Why is Leroy Parris still Chairman at CBC – Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation?

Unethical CLICO Bigshots Leroy Parris (left) and Terrance Thornhill

It seems strange that despite the continuing saga at Clico, Mr. Leroy Parris is still in charge of a Government owned entity…..and one charged with delivering the news to boot!

So far Mr. Parris has –

1) Created a huge hole in Clico Barbados’ finances that this government will have to fill
2) Compromised the Prime Minister for being his attorney at Clico
3) Allowed his people to continue to sell 800 policies after the authorities ordered selling to cease
4) Taken his money out while policyholders are still concerned that they might get nothing back
5) Gone to war with one of the better PSs in Barbados, William Layne
6) Used his influence to black out the opposition from CBC – Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation
7) Paid for his friend David’s election

But I suppose that 7) and 6)answer my question. Meanwhile I’d like my Clico money back please Leroy!

Article submitted by BFP reader “Still in Charge


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26 responses to “Why is Leroy Parris still Chairman at CBC – Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation?

  1. Chicago

    Parris is still chairman at CBC because his friend the Prime Minister appointed him and keeps him there. If the PM retires it won’t matter because Leroy funded the DLP election and knows too much to be deposed. In return Leroy ensures the CBC squeezes out the BLP from the public’s minds. No BLP on CBC because the party in power controls the media. The BLP did it to the DLP when they were in powa!

  2. observer

    Mr. Parris is just like Alan Stanford and Madoff a common criminal. I also cannot get my money from Clico and yet these guys continue to drive around in Benzs and fly in private jets.This is wrong and somone should be charged with criminal activity.How much money did Leroy leave with when he retired?How much pension is he getting per month?He should be charged. With regards to Terrence Thornhill is he competent to lead CLICO at this time?After all he was the one advising Leroy.He has no credibility.Put CLICo under judicial management now please.


  3. Nostradamus

    Isn’t one of the key former (not sure if he is still at CLICO or not) top CLICO executives now over at NIS as chairman and a DLP senator?

  4. Stanford was not a criminal in the regular sense, he laundered not necessarily bilked like Madoff. Stanford did much for Caribbean Sport with the 2020 games – he sought to make Cricket a business, if you are sick then a certificate, he stinted nothing on getting players back in shape. He was also willing to allow Cuba to be part of the 2020, but USA objected and he backed off.

  5. observer

    So Ian it is ok to steal once you are investing the funds legitimately?

  6. observer

    And by-the-way CBC just spent millions of dollars to shut out the dream-box pirates and said boxes are up and running again…..again money wasted under the management of Leroy Parris. i am also calling for the head of Andrew Greene from MCTV on this on. Once again I am out of pocket as a taxpayer this time.


    Thank you BFP for allowing me to contact Ian via your site.

    Attention Ian Bourne. I cannot see on your blog where I can e-mail you. This is irrelevant to the subject topic, please forgive me for using this channel to reach you.

    We have a situ now, where a Bajan cannot walk into a supermarket and buy fresh milk. ? We have this denatured stuff called UHT milk that tastes horrible. And yeah, although it will not glop up if kept on the shelf, the supermarkets continue to stock it in their cold counter. Why? Are the supermarkets part of the ploy to deceive the public?

    Do you think you could take up fight on behalf of the public by highlighting this tregedy at the head of your blog, and demand the availability of real milk be made available once again?

  8. The Watcher

    So what are we all stressing about here?
    Don’t like Leroy? Fine. Boycott CBC. It’s not like they have such magnetic programming anyway.

    To the Observer: I don’t at all disagree with you on calling for the removal of some of the folks associated with the continued mess that is MCTV against the so called “Pirates”. I would however like to add that the actions you are seeing them take against the “illegitimate reception” of their signal is strongly characteristic of the pompous Barbadian mentality where we believe that we are so smart with our Masters and Doctoral degrees yet simple answers to these seemingly complicated problems elude our elevated minds.

    Put simply, we’re a bunch of idiots huddled on 166Sq/mi of land mass. No Apologies!
    Drop the cost of the service and look to take DTV’s customers as well as attract those who are using price as their reason for having these Dreambox units.
    Just think of this for a minute. A Dreambox has a median cost of Bd$700. If the cost of TV service is $50 month coupled closely with a respectable channel lineup and in ENGLISH, what would be the real benefit of this device especially seeing that it can be blocked out at critical moments? I think the average Barbadian would rather not have to deal with the repeated hassle of looking for “numbers” and other magical “fixes” for these units if the cost couldn’t justify it.
    Cell phones are somewhat reasonably price w.r.t service. You don’t see people out there trying to steal the service now do you. The examples are plainly in sight of the people who are charged with the responsibility of knowing.
    Finally, CBC is out of their minds with this “pirate” label that they are leveling against the very citizens who make this country somewhere to live. One cannot intercept anything which has no defined destination. Do I intercept signals from Africa on my shortwave receiver? If you place a signal on a medium which is not bounded( i.e. a cable) it cannot be illegally or legally intercepted because there are no “bounds” governing where it can or should go. Can I then argue that I do not want CBC’s signal penetrating my premises without my express consent and demand that they dis-allow their signal from crossing on to my property. The next thing is that we’ll all be charged for breathing air if these clowns have their way!
    I’d leave Mr.Parris and CBC alone on this one. He presided over what is now a failed entity and CBC by definition is really no different.

  9. @ FAIR PLAY III – Okay, my email is airbourne@bajanreporter.com, BUT? Not sure if you either wanna hear me or reach me after you read these links;-

    “CRYING OVER SPILT MILK – Certain Barbadians mourn loss of old Pine Hill Dairy Milk, Others praise new Ultra Pasteurised Brand”


    “Pine Hill Dairy takes on horns of a dilemma directly – Bajan Reporter invited to Conference: Management seek to directly address Barbadians’ concerns with new Tetra Pak containers”


    Sorry, old chap see nothing wrong with new way for the UHP (no, not UHT), love it in fact and frankly? If people grousing so much? Buy a damn cow and keep it in the driveway!

  10. yatinkiteasy

    If the Dreambox is a pirate device, what is the Net2vu that`s being sold at the Sheraton , openly, and being advertised on radio every week? Is it not a “device” that allows users to see all the TV programs(and more) that MCTV and Directv offer?How did they skip around the legal blockade on this one?

  11. yatinkiteasy

    What is happening with Sam Lords wrecked Castle?
    Another Leroy Parris failure!

  12. observer

    so my question still is why spend the taxpayers money stupidly…..the big wigs at CBC should have known that they were wasting money…the watcher is right with his submission….

  13. HH the joker

    Big difference is Net2Vu is not STEALING its signal from CBC

  14. What will they think of next

    Why should he not be chairman of CBC?

  15. @ “What will they think of next” – Re: ur concern over the Chairing of CBC, it was listed above in BFP’s article.

    I saw the same crap happening while in CBC under Owen, so it is not really particular to one party or the other…

    Both sides treat CBC as their own personal ad agency, in this case, it’s even worse since CLICO is under investigation and the Chair is a significant portion of that entity.

    This, in other countries, would construe as a conflict of interest, at the least! Truly it would be better PR for Mr Parris if he recused himself from that post.

  16. oh come on

    yall waan know why parris is still de big wig at cbc, but nobody ain asking why leo brewster is still a director at coastal zone after he get ketch wid he hand in the cookie jar.

  17. bright spark

    oh, pick me, pick me, I think I know…. pleeeeeese, can I say WHY, oh please, please, please….I know this answer (but shhhhhhhhhhh… am I allowed to say it????)

  18. bajan boy

    Bajans sat for years and allow Leroy Parris to do as he liked with the policyholds investments in Clico he leased a jet for millions when the company had not met its statutory obligations for 2 years. He and Lawrence Duprey who only opened his mouth when Parris was told he had to bring back the last bit of the the stolen treasure and after the T&T Government change also need to sit in the dock with him and account foor the 400 million missing and Terrence Thornhill should never be allowed to work in that capacity anywhere in the world as he was the one responsible for the company’s accounting for over 20 years.
    I am still looking for the Auditors reports. Did anyone hear anything about CLICO on CBC or see anything written in the ADVOCATE. Bryan who now also Chairs a failing Invest Barbados wa a bigger B than Tom and he and Parris will help this Government in no uncertain way to be a ONE TERM government…./

  19. bajan boy

    Check and see how many houses Parris built out of Clico and rent them back to himself and them sold them for a profit to Clico..also the leased cars check and see how many he bought and sold back to agents for twice the book value as the lease expired and the BMW he sold for twice as much to Clico General as he paid for it…Check and see how many agents he fired and the paid their commissions to his company and ask Thornhill if he knew about.

    More to come…..

  20. Fuzzy

    Can they check the same time and tell me why Clico was not paying dividends for a long time on their dividend policies…Do you think this lunatic who could not appreciate the sentimental (heritage) value of Sam Lord’s Castle and now it is a grave yard should be chairing our CBC. That might be the Mortuary as we can see he kills everything even his brain

  21. Homer The Pigeon

    Seems like kicking a man when he is down to me.

  22. caribman

    As much mess as CLICO is there is still a fact remainaing here. Leroy Parris is a very real Bajan success story. We have a culture of being severely critical at the personal level of our own kind. He is not the first businessmen and won’t be the last to give donations to the political party of his choice.
    Also, all those Bees , who have short memories, should recall that foermer Prime Minister, Owen Arthur , was full of praise for Parris , when he thought he had the elections won. This is public knowledge.
    Leroy Parris like Sir. David Seale and others is quite within his rights to support the party and politician of his choice.
    Deal with the CLICO debackle but why try to tear down Parris personally

  23. Fuzzy

    Mr.Caribman whoever you are seem to be dumber than Leroy Parris…We are talking about a man who took millions from innocent policyholders who had all the confidence in t he company that he and Duprey ran and are now expecting a little return to send their children to school and in some cases to buy food, as they have retired and the two of them take the people’s money and treated it like dirt and now the gone with millions and poor innocent people are at a serious disadvantag.Where is the succes??? No one is kicking him to the ground he took the company to the ground and deserves to be there with it. Bet is you were one of the investors you would not be calling him a success story. Sure you would be calling him an illiterate,thiefing sonf of B!!! That he is for sure >>>>>

  24. Donald Duck Esq,

    has parris retired yet from clico? Remember he was retiring on some many occasssions that i lost track.

  25. caribman

    Sir, the company did not fail because of Mr.Parris. No need for the personal “dumber” talk. Before the company failed, Mr.Parris was a distinguished member of the Million Dollar Table which is the high point of the insurance profession. He as an individual is extremely successful and came form very poor roots.

  26. 59


    Leroy indeed came from poor roots…but he had very powerful patronage and a very “special relationship” with one Larry Duprey…

    Duprey apparently has a liking for poor black boys from humble roots…it must take a very “special” person to stomach that type of patronage…

    The type of person who would allow policies to be unscrupulously sold after the authorities had forbidden it….

    The type of person who would cash themselves out before any of the other policyholders…

    The type who would buy an election for his friend…

    The type who would publicly embarass that same friend time after time…

    “Special” indeed!