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Dennis Jones says goodbye to Living in Barbados

We’re sorry to read that our friend Dennis Jones is moving on to other vistas. He made the announcement yesterday on his well-respected blog Living in Barbados that come the end of the month, he’s gone from the island. Dennis has contributed much to the public discussion in Barbados, especially but not limited to economic issues.

On the radio Dennis is a voice of reason and calls to action – of doing over endless talking. For, as much as Dennis loves Barbados, he too realises that we have no shortage of ideas but often have little success in carrying them to fruition – if we even try to implement them at all. Hey… that’s the truth like it or not and Dennis isn’t afraid to say so. Continue reading


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Why don’t Barbados hotels offer a Cricket outing?

Today a visitor from the UK commented on our article about the disappointing turnout for the recent West Indies – South Africa test match, saying that they were in Barbados at the time and tried to obtain information and tickets for Saturday’s event but were unable to.

No one at their hotel knew of the match. There were no schedules available, no contact information and apparently no effort at all by the WICB or Barbados Tourism to promote cricket to hotel guests. Continue reading


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Dutch politician Geert Wilders on why he is “anti-Islam”

15 Saudi school girls burned to death because they were not wearing face veils

We first heard of Geert Wilders through Ian Bourne’s Bajan Reporter online news site.

Wilders is the parliamentary leader of the Netherlands PVV Party for Freedom and is an outspoken critic of Islam. His film “Fitna” outraged some Muslims who threatened Wilders with violence because the film contains Koranic verses that instruct Muslims to commit violence, juxtaposed with images of Muslim violence. (I guess it’s okay with some Muslims that their Koran instructs them to commit violence, but not okay to point that out.)

Wilders is currently on trial in the Netherlands for offending Muslims under the Dutch hate speech laws.

The Islamic website MuslimsDebate.com invited Mr. Wilders to explain why he is anti-Islam so he wrote them a respectful response that is worth your time to read. Continue reading


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