Why don’t Barbados hotels offer a Cricket outing?

Today a visitor from the UK commented on our article about the disappointing turnout for the recent West Indies – South Africa test match, saying that they were in Barbados at the time and tried to obtain information and tickets for Saturday’s event but were unable to.

No one at their hotel knew of the match. There were no schedules available, no contact information and apparently no effort at all by the WICB or Barbados Tourism to promote cricket to hotel guests.

Our friend suggests that a half-day experience should be offered to encourage tourists to experience a bit of our cricket culture. In our opinion that’s a wonderful idea and we’re surprised that the WICB and the BTA haven’t already collaborated on this. They could combine watching cricket with a talk about the history in the West Indies, and perhaps some lunch or a stop at a rum shop.

Yup. Have the happy tourists drink some rum, down a cutter, watch some cricket and talk with the handsome friendly athletes. More rum. Then drop them back at their hotel to let the other guests know what a wonderful afternoon they had.

Perhaps our resident hotelier Adrian Loveridge can advise us if such a tour would be successful and at what price point?

Here is the comment from our friend in the UK and many thanks to them!

I’ve visited Barbados 5 times (I’m from the UK) and arrived on the Saturday when the test match started.
I did think about going to watch, but decided against it in the end, but…

– I asked at the hotel front desk about tickets. They did not even know a test match was happening at the Oval!

– When I informed that it was WI v SA, I asked about how to get tickets – they weren’t sure about that either, looks like I could have just turned up.

– There was no promotion of the match at all by the hotel – you would think the WICB would try to at least promote it to tourists (in conjunction with hotels) who might consider half a day watching in order to experience a bit of Caribbean culture and the price of tickets is not an issue.

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4 responses to “Why don’t Barbados hotels offer a Cricket outing?

  1. Adrian Loveridge

    As a hotelier, we have tried very hard in the past to encourage our guests to spend a day or more at cricket.
    It may (I don’t know) have improved more recently, but purchasing tickets for any WICB match in the past has been a nightmare.

    I am sure that many more hotels would give support if there was easily available promotion material (even a poster to place on our events of interest board).

    You also have to think that the traditional cricket supporters from the UK were watching football even when England exited.
    Plus our UK visitor arrivals are substantially down
    and US and Canada (less likely to attend cricket).

    Price, is not really an issue. Transport (Hotel/Oval) costs about US$10 return per person and whatever the ticket price is.

    Also some of local tour operators could put a package together, post it on an easily accessible website and email details to our 160 hotels and however many condos/villas.
    Even a commercial arm of the Transport Board could utilise some of those buses outside peak times and especially when the schools are on holiday.

    I am also suprised the Legends did not appear to organise anything.
    We miss so many opportunities, The Sir Garfield Sobers School Competition is another event that could attract many more visitors.

    When we knew the dates of the Test Match (June) in Barbados I asked the BTA if they would place it on the national website (visitbarbados.org)
    They did NOT and when I asked why, I was told the WICB would NOT give them permisson.

  2. bajandave

    The suggestion of a special cricket package for visitors is an excellent one – now we just need the cricket administrators and the tourist boards across the region to get on board. It’s true the West Indies team hasn’t been worth watching for some years now, but we shouldn’t miss out on a good marketing opportunity.

  3. Adrian Loveridge

    See the letter in the Barbados Advocate today (21st July 2010) page 9 – ‘Lack of info about CT20 tickets not good enough’.

    ‘four booths were open (Kensington Oval Ticket Centre) but no one was at either booth to help customers. Eventually a lady came to assist. When (letter writer’s office driver) he told her that he wanted to purchase tickets for the CT20 tournament which starts tomorrow, she told him she knew nothing about it and he should check back later in the week’.

    So who do you blame for this?
    Our hotels, their staff, the BTA, Ministry of Tourism or mayby the organisers of the event.

  4. Donald Duck Esq,

    Why not turn the opportunity around. We have a number of circket grounds that could be made available for our visitors who have experience at playing cricket to actually get together with other visitors or locals with similar expertise to play a game of cricket. I am not thinking of a regular team coming from overseas but visitors on the island. Don;t you think it would be a great sell for a visitor to have a go say at kensingotn oval or wanderers cricket ground.