Dutch politician Geert Wilders on why he is “anti-Islam”

15 Saudi school girls burned to death because they were not wearing face veils

We first heard of Geert Wilders through Ian Bourne’s Bajan Reporter online news site.

Wilders is the parliamentary leader of the Netherlands PVV Party for Freedom and is an outspoken critic of Islam. His film “Fitna” outraged some Muslims who threatened Wilders with violence because the film contains Koranic verses that instruct Muslims to commit violence, juxtaposed with images of Muslim violence. (I guess it’s okay with some Muslims that their Koran instructs them to commit violence, but not okay to point that out.)

Wilders is currently on trial in the Netherlands for offending Muslims under the Dutch hate speech laws.

The Islamic website MuslimsDebate.com invited Mr. Wilders to explain why he is anti-Islam so he wrote them a respectful response that is worth your time to read.

Here are two excerpts…

“I was 18 years old and had traveled with a Dutch friend from Eilat in Israel to the Egyptian Red Sea resort of Sharm-el-Sheikh.
We were two almost penniless backpacking students.

We slept on the beaches and found hospitality with Egyptians, who spontaneously invited us to tea.

I clearly recall my very first impression of Egypt: I was overwhelmed by the kindness, friendliness and helpfulness of its people.

I also remember my second strong impression of Egypt: It struck me how frightened these friendly and kind people were.”

Later in the same article…

There are people who say that I hate Muslims. I do not hate Muslims. It saddens me how Islam has robbed them of their dignity.What Islam does to Muslims is visible in the way they treat their daughters. On March 11, 2002, fifteen Saudi schoolgirls died as they attempted to flee from their school in the holy city of Mecca. A fire had set the building ablaze. The girls ran to the school gates but these were locked. The keys were in the possession of a male guard, who refused to open the gates because the girls were not wearing the correct Islamic dress imposed on women by Saudi law: face veils and overgarments.

The “indecently” dressed girls frantically tried to save their young lives. The Saudi police beat them back into the burning building. Officers of the Mutaween, the “Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice,” as the Police are known in Saudi Arabia, also beat passers-by and firemen who tried to help the girls. “It is sinful to approach them,” the policemen warned bystanders. It is not only sinful, it is also a criminal offence.

Girls are not valued highly in Islam; the Koran says that the birth of a daughter makes a father’s “face darken and he is filled with gloom” (sura 43:15). Nevertheless, the incident at the Mecca school drew angry reactions. Islam is inhumane; but Muslims are humans, hence capable of Love – that powerful force which Muhammad despised. Humanity prevailed in the Meccan fathers who were incensed over the deaths of their daughters; it also prevailed in the firemen who confronted the Mutaween when the latter were beating the girls back inside, and in the journalists of the Saudi paper which, for the first time in Saudi history, criticized the much feared and powerful “Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice.”

You can read Mr. Wilder’s entire article at two places…

MuslimsDebate.com – Muslims Debate asked Mr. Geert Wilders why he became anti-Islam and what is his message to the Muslims?

JihadWatch.org – Why is Geert Wilders “anti-Islam,” and what is his message to the Muslims?

NOTE: The JihadWatch.org version is a little easier on the eyes to read. Please visit MuslimsDebate.com though because there are some excellent discussions by Muslims about the possibility of an Islamic Reformation.


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19 responses to “Dutch politician Geert Wilders on why he is “anti-Islam”

  1. ninemikemike

    It is good to see you drawing Bajans’attention to the horrors of the ‘Religion of Peace’, but I think your hopes of “the possibility of an Islamic Reformation” are pie in the sky.
    This ghastly stone-age belief system that commits outrages that make the Nazis look like Sunday school teachers inexplicably receives support from its most despised, abused and murdered victims – its women. It is the Stockholm Syndrome in spades.
    The only way to defeat this murderous ‘religion’ is to eliminate it by education, mockery, and proscription, and I don’t mean by interfering with the fundamental rights to follow one’s religion of choice, but rather to act decisively, rigorously and ruthlessly against its outlandish mores and practices which conflict with basic human rights and any concept of civilisation, while exposing their vileness for the world to see – and YES, publish more cartoons of the ‘prophet’. Sadly the West is signally failing in its duty of self-protection(thus far), and is instead adopting the ruinous policy of appeasement exemplified by the ridiculous trial of the brave Geert Wilders (who was denied entry to the UK by the late cowardly regime), and a similar attempt to silence Canadian journalist Mark Steyn.

    There will be more tears before bedtime unless we sharpen up our acts! Beware the enemy within.

  2. AL

    Deuteronomy 13:6-11

    6 If your very own brother, or your son or daughter, or the wife you love, or your closest friend secretly entices you, saying, “Let us go and worship other gods” (gods that neither you nor your fathers have known, 7 gods of the peoples around you, whether near or far, from one end of the land to the other), 8 do not yield to him or listen to him. Show him no pity. Do not spare him or shield him. 9 You must certainly put him to death. Your hand must be the first in putting him to death, and then the hands of all the people. 10 Stone him to death, because he tried to turn you away from the LORD your God, who brought you out of Egypt, out of the land of slavery. 11 Then all Israel will hear and be afraid, and no one among you will do such an evil thing again.

  3. BFP

    Hi AL,

    Aside from the whole New Testament vs Old Testament side of things argument, can you please provide a list of Christian or Jewish people who murdered family members for worshiping “other gods” in the last, say 50 years?

    We looked hard and couldn’t find such a list, but we did find this list of Muslim women who were killed and maimed by their family members.

  4. AL

    I was just trying to make the point that in all religions there will be those who interpret various verses/quotes/thoughts etc. to suit their own ideals even though their opinions may be way off from the commonly accepted view.http://www.themodernreligion.com/w_main.htm

    Had I been focused on general craziness I might have linked to something like this http://www.huffingtonpost.com/lisa-derrick/christian-extremism-witch_b_154685.html, or for domestic abuse something like this http://www.alternet.org/reproductivejustice/124174/biblical_battered_wife_syndrome:_christian_women_and_domestic_violence_/?page=entire

    Admittedly I couldn’t find any reference to a Christian individual murdering anyone over religion in the ten minutes I spent looking. Obviously no Christian would ever commit murder/rape/assualt or for that matter any crime whatsoever.

    P.S. re. atlasshrugged2000.typepad.com http://www.reviewstream.com/reviews/?p=12203

    Anyway keep bashing an unproveable (sic) concept in order to demonstrate the superiority of your own unproveable (sic) concept.

  5. BFP

    Hey AL

    Still waiting for the list of Christians or Jews who murdered family members for leaving the religion or worshiping “other gods”. That was the criteria and I just don’t see such a list anywhere except for Muslims. Maybe you can help us locate that list?

    And rather than launching an attack on Atlas Shrugs, how about commenting on the photos of the dead Muslim women? Or do you think it’s all made up?

  6. ninemikemike

    AL – have you considered the possibility (which most thinking people consider a reality) that ancient writings have been treated as just that by civilised Christians and others, that they no longer take an eye for an eye, or pluck their own out if it ‘offend’ them?
    The difference is that muslims seem happy to adhere to the misogynist, violent, bellicose and downright murderous rantings of their demented stone-age barbarian prophet – not to mention glossing over his paedophilia.

    You seem to be trying to find excuses for the barbarous practices that muslims promote – why?

  7. If Christians went by reality of the Bible, then slavery would still be accepted – Old Testament & New Testament do not object per se, while Moses fought for his people it was not on the basis of slavery in toto is wrong.

    However, through an evolved conscience and enlightened reality we as humans went beyond the Bible (which was written by fallible humans anyhow, same as the Koran) and decided and declared making people servants without recompense on the basis of race, color or creed was inhumane.

    Yet the battle on slavery persists in places like Algeria where religions clash like Israel & Palestine, and parts of Japan where some feudal styled merchants are fascinated with Blonde Westerners…

  8. dismanhey

    breaking my promise to stay away…just couldn’t help myself, when the ignorance is too much…
    @BFP in your response to Al which list are you referring to.? the one you asked for or the one you gave.. they are not the same..make up your mind..!
    The reason why you are not finding a “christian or Jewish list” is because you are too damn lazy and overly bias to care. But people like you do a disservice to this serious issue as you have your own agenda and axe to grind.
    Experts ranging from the UN to Amnesty agree that honour killings are rooted in cultures that see women as property irrespective of religion.Throw in a feudal system of government which is prevelant in Islamic countires and it gets worse . Honour killings is a serious problem in India among the poorer and uneducated Hindu population (referred to as dowry deaths). Men are now victims of honour killings.
    Crimes of passion is being suggested as a version of honour killings and this is prevalant in Latin America and has happened here.
    Honour killings have no place in any society, but the continued manuiplation to velify distorts the fact that it a gender and cultural issue at heart. And until you can sort out the difference between culture and religion, i suppose we can expect more of the same shallowness. Pity though, this could be have a reasonable enough topic to see how we manipulate women in our society and condem them their own little hell right bout hey. and then again , as your bossom buddy from Wasilla would say ..”refudiate”


    you dumb bajans are u really that naive who the hell brought africans to the so called west indies in the first place who killed of the mayan’s inca’s axtects,etc…they were all Christians killing people in the name of God…look at the war in Iraq and Afghanistan were over 1 million of those people are killed so far..and btw hitler was a christian

  10. TheNickster

    On July 1, 1976, Anneliese Michel, a 23-year-old student of a teachers college in Germany, died: she starved herself to death. For months she had been haunted by demonic visions and apparitions, and for months two Catholic priests – with explicit approval of the Catholic bishop of Würzburg – additionally pestered and tormented the wretched girl with their exorcist rituals. After her death in Klingenberg hospital – her body was littered with wounds – her parents, both of them
    fanatical Catholics, were sentenced to six months for not having called for medical help.

    Rwanda Massacres
    In 1994 in the small African country of Rwanda in just a few months several hundred thousand civilians were butchered, apparently a conflict of the Hutu and Tutsi ethnic groups.
    For quite some time I heard only rumors about Catholic clergy actively involved in the 1994 Rwanda massacres. Odd denials of involvement were printed in Catholic church journals, before even anybody had openly accused members of the church.
    Then, 10/10/96, in the newscast of S2 Aktuell, Germany – a station not at all critical to Christianity – the following was stated:

    “Anglican as well as Catholic priests and nuns are suspect of having actively participated in murders. Especially the conduct of a certain Catholic priest has been occupying the public mind in Rwanda’s capital Kigali for months. He was minister of the church of the Holy Family and allegedly murdered Tutsis in the most brutal manner. He is reported to have accompanied marauding Hutu militia with a gun in his cowl. In fact there has been a bloody slaughter of Tutsis seeking shelter in his parish. Even two years after the massacres many Catholics refuse to set foot on the threshold of their church, because to them the participation of a certain part of the clergy in the slaughter is well established. There is almost no church in Rwanda that has not seen refugees – women, children, old – being brutally butchered facing the crucifix.


    though I see your point BFP, the problem isn’t the religion, it’s the nuts that follow them.

  11. BFP

    Hi Nickster,

    But why so many nuts following the Muslim religion? You’re hard pressed to find equivalency in the contemporary Christian world. By that I mean that some tribal wars are divided upon religious groupings but have no religious imperative. The Irish troubles are one such example where people didn’t and don’t murder each other because their religion demands it – it is tribal warfare.

    The Islamic worldwide jihad is something else though… it is pure religious warfare aimed at eliminating every religion except Islam.

  12. TheNickster

    The irony of the muslim thing is that it’s pro male. If the muslim religion was a matriarchal one it wouldn’t have gained the steam it has, the muslims now are what the catholics were then. Additionally the muslim indoctrination is all pervasive and invasive, it’s not like how you might have a seventh-day adventist grandmother and a jehovah witness aunt (for example), once you join either your family joins or you are separated from the “infidels”.

  13. TheNickster

    Those societies needed an opiate for their masses as well, Christianity is the one for this side of the hemisphere, Islam was the one for them. It’s all really another scene in the big political play, before it was the world wars, then the cold war, now the new villain is religion and islam vs christianity is the next crowd motivator.

  14. Straight talk

    The Nickster:
    Is that why every “faithful” Jew prays every morning to his god in thanksgiving that he was not born a woman or a goy (i.e. unbeliever)?

    Get real BFP you are being suckered by the MSM.

  15. TheNickster

    Jew Muslim Christian all cousins from the same weird tree.

  16. Straight talk

    Yeah the roots are the same but the branches have a serious problem with each other.

  17. ninemikemike

    The only branch of this tree the civilised world need fear is that of the ‘Religion of Peace’ whose declared aim is our subjugation.

    Wake up sheeple!

  18. Muslim

    oh ninemikemikemiemike..aka Clayton Bigsby. You seem to just repeat the same hate and garbage from one article to another. Has anyone here considered that Saudi Muslims are from the Wahabi sect? Do you even know what percentage this sect makes up of the overall 1.5 Billion Muslims.

  19. mmm, where do i start.

    ok, Judaism, Christianity & Islam – the 3 Abrahamic Faiths.

    the Jews except all of the Prophets & Messengers up to Moses, & say Jesus was an imposter.

    the Christians likewise except all the Prophets & Messengers up to Jesus. but instead of excepting him as a Slave of God (arabic term, Muslim) they went further & said he is the “son” of God! this coming from Paul, who was a Pagan & delved into Greek Methodology (by all means do your homework on Paganism & Greek Methodology). & the Christians reject Muhammed.

    Muslims except all of the Prophets & Messengers. they all came with the same call (Monotheism) & Muhammed is the final Prophet & Messenger.

    this is the basics. someone said above that the Quran is written by a man, where is the proof for this claim?

    also, the Prophets & Messengers where sent to their people, while Muhammed was sent to mankind to call them to a universal messege (Monotheism, not Polytheism).

    the Jews say they are in Paradise because they are the supreme race, so this means that God is a racist God! no.

    the Christians say “just believe in Jesus & you will be saved…” but Jesus said “soon i will go & another one will come, & he will lead you to ALL Truth, & he shall praise me!” so the Christians should follow these very words. never did Jesus say his Way of Life is Christianity & his followers are Christians.

    some articles to ponder over…

    For those who dont believe in God at all:

    Muhammed in the Bible:

    Jesus was upon Monotheism:

    Evidence for Christmas?:

    The Day of Judgement:

    Video clip – Islam; Africa to America:

    Finally, on my blog – ‘Voice of Islam’ Jamaican Radio Programme, 6min Sample:

    i hope you are all sincere in your research & judgement, without a pre agenda. dont be fooled by the illuminati who control the media, music & film industry…