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Buccament Bay Resort: Harlequin alleges fraud, unsafe materials use against Padraig (Paudie) O’Halloran, ICE Group & Femme Fatale


Merricks Beach Resort developer says O’Halloran stole funds to woo woman with jet set lifestyle!

It’s quite a story coming forth in Caribbean and Irish courts. Harlequin Property CEO David Ames is alleging that Padcraig O’Halloran, Managing Director of the ICE Group, diverted “significant sums” of project funds to O’Halloran’s girlfriend. Diamonds, chartered jets, a home at Sandy Lane, Barbados – apparently nothing was too good for Suzanne Floyd, or so say the court documents.

Sorry folks, but I love it when the Gulfstream crowd self-destructs via over-spending, over-indulging or that old standby, a femme fatale.

A former employee of Mr O’Halloran’s, Trisha Young, said in an affidavit the “key motive behind the siphoning off of funds was to continue to enable his beloved girlfriend Suzanne Floyd to live her lavish lifestyle”. Continue reading


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Johnston International collapses amid corruption allegations – employees owed millions

How much did Johnston International provide to Barbados politicians in “campaign donations”?

Engineering and construction firm Johnston International went into receivership ten days ago, leaving a trail of unpaid wages and heartache throughout the Caribbean.

Johnston International leaves a legacy of corruption, massive environmental damage, destruction of reefs and public contracts that produced little in relation to monies spent. Of course, this was just the kind of construction company that Barbados politicians love, so it was only natural that Johnston International would be chosen for several major projects in Barbados. Continue reading


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