Cellate Caribbean (SVG) Ltd – in 2008 to complete the construction of a multimillion-dollar development in Buccament Bay in St Vincent and the Grenadines. Mr Ames claims more than $52 million was provided to ICE and Cellate but Mr O’Halloran diverted and misappropriated significant sums.

… from the IrishTimes.com article Caribbean firms allege developer stole hotel funds

“The Rt. Hon. Stephenson King, Prime Minister of St Lucia, visited the Buccament Bay Beach Resort last week and met Padcraig O’Halloran, Managing Director of the ICE Group, who is in charge of the construction of the development. The Prime Minister said he was impressed by the quality and standard of the workmanship and was excited about Harlequin Hotels & Resorts development at The Marquis Estate in St Lucia.”

… from the October 2008 Harlequin Properties Newsletter (PDF)


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79 responses to “Buccament Bay Resort: Harlequin alleges fraud, unsafe materials use against Padraig (Paudie) O’Halloran, ICE Group & Femme Fatale

  1. harlequin investor

    This is a Harlequin cover up. Dave Ames’ hotel Ponzie scheme is ready to collapse. These newspapers should conduct a bit of a background check. Talk to Harleqin investors who have been waiting on their properties for years now. Check on Mr. Ames’ property investments in Dubai which tanked last November and started the disintegration of his house of cards. Dave Ames has no money to finish his resort. Wait and see…

  2. Eyes Open

    Is the Trisha Young mentioned in this article the same Trisha Young who is presently before the Barbados courts on a fraud charge.

    She is charged with stealing almost $22,000 from her former employee Cable & Wireless.

    Having read the Irish Times article it seems that Miss Young has an axe to grind. Can we believe Miss Young now or is this more dishonesty on her part?

    Seems like there is a lot more than the mortar in the pestle on this one.

  3. Lime Workmate

    Trisha like she find another victim. This woman is one of the smoothest con artist I have met in my entire life. Nothing that she says should be taken at face value.

    She left such a trail of destruction at Cable & Wireless that staff coined a phrase when there was any hint of dishonesty. “You like you doing a Devoni”

    NB: See the Nation Newspaper of September 28 2005 the court pages.

  4. Burnt

    The attached link to Investors Chronicle gives bloggers some more information about David Ames ponzi schemes across the Caribbean.


  5. Sympathetic

    And checkout this story from the Daily Express as well.

    When are our governments in the Caribbean going to stop brown nosing to these con men that use other people’s hard earned money to rape our countries and make a killing for themselves.


  6. caveat emptor

    Buyer beware, Dave Ames is in the news again. Surprisingly, this time as a claimant. In light of the numerous investors that are suing him for property investments that have not materialised years later, one can only come to the logical conclusion that this is another Dave Ames smoke and mirror show to deflect investors from the fact that Harlequin has failed to complete even one resort. This is a fact. Sell that Mr. Ames.

  7. ingorance

    Just the other day I met Simon Taylor from Harlequin on a Liat flight to St. Vincent. Not only was he ignorant enough to hit on me and make rude comments even after realizing I was a married woman, he claimed that he was buying Sam Lord’s Castle. I did not even know it was for sale. I returned home to confirm it was not. A little research on the internet confirmed my impression of the type of people at Harlequin. To see they have teamed up with Devoni Young is no surprise.

  8. Question Time

    What is the status of Trisha Young’s case. I am told her real name is Tricia Devonish not Devoni. How many times can a person get away with fraud in Barbados. What is the DPP doing with regard to this person.

  9. Tony Smith

    It seems the last 5 blogs must be from Ms. Young, too much information of a personal nature, anyhow you should turn up to the courts, if you have nothing to hide then tell the judge your story, and stop trying to avoid the courts in relation to the Cable and Wireless case aswell.
    A true friend from lime must be a very true friend indeed as you seem to know so much, I say the same for a Bajan and A Bajan too,
    Do not hide behind the blogs, come out of your house and come to the court, tell the judge the truth and if what you say is correct then you will have the last laugh.

  10. familar with Devoni


  11. BFP

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  12. caribbean voice

    I hope investors learn from this; you don’t need foreign companine as contractors, maybe consultants. They are too many great construction companys
    In the caribbean.

  13. voice or reason

    All these companines do is over pay ex-packs and under pay the local workers
    And most of the time, ex-packs don’t know to half the work they claimed to be
    “Qualified” for…at the end of this saga both companys are tarnished and future investors
    Will not “trust” these companys. So its downhill for both companys from here, the smaller company
    Will feel it more…

  14. eyes on you

    Stand up and be a man fight your battle you spent $52m dollars of investors money that is the case Miss Young did not spend that money she is not the one on trial she has her own crosses to bear. How in gods name can any other investor trust you.You are ruined lick your wounds and call it a day.Mr O’halloran the respect is gone.

  15. eyes on you

    Fight your battle you spent $52m dollars of investors money that is the case Miss Young did not spend that money she is not the one on trial she has her own crosses to bear. How in gods name can any other investor trust you.You are ruined lick your wounds and call it a day.Mr O’halloran the respect is gone.

  16. Cowboy Contractor

    Dear Mr. O’halloran,
    ICE Group

    In the two or three short years you have been here in Barbados you have seen it fit to belittle and insult Barbadians and Barbadian companies. You have taken a swipe at almost every ligitimate businessman involved in the local construction and property development industry. It is alleged you may have also attempted to threaten some of them physically, is that true?

    One prominent businessman involved in the construction industry is alleged to have told you months ago you will get lock up or put out of Barbados. Those words seem to be inching closer to reality now, do you agree.

    You know nothing of Barbados or Barbadians and your attitute stinks generally that is why your former staff members and some present ones are assisting Dave Ames as co-operative witnesses in the UK case.

    I have lost count of how many people like you have made the front pages of the local papers over the years, are you next, what are the odds?

    I would leave before you get yourself in waters too deep to stand in.

  17. Tony Smith

    I have been looking at the last few posts and I am amazed at the comments made by some, is it not up to a court to decide the outcome of a case? It seems that Mr. O Halloran is already guilty in the eyes of some here. I am a UK national and have been living on the island on and off for over 10 years now, I love the island and its people however I am saddened by the comments made by some.
    We tend to follow and believe those who profess to have money, and in forums like this for some reason we do not identify ourselves but we do make accusations before the fact,
    This can be demonstrated by BFP above where all the posts came from the 1 person.
    I have read the stories in the paper too and I have noted that all we have for the time being are allegations, we are not aware if these are founded are unfounded at this stage as we have yet to hear the other side of the story.
    I wonder if “Cowboy Contractor” would like to identify himself.
    Why should international companies leave until they too have their day in court.
    I was reading with interest the blogs earlier on Johnson International and now that they are gone we see so many comments about how bad they were.

  18. Tony Smith

    I would like to add, The woman Trisha Young is mentioned so often in these blogs and it appears from the lead article that she is a pivotal witness in these proceedings, I see no where yet where ICE have attacked her, I have read her assertion of events, and await ICE groups, I see too that once again Harlequin have been mentioned, The world Wide web is full of stories and articles about this company too, some positive and some negative.
    Is this forum going to be used as a way to attack each other without having evidence or fact?
    And to do this anonomously. I have had the pleasure of meeting both Mr. O Halloran and I believe “Cowboy Contractor” and I have found them both to have been decent gentlemen.
    Ms. Young is entitled to her day in court, so too are Harlequin and ICE.
    And cowboy contractor too has seen his fair share of controversy.
    But I think we should let the justice system take its course and not to be seen to pre-judge any of the parties whether it be ICE, Ms Young are Harlequin.

  19. Trimble Tree

    Tony Smith, first things first, ICE Group is NOT an international company so much as a collection of smoke and mirrors arranged on the local lanscape by foreigners. Visit http://www.ice-gp.net and have a good lock around and try drilling down to some real information on the company, its directors and shareholders.

    This ICE Group is a front for something, time will tell exactly what, of that I am certain. The things that come out of Paudie’s mouth cannot be described as anything less than bizarre and sometimes down right stupid.

    Below is a list of companies he said he either bought or was in the process of buying, one assumes with his alleged ill gotten gains:

    1. Arawak Cement 2. C.O.Williams Group, 3. Williams Industries, 4. Innotech 5. JADA, 6. RWA Architects, 7. Carters 8. Preconco 9. Gillespie & Steele, 10. Rayside Construction and Rotherley

  20. A little more background

    The Harlequin project in Barbados has been the subject of many queries since it began – and indeed it seemed to be a con setup even then. It was interesting to note that the project was never offered as a project for sales to any of the local real estate companies (maybe to avoid any questions being asked) and was only marketed online, and primarily for the British/UK market. The developers – Harlequin – claimed to own the land in St Philip, advertised a ‘private beach’ – neither of which were true at the time – and anytime a potential investor would come to the island, they would be trotted out to the proposed location for development, shown around and returned to their hotel. Occasionally the foreign media would make some enquiries, but there was little information available locally on this development…it was all very shady.

    However, this is not the first, or I am sure the last time that local or international developers have taken advantage. When things seem to be good to be true, they usually are.

  21. St George's Dragon

    The project that Harlequin is involved in, for those who don’t know, is Palmetto Bay, also known as Merricks Beach.

    You should do a Google search on these names to see how many different companies are selling the units – all this on a development which has completed hardly any work on site.

    I wonder how much it costs to set up a website which purports to sell property. Not much I guess.

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  23. Lets Just Wait

    This all makes very interesting reading, however it seems that only a few people have bothered to “Google” for information.
    Harlequin Hotels and Resorts it seems to me (i could be wrong) have been selling property in numerous spectacular locations around the world for some 8- 10 years??
    How many of these resorts have ACTUALLY been built?
    How many investors can now enjoy their hoiliday homes? I found some on the internet have been waiting for 7+ years!
    Harlequin’s website, although extremely nice and i am sure, took alot of investors money to build, shows some links to “Site Progress”.
    To me it seems that ALL have been started but HANG ON, take a look at WHEN….Some are years old showing nothing more than a billboard stuck up outside and a little bit of grass being cut? These are supposed to be large scale resorts, some were supposed to be finished in 2008!
    I fear that Harlequin may be just pointing blame at other parties to mask it own wrong doings?
    Have a look at this link: http://www.hedgehogs.net/pg/newsfeeds/hhwebadmin/item/1346008/caribbean-property-investors-fear-for-their-deposits
    Or if you really want, just google anything to do with Harlequin Hotels and Resorts……My findings were plenty of unhappy and very worried investors.
    As i mentioned before, i could be wrong……
    Will be interesting to follow this story closely

  24. Green Monkey

    Re. Merricks:

    I do wonder if these East Coast development plans (assuming they take the form of anything more substantial than a crazy dream in a developer’s head and a few architectural drawings) take into account that around the east coast shoreline of Barbados an almost constant, onshore, wind driven sea spray quickly coats everything around with a very fine layer of salt which also works itself into the nooks and crannies of buildings and equipment and seems to significantly accelerate corrosion of just about any metal which is not brass or stainless steel. It is also hard on computers and electronics not kept in sealed and air conditioned rooms. Therefore I should think a substantial factor should be taken into account for increased building and equipment maintenance costs over an inland location or even over a location on the more wind-sheltered West Coast.

  25. yatinkiteasy

    Tief tief from tief make God Laugh!

  26. One of the few untouched spots left!

    This is GOOD news. Why?

    Because it leaves Merricks Bay un-touched
    -at least this far.

    Long may Merricks Bay remain utterly unused by anyone other than nesting turtles.

    Left to me, I’d tear down the stone staircase leading down to the beach
    so no-one might access the beach.

  27. Gorillaphant

    Alot of tricks. That Buccament Bay project in SVG is a disaster waiting to happen, it is constructed in a low lying flood plain between two mountains.

    I expect to read any day that torential rains have washed the entire project, people and all, into the bloody sea.

    Cellate and ICE Group could not build a pig pen for me.

  28. Tony Smith

    I was reading about Johnson International and their percieved scandalous conduct, again another story after the fact, very few people had words to say about them when they employed people.

    And again people are saying many things about ICE group, in this case we will know the truth shortly, let us not pre-judge any one here,

    as for Ms. Young yet again she has been found guilty in the eyes af the press,

    I am sure with this too the truth will come out shortly, and finally Harlequin there is so much about them all over the place, again in a short time the truth here will come out.

    What is sad though in all the above, is we as people profess to be squeaky clean, how many other companies here find themselves in trouble,
    how many of our own construction companies have had to put up with allegations of one kind or another over the years, a few months ago we had the Clico stories, and so many more, developments in Hole Town in trouble, our own builders in trouble.

    We had the personal tradgedy of some of our biggest companies bandied about the press, when we should have allowed these people to grieve.

    This is life, we should not pre-judge anyone, the world econmy is what it is today and in most cases this is why we have the problems we are having.

    Let us see our judicial system work, let justice prevail, and let us be proud of who we are and what we can become.

  29. BFP

    Hi Tony,

    You’re correct about many things, but it is also true that without the scrutiny of the traditional media and independent bloggers many of these stories would never see the light of day as powerful entities keep the stories from the public. As it is the Bajan media is pathetic in self-censoring. Tell me true, Tony… if a British or American or Canadian government minister was caught building a home on land his government expropriated, would the press ignore it? You know it would be a bloody feeding frenzy in front of his house and well-deserved at that.

    Here in Barbados when we ran photos and the story of Gline Clarke building his home on expropriated land…. not a whisper in the news media.

    Cowardly, dishonest Bajan news organisations is all we have.

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  32. Geggle


    Lose the CAPS son.

  33. Jade

    As a family member let me tell you about this con artist, Trisha (Patricia) Devoni (Devonish)Mothers maiden Young (Grand fathers name) Hinds now husband # 3,who is a con artist, pick pocket ex convict she also spent some prison time in Germany and was deported from the USA.

    She should be the last person to turn on Mr. O’Halloran, who gave her a job after no one else would hire her, even her family in Barbados does not want anything to do with her, she is only spilling the bean because he fired her after he found out that she stole a lot of money from him to renovate her house and have big parties, she even started a cook shop name Wifey’s and at the end of June the doors were locked for non payment of rent, and she would not even pay the suppliers for food stuff.

    She is on to another victim as she is seen driving a hired car while the husband is driving the 4×4 that was leased by Mr. O’Halloran, her time is coming, she use that company to bring in drugs
    an ex-cop use to notify her of when they are coming and the would never be home, that came from the husband mouth, she even had him on the payroll and he never worked for 1 hour for the company.

    She is partly responsible for Mr. O’Halloran demise but when I called to warn him about her, he did not want to hear anything about her. I wonder how she is fairing now that the 5 day a week maid she had, quit after non payment of wages.

    Never trust a person who cannot look you in the eye when they are speaking you, but if you cant treat your own mother good, then how would you treat a strange, now she is asking herself what has she done wrong that all this is happening to her.

    I wonder what her neighbours are saying, how do you feel to live in a neighbour hood where no one has anything to do with you.

    Trisha Devoni Young Hinds there is yet more to come

  34. what will they think of next

    She sounds like a smart woman to me.

  35. Mother Sally

    She cant be too smart, as the old people say, one smart live at too smart door

  36. Muh belly hurting

    Invest the “30 pieces of silver ” well Trishie! Ultimately Paudie will pack his bags and go, reportedly you have no place to hide and you’re too fat for a rock! Lets hope I’m not on duty when you need essential services in this here country.


    John: Great posting but! I have some more to add to your posting.
    I worked as the Mechanical Services Coordinator on the project for a couple for a few months but besides what you have posted what I saw wrong on the project an was the constructio team that was put in place from the begining of the project, anyone can own a construction company but if the people you’ve put in place to do the actual construction cannot build you are not going to accomplish the task.
    Another observation I noticed was the avibality of materials to the site for timely installation,now if this is a problem by the owner and his investors that to is another deciding factor why this project is taking so long.
    What the Contractor,Owner & the Government fail to realize is that this projec is a very large undertaking ans should be financed,planned designed and constructed to all the minimum codes of the country.
    Most of the Construction Managers and supervisors I’ve met on the the project have no large project experience and are novices, another factor contributing the the failure of completion of the project is that the government has no agency inspecting the resort for proper construction methods.
    One person commented that the resort is built between two mountains and will be washed away with good torential rail, I must say if proper drainage is engineered into the project that should not be a problem but this also goes back to the construction team in place building the project.

    As a Vincentian national I will love to see the project become a success but a lot need to be considered to see is happen.

    Colin Gordon

  38. John Chadwick

    You do have some valid comments but I will clarify some of your comments Ridgeview construction of Barbados started the project on B.B. Ridgeview had on site a team of staff capable of carrying out any project in the world and finishing on time and quality assured. All our construction managers on site have worked on far bigger projects around the world all our foreman had previously worked on Canouan beach resort working to high standards most of our artisans had previously worked on Canouan with myself.We had a quality assurance scheme based on Costain Construction Q.A. gates system briefly the system is no operation can proceed until it has been signed of as complete and built to spec. Records of the Q.A.system whilst Ridgeview were on site I still have access to. The planning officer of Barbados visited the site to check the quality as we were to also build in Barbados his comments were as follows it is the best run site he has seen for along time and the quality of workmanship is excellent.
    To clarify risk of flood B.B. is built on a flood plain when Ridgeview started the project we did realise this and changed the original design of the foundations from strip footings as shown on the drawings to a raft foundation Barbados engineers designed the revised design we then determined the 25 year flood level and raised the terrace levels by one meter. The only risk of flood I would worry about would be from the ocean as the beach front cabanas were built 4meters over the flood line towards the ocean as instructed by the developer so that he could squeeze another two cabanas in much to my disgust this can and should be checked.The apartment blocks were constructed by Cellate/Ice construction not Ridgeview construction I do agree Cellate Ice did not have the experienced staff on site.Ridgeview left the site two years ago you have seen the site as of today not a lot as been achieved and it has cost the developer a lot of money Colin you must have worked on the site after Ridgeview left and ICE construction then carried on any queries from anyone on re B.B. I will give you an honest answer I do hope the project finishes as I still have many friends in S.V. who would love to work on B.B.

  39. Bob the Builder

    What a load of numpties

  40. Bob the Builder

    Sounds like a job for bob

  41. Jonathan Huddlestone

    I was told to visit this blog in light of the story appearing on it regards O’Hallaran and ICE Group. I would just like to say that Buccament Bay actually opened its doors last week to its first guests. The soft opening of the resort started last week with the full opening to the public expected in January 2011. This is some 5 years since they started to build. This story i have been lead to beleive has some truthm however the extortionate amount of money O’Hallaran is reported to have stolen from the project is way off the mark.

    It is easy to critisise Harlequin in light of the time it has taken them to even begin resorts such as Merricks in Barbados however it seems to me that this has not been for lack of funding but for problems with planning permission since the original plans were submiited to the authorities years ago but then they needed to change them as their resort concept evolved and the need to include more features, more properties and more facilities.

    The properties have been sold primarily to UK clients on a personal investment basis or using a persons pension fund using what is called a Self Invested Personal Pension or SIPP a vehicle that is not avaiable in the US or the Caribbean.

    Harlequin have now formed Harlequin Construction and will complete the resort using their own contractors. They have formed a world class management team on the hotel front and will do the same on the construction side.

    I look forward to seeing the future of Buccament Bay project and the other resorts in Barbados, St Lucia and Dominican.

  42. John Chadwick

    Good reading for some but not for someone who knows the truth and facts.Here goes in Jan 2011 it will be four and a half years since B.B. started.
    Harlequin accused Paudie/Ice construction of stealing the first stated amount.Planning permission
    was never a problem on B.B Harlequin did not have
    enough funds to fast track the project the project was slowed down to suit Harlequin monthly payment to the contractor.In May 1998 the project was closed down for eight weeks lack of funds.Harlequin then found monies via Ice construction and rolling monies over from investors who had invested in Barbados St Lucia and Dominican Republic totaly illegal.Harlequin have run out of money more times than Zimbabwe.Barbados has been a problem with planning as the original drawings were submitted to the previous government and as you know the government has changed.Re the hotel side if I remember correctly at least five hotel groups were interested and then fell by the wayside for some reason.In conclusion I hope B.B finishes without any more problems.

  43. nutball

    Pure propaganda,show us all the pics of the soft opening and comments and reviews from the clients? Where were the press? You cannot be serious on other Harlequin projects Worldwide being started let alone finished,there is no money left,investors were conned,being sued left right and centre in UK and still advertising his con Ponsie scheme to the gullable.Money All Gone,finito,Gone away,none left,skint,broke,get it into scull .. nothing left.

  44. John Chadwick

    Correction to my comment dated 17th August 2010 May 1998 should read May 2008.

  45. Brian Straker

    John who is this Colin idiot, I was there with you so how did he work for on BB Mr Colin Gordin.
    Tell me how you are and how you worked for .I worked closely with John ,so if you worked there we should know you.
    I am conferdent that the work carried out at BB by the worker of Ridgeview construction was the best standard possible, ” I reiterate when I was at BB 2007-2008 1 1/2 years ” Ian Clark of Trowel plastic commented in the early stages at BB that it was the best trowel plastic finish he had.
    seen for a long time , and you can quote him on
    that .

  46. John Chadwick

    Colin Gordon never worked for Ridgeview construction on B.B You are right the work carried out by Ridgeview was of a very high standard and the workforce and staff were the best I ever worked with.

  47. 60

    Mr. Straker the Great.

    If you read my post I mentioned that I worked there for a couple of months, I never mentioned from when to when.

    There is no need to try and be insultive. But between all the contractors on the job one of which I had worked for there approach to the project should have been different.

    If the trowel plastic is the only trade on the job that you are concerned about my comcernes are about the
    1: late installation of all the infrastructure services.
    2: electricians having to go through testing and repairing faulty wiring and some installation done in ridgeviews time period at the site.

    This list can continue.

    Mr Straker sir. From my short stay there I am using my knowledge and experience in construction to outline what challenges I have come accross and with better planning the phase two of the resort might be near completion.

    Or maybe this is bigger than all of us on this blog making comments we can’t do anything about.

    Mr.Straker. I wish the project all the best like I said in my first post this is for the benefit of my country and I wish you too all the best.

    Colin Gordon

  48. fatboy

    is this Colin G really “The Stig” ?

  49. Ex friend - Who saw to much wrong happening

    Do you guys expect anything different from a con artist ex- con female who is married to a pick pocket ex- con man, Mr. O’Hallaran hired her although he knew what she was like and paid up all her bills even the van he reprocessed, she has a birthday for each passport she owns, so I guess she would soon be leaving Barbados at every opportunity she gets now and start bringing drugs thru the Merricks project, but time will tell, she cannot help for stealing, Mr. Ames just make sure you do not make the same mistake as Mr. O’Halloran make a head count each and every day and let someone else handle your ordering and accounts, she got kicked out of school at 16 and has no qualifications only the ones she got done in China.

    This is your chance to get her behind bar.

  50. 42

    This hurricane should be a test for the buccament project. Hopefully the mistakes observed will be corrected.

  51. quiet observer

    For those who were looking for news in the local papers, there it is in the Sunday Sun.

  52. Brian Straker

    Hello Mr Gordon, If you drop me a line I would like to chat as you do have some valid points. thanks for the Grate added to my name although I wouldn’t agree I deserve it.
    P.S. I thin I Do know you Colin but not by that name.
    Regards: Brian

  53. 38

    Hello Mr Gordon, If you drop me a line I would like to chat as you do have some valid points. thanks for the Grate added to my name although I wouldn’t agree I deserve it.
    P.S. I thin I Do know you Colin but not by that name.
    Regards: Brian

  54. I have been approached to sell the Harlequin products via my estate agency.
    What advice can any of your bloggers give me as I consider this. Emails from investors with factual information, most welcome.
    Arthur :J

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  56. 164

    Buccamnet Bay is now open. Has nayone mentioned this?

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  58. 102

    It’s not only open it’s booked up! We spent 2 weeks there and it was beautiful, little shocked to read so many negative comments when I can hand on heart say it’s a wonderful impressive resort with so much to do, fantastic accommodation.

  59. 21

    blog 102 are you david a**s or another harlequin employee

  60. Jill H

    102 here … here – it’s a fab resort we holidayed there last year and was really taken with the professionalism of the resort and what it will offer long term.

    So many trolls trying to hide behind fake id’s and make silly comments, most of them have no idea how investments worked.

  61. 179

    A friend bought at Marquis Estate almost 5 years ago. She has nothing to show for this “investment”, the land still has nothing built on it, and Harlequin do not even have full planning permission. Great for the 125 or so people who bought at Buccament Bay and have a unit, but probably used my friend’s money to build it, or used it to buy planes or fight law suits or build cricket nets or whatever. Either way, I am pretty sure this is not how investments should work and certainly not how it was presented to her.

  62. 224

    Who’s this Brian Straker guy???????

  63. andy from uk

    just spent 10 days at B.B.and found it fantastic …. a true 5* resort, the local staff were friendly, and very professional id reccommend to anyone and just ignore all this nasty negative stuff

  64. yatiniteasy

    Hi Andy…are you an investor in Buccament Bay? No investors have received any rental income or have “title” to their properties they have invested in 5…6 years ago.It maybe a nice(1 third completed) resort, but who is benefiting from it?The nasty negative stuff is not going away as long as so many questions about Harlequin remain unanswered.

  65. BBaywatch

    andy from uk – any reason why you are resurrecting this old thread?

  66. Joe

    What happened to the case against O Halloran ?

  67. Anon - reasons unknown

    Here’s a High Court judgement (Eire) from January this year as the O Halloran’s asked for a security of costs be provided by Harlequin.


    Interesting couple of quotes taken from the judgement for costs:

    ” … 1.1 These proceedings were admitted into the Commercial List by order of Kelly J. on 6th July, 2010, the day on which the plenary summons issued. The plaintiffs (“Harlequin” and individually “SVG” and “Hotels” respectively) make serious allegations, including fraud, against the defendants arising out of a significant construction contract entered into between Harlequin and a number of companies incorporated in the Caribbean region by the first named defendant (“Mr. O’Halloran”).
    1.2 Amongst other things, an application for a Mareva injunction against Mr. O’Halloran was brought by Harlequin but was refused by Finlay Geoghegan J. by order of 10th September, 2010, a similar application as against Mr. O’Halloran Snr. having been abandoned. The basis for that refusal was that Finlay Geoghegan J. was not satisfied, on the evidence placed before her, that Harlequin had made out a sufficient prima facie or arguable case.
    1.3 Thereafter, the pleadings were largely completed in the latter part of 2010. A request by both defendants (collectively “the O’Hallorans”) for security for costs was made on 7th December, 2010 …
    ..I ruled as follows:-
    C. That, on that basis, and it being accepted on behalf of Harlequin that the O’Hallorans had established a prima facie defence and that there were no special circumstances, it followed that the question of whether or not Harlequin should be required to provide for security for costs turned on whether there was evidence that Harlequin would be unable to pay the O’Hallorans’ costs if the O’Hallorans were to be successful.
    D. That, on the basis of the evidence then currently available, and having regard to an analysis conducted of that evidence in the course of the relevant ex-tempore judgment, I was not persuaded that Harlequin could meet an order for costs in favour of the O’Hallorans in the event that the O’Hallorans could succeed

    …..As matters transpired, it did not prove possible for Harlequin to put forward any relevant additional evidence or to put in place arrangements of the type described and it followed that, on 22nd November, 2011, I ordered Harlequin to provide security for costs and directed that the amount of that security be, in accordance with the practice in the Commercial List, fixed by the court rather than the Master…. ”

    Seems Harlequin’s case wasn’t deemed a sure win by the High Court, and the court could not establish that Harlequin could meet judgement for costs should the O Hallorans win the case (i.e. defend successfully).

    Looks like Harlequin have spent a shit load of investors’ money to only get that far. Wonder how much more they’ve spent since January, and whether they’ve managed to pull together a case that would appear more convincing to a High Court judge?

  68. 138

    Would have spent half a dozen deposits on that unsuccessful law suit. Should have spent it on building something.

  69. No signs of any development in Palmetto Bay!

  70. Ted

    I was approached back end of 2012 to look at investing my pension into a property in St Vincent through Harlequin. I had been made redundant in 2010 after 13 yrs of making maximum contributions.
    I was asked to sign a contract to allow a 3rd party to do the searches on my pensions and their projected income.
    Although I am finacially assute, I have never professed to understand pensions, and I would imagine this is why peole are open to their future finances being abused.
    When my IFA first asked the 3rd party to get a projected pension income back in October 2012, the figure they came back with was £85K . I have since last week logged onto my pension web site to find it’s now £92k,…. somehow I dont think that my pension has grown by over £7K in the past 4 yrs.
    Anyway… having bought the Sunday Mail, 24th February, I am so now relieved that I did not sign on the dotted line of the agreement! even though I probabyly would have 2 weeks ago due to increased pressure from my IFA. and if not for a dose of flu!!!
    I was about to invest 90K but I kept telling myself to allow another wk before signing.
    Now I feel lucky, even though I’ve taken my pension out of what was now obviously earning good returns to stupidly believing that something could earn me money before my retirement age! I still have it safe.

  71. Anon - reasons unknown

    Well done Ted.

    Report your IFA to the FSA for the advice he was giving you.

  72. 138

    Ted, who was the IFA that was asking you to sign two weeks ago? Even the most basic research would have shown this was entirely inappropriate for you, and such an IFA should be vigorously pursued.

  73. Ted

    I would not name in an open forum. But I have countless emails, texts & phone calls from the IFA.
    I intend to take this further. I am extremely naive when it comes to mortgages, but I knew it all sounded too good to be true so held off, in truth it was a lot longer that I was being pursued. I’m just so pleased I followed my instinct !
    I feel sick at the level of BS which was constantly being thrown at me. Little more than a timeshare rep! In fact worse as he had my mobile number!
    It was the literature that worried me from early days. All glossy mags & flyers , very glam but no documentation on how the sums were worked out!

  74. Ted

    Meant pensions not mortgages!!

  75. They are keep what little money they have for court costs, hence giving ‘refunds over 18-24 months’ when they will have gone bust or in jail………


    New information about our action against Harlequin Property.
    We have organised 3 meetings next week in London to help the investors with Harlequin. The QC, a top UK lawyer (with a track record in Civil Fraud) as well as a top insolvency practitioner will be present at the meeting to give individual advice and guidance to each client’s case. The initial meeting is free of charge and if you decide to stay with us the cost will be kept to a minimum. If you can’t attend our meeting we can still represent you.

    Contact us:
    Email: cpcholding@europe.com
    Tel: 0191 386 2487

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