Dennis Jones says goodbye to Living in Barbados

We’re sorry to read that our friend Dennis Jones is moving on to other vistas. He made the announcement yesterday on his well-respected blog Living in Barbados that come the end of the month, he’s gone from the island. Dennis has contributed much to the public discussion in Barbados, especially but not limited to economic issues.

On the radio Dennis is a voice of reason and calls to action – of doing over endless talking. For, as much as Dennis loves Barbados, he too realises that we have no shortage of ideas but often have little success in carrying them to fruition – if we even try to implement them at all. Hey… that’s the truth like it or not and Dennis isn’t afraid to say so.

Head on over to Living In Barbados and let Dennis know he’ll be missed. He hasn’t said if he’s heading back home to Jamaica or where but that will probably be revealed in good time.

“Amongst the many things that seem clear to me is that Barbados is not short of people with ideas. But, there is a problem is turning ideas into action. That is a problem of a broader scale which is starting to show up more clearly as a sort of ‘implementation paralysis’.

In the case of the economy, part of that lack of action has arisen because of the health issues of the Prime Minister/Minister of Finance. But, one of the important tests of organisations, including government, is how well they can function in the absence of particular persons. I would have to say that Barbados is really struggling to function during the past months…”

… from the Living In Barbados article Which way to go?


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5 responses to “Dennis Jones says goodbye to Living in Barbados

  1. Dennis Jones (aka Living in Barbados)

    Many thanks, to all at BFP, for those kind remarks. I’ve tried hard to give my own views.

    I will be headed back to the USA, and will see if and how it is possible to remain engaged with issues in Barbados.

  2. Politically Tired

    I hope you’ll stay connected Dennis, I for one will miss your blog.

  3. What will they think of next.

    Sorry to see him go.

    I guess he needs to make ends meet. I don’t think that he was ever employed in Barbados. What a waste of good genius.

  4. Conrad

    He made a strong contribution. Hopefully he will still make a contribution by a far. He and very, very, few others, maybe Persaud too, say it like it is, perhaps because they do not need to worry about the repercussions. If that is the reason, then it says something worrying about our society.

  5. Observer

    A good bluffer, and full of himself.

    Could have gone long ago.

    May I see your credentials?