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Medical transcription business collapse raises questions

UPDATED: April 18, 2012  (Pinned at top. Scroll down for newer content)

We’ve heard some conflicting rumours that the lawsuit against Robert Harvey is 1/ “About to be launched” or 2/ “languishing and won’t be going forward.”

Two years after the collapse, one would think that if a lawsuit was going to happen it would have happened by now. Can any of our readers assist? Has anyone heard anything more?

UPDATED: September 14, 2011

Lawyer contacts Barbados Free Press about potential lawsuit

Barbados Free Press today received an email from a lawyer asking for further details on this story in preparation for a potential lawsuit against Robert Harvey and some companies.

Would the lawyer please contact BFP through your regular email (not from your mobile device) so we know it’s really you.

Thanks! (barbadosfreepress AT yahoo.com)

Invest Barbados spins the story to save face

Last week Robert Harvey, the president of Transcription Relief Services (TSRi), quietly flew into Barbados from the USA, fired his remaining 24 employees and shut down the joint private-government business that launched only 18 months ago.

Today, Invest Barbados CEO Wayne Kirton (photo left) says that the project is “on hold” and will be revived when the demand for medical transcription (MT) services returns. According to Mr. Kirton the failure is all about “the recession”, low demand for the service and nothing else.

Barbados Free Press believes that Invest Barbados is in damage control mode. We’ve discovered there is much more to the story – much more. Continue reading


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